24 - Season 3, Episode 4, 4:00PM - 5:00PM (SPOILERS)

24, Season 3, Episode 4
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM


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I guess fX isn’t rerunning them anymore. Bastards.

(Thinly veiled bump.)

What the hell? 10:34 and no one’s posted yet?

Let’s get on the ball, people!

  1. w00t! Jack’s gone Renegade! Busting out a federal prisoner, assaulting a fellow agent, causing a prison riot, and looking for a fix. This year’s Jack is awesome.

  2. What the hell is Chloe’s deal? Is she just completely disconnected from reality, or is she evil?

  3. Wayne Palmer is the new Sherry.

Good episode, but I didn’t enjoy the stopping point! At least Kyle is somewhat contained, how long until he’s contagious, 2 hours? Hopefully Chase and Jack will make up (during the riot).

I think Chloe’s going to have some role later on - she did notice the mole’s cell phone. I’m not sure why they’re making her out to be so annoying.

I don’t know, I think Wayne is a good guy. I’d be disappointed if they turned the President’s own brother against him.

Only problem I had (well, probably not, but the only one I can think of):

When Jack was pitching his idea to Palmer, he said, “I have a history of insubordinance at CTU, they’ll believe I switched sides.”

Come on, are we supposed to believe that they’ll buy Jack going to the Dark Side?

Otherwise, very cool episode. Chloe and Chase piss me off.

Well, Chase can make a case the Jack was really needing his fix or something, I guess, but yeah, it seems pretty damn unlikely that anyone would buy that Jack had gone bad. I mean, even when he was rogue before, it was always for the good of the country, which this, on the surface, is certainly not.

You just know Dim is going to save the day, though, now that she’s working in CTU and seems to be such and equal with the other people there, no matter where those other folks came from or how much time they have on the job. Heck, even the mole, who made reference to his time at Langley, sees to be on almost equal footing with Dim.

On the other hand, Michelles cleavage.

Damn, that was something else… well, not the cleavage… mmm… uh, yeah, the other thing:

There were supposedly a bunch of cops, plus a strike team at the mall and not only does the kid get away, but the shooter, as well! WTF were those guys doing? Fired, fired, fired!

Doesn’t bode well when the biggest gang of ‘24’ geeks around have only mustered 6 posts 12 hours after the show aired. Still the show does seem to be picking up a bit.

Points of interest:

-Is the Dell dude’s girlfriend now a carrier as well? When he put it “I’m carrying it in my body”, I flashed back to when we saw the implication of them having sex in epsiode 2. Now it’s in her body too…maybe.

-Chloe is being set up some something big soon. Either she’s gonna save the day, or she’s a super-secret triple agent, or something

-Michelle’s cleavage isn’t getting enough…exposure.

-Coolest moment: Jack springs every prisoner and causes a riot, leading no doubt to the death of innocent prison guards. As soon as I saw that poor guy in the hallway when all the cells opened, I yelled at my TV “Run, you stupid lousy screw!!!” Yes, I think I WAS born in a 1930’s prison movie.

-A point was brought up on the Bob and Tom radio show this morning which I refered to at the beginning of the year, but hadn’t noticed since. A listener noticed that all the bad guys were driving Chevys and the good guys are driving Fords (no doubt the new F-150) I’d like to go on record as the one who called it first :slight_smile:

As soon as Chloe approached the Mole I thought, “Aha! I knew she was evil!” only to be thwarted by her comment about the personal cell phone. She may save the day as others have postulated, but I still hope she dies in the process.

And I would love to know what kind of hardware Michelle’s packing under that suit, because wow, her boobies look fantastic.

I think (ok I hope) that Chloe (rather soon) discovers that the way-too-obvious-looking bad guy is the mole, and is all set to say something, but he offs her and dumps her in a closet. Although I’m glad his overt attempt to gain control of CTU was thwarted by Michelle. That would have been too easy.

Fess up: who wrote the line for Jack to ask Palmer, “Is that your final answer, Mr. President?” You are more than fired. You are to be rolled up in a carpet and beaten with golf clubs.

Anyone else think that somewhere along the line, Kim was planned to be with Kyle and captured by the bad guys?

Now I know there was that whole maybe-or-not joke before the season began that Keifer talked about the possibility of writing out Jack (just to show that no one is invincible), but did ANYONE believe him when he said “I know, Mr. President. This will be my last assignment”? I don’t care if the last shot of the season is his bullet-ridden corpse, then they could just do a prequel.

I also think there has to be another, bigger bad guy out there. Someone who approached Hector Salazar and said, “how would you like to get your brother out of jail?” I don’t think he could have come up with the virus on his own.

And in related news, anyone see Dennis Haysbert’s commercials for AllState?


So in my infernal incompetence I screwed up my VCR setting yesterday. :smack: I did not realize this until this morning when I anxiously attempted to watch last night’s episode of 24. These things never happen when I’m setting up something for my wife or kids, just when it’s IMPORTANT like this.

So… anyone care to give me the recap that will keep me in the know for next week? What happened last night?

Oh… and yeah, it’s always weird to see President Palmer hocking insurance.

