24 - Season 3, Episode 7, 7:00PM - 8:00PM (SPOILERS)

24, Season 3, Episode 7
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

If you’re using 6-hour tapes, it’s time to change!


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This season’s starting to get interesting, hopefully we’ll know the true “real” plot soon and we’ll learn more about the overall terrorist plot. And hopefully these threads will pick up, it doesn’t seem to have the same turnout as last year!

Great episode. Wow. Interesting turn of events. I’ll wait to discuss more incase people out west haven’t seen it.

I just wanted to post here to wish everyone a happy holiday. Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Kool Kwanzaa, Rapturous Ramadan.

It’s the last time I will have to wish that for everyone in the 24 threads.

Because with such a cliff hanger, I doubt we’ll see a new episode until sometime after MLK’s birthday.

Wow. Just wow.

In other news, Marie turns out to be Pure Evil. Film in two months.

Actually, the ad said “Next Tuesday on 24”. It’s likely the wait will be after next week.

Holy shit. The last couple minutes TOTALLY changed my opinion of the season so far.

Wow, wow, WOW. The last five minutes of that episode completely made up for the rest of the season thus far.
My faith in 24 has been restored. And I am sooo glad to see Bad-Ass Jack back in action!

Here’s a few (probably unanswerable) questions I still have from this week’s episode:
Why didn’t Guielle just tell everyone of the plot once he was caught? Why bother tying up Kim?
Why do they need Jack back undercover? To get Hector?
Why did they need to be all sneaky about it anyhow?
What was the point of Kyle Singer - why bother throwing off all of CTU just to implant Jack?
Is there really a virus? If so is this why they need Jack undercover?
Will Chase royally screw everything up or have some part to play (obviously)?
I’m sure I’ll think of more…
Oh I’d like to add this settles the controversy from last week as to how Jack knew to memorize the phone number of Hector’s airplane.

I need a summary! We watched Battlestar Galactica instead.

I’ve only ever seen a two week gap in new eps of 24, so don’t fret. They do have 24 weeks to get thru afterall.

I concur! I am finally intrigued by this season!

Ok, up until now I’d been harboring the idea that Jack might be the real carrier and the “heroine” he’s been using is keeping it in check or tainting him with out his knowledge. I guess that’s out the window. The virus seems to have been a MacGuffin (or a Marcelle’s briefcase, if you weeeell) to get Jack to bust out Ramon.

And I guess that answers MY question as to why Jack just didn’t shoot the three now-unarmed men on the plane and breakdown the cockpit door and hijack that plane back to Cuba…er…L.A.

Chappelle finally said what we’ve all been thinking. “Chloe is a pain in the ass!”

Could Chloe be a mole? She just seems too…special to not be sinister.

Ok, at the beginning of the season, Chase was marked for death, but now that the doctor said that Tony is healing faster than he expected and he’ll be up an about in days…I’m now officially winding the Tony deathclock.

I am however getting tired of the whole gotta-get-info-to-someone-only-to-have-a-last-minute-distraction/escape/hangup thing. Tonight’s episode featuring Kim getting to the phone juuuust as Anal hangs up.

24…you’ve bought yourself a few more hours tonight.

Yes. Jack is using “heroine.” Wonder Woman I think. Possibly Princess Leia.

Oh and I meant to mention. President what now? Is that subplot still going on?

Could Chloe get any more annoying? Why not just put her in the Jar-Jar Binks gear and go all the way in? Criminy.

The last five minutes was great - made up for last week’s episode.

Hector’s girlfriend or whatever she is - in cahoots w Jack? Seems too obvious, I guess.

Not reading yet… Jack just killed the guard guy (Pedro?) Jack rocks on Chicago, rocks over London.

More later.

I just can’t believe Anne is so gullible to go get the supposed papers all alone. Especially after her husband practically screams NOOOO into the phone at her.

It’s going to be interesting to see how they explain why Palmer was not in on the secret, if in fact the whole virus terrorism was just a ruse to get Jack back “in”.

And yes, Chappelle finally becomes a good guy “Chloe is a pain in the ass”.

I can’t figure out what the deal with CLOWdia is. She obivously has a hidden agenda, but it’s unclear who she’s allied with. Maybe it’s no one we no about so far.

I didn’t like the 11 minute countdown of the file deletion Gael initiated, but that’s a complaint as a computer geek, rather than a 24 fan.

I kinda liked how the apprehension of Gael was actually routine and un-complicated. In the context of 24, that’s pretty damn unexpected!

Woo! Torturing suspects!

Why didn’t they start checking Gael’s personal cell as soon as they apprehended him? … Oh yeah, you figure it out when it rings on the table in front of y’all!

Chase grew some real balls… good on him. But they better not be setting him up to be Jack, Jr.

If they interrupt 24 for election coverage, I may very well go Jack Bauer on KTVU.

Tony should not be out of the hospital, but screw it, Tony can’t stay in bed all night.

Well, sure enough, there’s something a lot bigger going on. I like.

Wow. Great episde. Not only that, but it makes the previous episodes a lot better.

For instance, how did CTU get another mole? They didn’t. It was a double agent.

How did the “mole” have a whole batcave in CTU? He had the boss helping him.

And a lot more starts to make sense now too.
The virus could not be completely a ruse, because Hector had to believe that everyone thought it was real. If the president had known, that would just be one more person who could let it slip in some way.

Imagine the president telling his girlfriend “Don’t worry, we don’t have to leave because the virus is a ruse.” In 24 land, that would get back to Hector somehow.

Any other double agents here? And by this I mean others that watch 24 and ALIAS too. I just started watching 24 this season and so far have been a bit dissapointed. Was it meant to be this…slow? I suppose I can attribute it to the structure of the "real time’ format…but I can’t help but think that some of it is because of the stories they chose to follow (i.e. Palmer’s reelection and his girlfriend’s exhusband)…

Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone else watched both shows and had the same kind of difficulty I have adjusting to the differences.

Tony has major life-saving surgery on his neck and is back at CTU three hours later?

That is one bitch of an HMO.

I watch both shows, but have always preferred 24. Alias is a good time and all, but it’s a completely different kind of show than 24 is in that it’s supposed to be so out there and thrill a minute that you don’t care that everything is completely convuluted. It works on that level. 24, on the other hand, tries to make wildly bizarre situations seem realistic by forcing them into this real-time structure and giving ideas hours to flow through.

I imagine that if you have been watching Alias and then came to 24, you’d perceive the show as really slow. Particularly since the President plotline this time around is kinda dull.