Thanks in advance!

Chloe is starting to bug me. She walks around like she hasn’t had a bowel movement since the Carter administration, and that little furrow between her brows…ugh.

She’s coming across as the ham-handed little nerd who doesn’t know how to interact with humans, just computers.

I don’t know jack (ha!) about cars, but I saw that Dell Dude’s girlfriend was driving a BMW. Does that make her a “neither bad, nor good” one? The neutrals get to drive whatever they want.

I thought this one was pretty good and might be setting up a really action-packed ep next week.

Finally we have an episode that’s up to the quality of last season’s episodes. They really succeeded in turning up the stress levels a few notches. I think the key is putting Jack in a situation where he’s all on his own, acting independently of any governance, consequences be damned.
I felt sorry for dell dude’s girlfriend: that was a great moment when the kidnappers started stripping to get hosed down while she watched, having the recognition that she was not only possibly exposed already but now isolated and confined with a veritable Typhoid Marty. Talk about a creepy situation in which to be trapped!
I wish Jack would show me that patented ‘sleeper hold’ he so effectively and instantly was able to put onto Chase. Wouldn’t it be convenient if law enforcement officers were always able to knock unconscious (without permanent damage) baddies whenever they wanted?
Thank goodness the President called off the bribe plan–if he had gone through with that I would have called ‘bullshit’ on how hypocritically he was acting. The whole set up for that piece was a bit too much if you ask me. I mean, the writers obviously went to great lengths to construct for Palmer a personal crisis that closely mirrored the national crisis of the virus, then he makes a big deal about having a policy of ‘never giving in to terrorist demands’ while at the same time he decides to pay a bribe to the potential terrorist of his political career. Hypocrisy, thy name is President Palmer. I was glad that his body-fluids-exchange partner was able to talk him out of that plan.
Looks like Tony is out of commission for the season–I don’t see any way they can manage to have him back in the saddle after vascular operation on his neck. Michelle is already feeling the conflict and pressure of running CTU while fretting over him. Now we see how thinly the ‘24’ writers constructed the veneer of the whole CTU organization. The organizational chain of command for this critically important, national security team appears to consist of Tony, then Michelle, then . . . ummmm, we’re not too sure: how about we pick 3 characters and give them vague levels of responsibility? Ok, we’ll use the recently hired and wet-behind-the-ears, entry-level data analyst Kim; the annoying and friable, leadership-challenged Chloey; and the smug, so- greasy-he-slides-when-he-walks Mole. Still, this was a better episode than the previous ones this season.

That choke hold actually works – it puts pressure on the carotid arteries, and stops the flow of blood to the brain, which will render a person unconcious. Cops used to use it, most famously in Los Angeles, and most of the time it was as you suggest – unconcious, no permanent damage (although, any unconciousness caused by loss of blood to the brain causes some, usually not noticible, damage). Unfortunately, well, uh, how to put this . . … some people were brain damaged, and some died. So now they just shoot tasers and pepper spray, and beat on people with sticks.

That may be because the board was down much of last night (at least, I couldn’t log on).

In any case, I think this was by far the best episode of the season, and hopefully, an indication of what’s to come.

The whole “Jack pretends to be bad” thing is just the essence of 24. Might not make too much sense if you think about it deeply, but has just enough plausibility to allow you to relax and enjoy Hacksaw at work.

Chloe has cemented her position as annoying-femal-character for the season.

Prison riot: Do prisoners typically stand by the door on the off chance a renegade CTU agent will release them? That seemed to happen too fast. I don’t think a riot would happen that spontaneously.

Naw. They can play the “You always got everything you wanted, David! And I got nothing!” card ala “The Bodyguard”.

Yow! Looks like she is wearing a somewhat transparent top as well. I noticed that you could see her straps through it last night.

I wasn’t able to enjoy last night’s episode of 24 because the local Fox channel kept interrupting with “Breaking Weather News”. The breaking news being that it was raining. A lot. Gasp
As if that wasn’t enough, they also started their 10:00 newscast a minute earlier causing me to miss next week’s promo commercial.
Could someone please, pretty please give me recap of the promo commercial?

That being said, I did like what I saw of this episode. Jack’s back to doing very Jack-like things, knocking people out, busting baddies out of prison.
I was disappointed that we didn’t even get a hint of how Tony’s doing, although I suppose the doctors couldn’t do much in the space of one hour.
Chloe might as well have “I’m gonna be shot in the back of the head and stuffed in the trunk of a car very soon” on her forehead. What an annoying character.
I’m trying to figure out how Dim is gonna end up either exposed to the virus or kidnapped by the baddies, which we all know will happen sooner or later. She’ll manage to get herself into som sort of jam that Daddy will have to rescue her out of, as usual. Luckily for her there aren’t many mountain lions or bear traps inside CTU.

The bad guys have already kidnapped one character’s spawn to get him to do what they want. There is a mole inside CTU. Kim works at CTU. You do the math.

See, I’m hoping/thinking that Kim won’t get kidnapped or anything too drastic… that’s too easy, and I don’t think the writers will go for it, especially if they’re trying to present Kim as a good, independent character now.