24 - Season 3, Episode 10, 10:00PM - 11:00PM (SPOILERS)

24, Season 3, Episode 10
10:00 PM - 11:00 PM


As I don’t seem to be able to quote, and am not about to try to build the complete list of back threads, I’m afraid you’ll have to search. I recommend searching on the terms “season episode spoilers ahead.”

Another good episode in my opinion, things have picked up since the first few for sure. I’m actually starting to not mind Chase anymore since it seems like he’s going to do more good than harm for Jack down in Mehico. And Chloe - is that the best story they could come up with for her? A baby?

I’m still looking for a real mole in CTU - someone suggested in last week’s thread that Tony is in cahoots with Nena, that would be interesting.

Can anyone tell me more about the ex-wife? (I wasn’t here for season 1 & 2). Didn’t she set up Palmer’s assassination plot? If so why isn’t she in prison? What role might she play?

Maybe the baby has–THE VIRUS!

Chappelle’s “get it out of here” line about the baby was priceless. I hope he gets puked on.

I found the explanation for Nina to be lame. She got exiled to North Africa? After all the shit she pulled? Why didn’t she have to spill more beans about her connections? Also, she seemed to have cleaned up a bit this week–maybe she showered and got a haircut during the commercial breaks or the Palmer subplot.

Someone on another board had an idea for the rest of the show: Kim dies at the end of this season. Jack blames himself. Jack goes insane, turns evil (completely evil–no “end justifies the means” stuff). And, season 4 has Jack as the villian, after which he would be killed off or something so he could go jumpstart his movie career.

Oh, and as for Sherry–she was originally part of the coverup/scheme to murder the doctor that knew the truth about Palmer’s son (that he killed a man who raped his sister). David found out, and Sherry set him up (having a secretary seduce him), hoping to blackmail him. It didn’t work, they got divorced. And in season 2, she was part of the plot to stage a terrorist attack in order to provoke a war in the Middle East.

Questions from the ‘24’ newbie:

  1. Who is the gal that the President called? I get the idea that she’s a baddie.
  2. I know Nena killed Jack’s wife - before that happened, they were co-workers, correct?

And two general questions:

  1. Can we please see the total freaking loser that would knock up Chloe/JarJar?

  2. Couldn’t Chase have just wrapped up the hand with some cloth as opposed to being a big-shot and cauterizing it? Someone’s been watching a bit too much of ‘The Outlaw Josey Wales.’

I liked the episode. The Presidential subplot is getting somewhat interesting, I had a chance to renew my absolute disdain for the Chloe character, and Claudia bought it so you know Hector and Jack will both go nuts pretty soon.

I admire Jack’s constitution - he gets belted w a steel briefcase and manages to awaken four minutes later. He is holding up nobly considering that he’s trying to kick heroin, hasn’t eaten a thing and he’s been knocked out cold twice in the past six hours. Same for whatshisname in CTU, the guy who was being shot up with sodium pentathol or whatever about four episodes ago. These CTU vitamins must be something good!

She is Palmer’s ex-wife, who has played pretty dirty over the past two seasons. At the end of the first season, he was so disgusted with her that he just told her to go away.

They were co-workers, yes. HOWEVER, Jack had a relationship with Nina during a brief separation from his wife. This just made it that much harder to handle when he found out that she was a mole had spent a good portion of that day arranging his murder and the death of his wife and daughter. She was only able to get to his wife.

I liked this episode - good action and moved the plot forward. Bye Bye CLOUD-ia!

He said “Get rid of it!” which seemed even more jarring. I half-expected Chloe to adopt her standard martyred expression and reply “It’s a little late for that, isn’t it?”

Why did the babysitter bail, again? Something definitely stinks there, and it ain’t just the didey.

Amen. She looks like the kind of girl that would start blubbering and blowing snot all over the place immediately after (or maybe during) coitus. “What’s wrong?” “I’m just so happy.” Ugh.

Nina, in stark contrast, looks killer sexy this season. They must have some wicked spas up in North Africa.

  1. Ex-wife. Major baddie.

  2. Correct. They were also lovers.

Not a bad episode, but it seems it’s more of a set-up for future twists. Anyone want to bet that Kim ends up “in the field” before long? It’s gotta happen. And how the hell did Jar-Jar get the baby into the building in the first place? I’m actually starting to like Chappelle, the more he gets on her case. I’m still thinking the writers will have her play some key role in a plot twist in the future. She’ll have some major screw-up or something. Maybe the baby gets kidnapped and the bad guys force he to give them info.

We’reto the point now that as soon as Chloe starts speaking, my wife (who can pull off a serviceable JarJar imitation) takes Chloe’s lines and spits them out in Gungan. For example, ‘my sitter took off on me’ or whatever she said to Chappelle becomes “meesa no babasittah, shea crappaoutta - whasha do, do do?”

If there is a God, the baby’s name is Anakin. “oooh anny, CTU aint a good place for you to be with me!”

She cleans up well. Watch Legally Blonde 2. After her makeover, she’s absolutely boinkable.

tdn, I just meant the character – god knows there’s nothing unappealling about her physically. Yet another instance of the studio machine casting attractive people in roles that seem to be written for trollish folks. “Just squint a bit, you’ll do fine!”

Luckily, Mary Lynn Rajskub is talented enough to pull off “totally repellent” in spite of her obvious handicaps in that area.

(I’ll take a pass on Legally Blonde, though… :p)

Eh, a briefcase to the head, heroin withdrawal, and two knockouts – that’s nothing compared to last season. It’s like a walk in the park, with a cool breeze blowing through his hair.

Now, when you can survive an airplane crash, pull a metal shard out of your leg, spend an hour getting tortured with knives and electroshock and acid and whatnot, and have your heart stopped for a while, and still come back and open up the can of bad-ass on your enemies… well, now we’re talkin’.

BWAHAHAHAHA! Now that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day. :slight_smile:

Will somebody please put a bullet in Chloe’s head? Please? Call it a mercy-killing. Please, have mercy on us!

I liked it when Chase popped up like a groundhog springing out of his hole and wasted those two guys at the truck. Poor CLOWdia…

I was a little disappointed to see the “teaser” that they tried to hit us with right before the :57… :58… :59… :00. I mean, it was an okay bit, but sheesh… if you’re going to try to surprise us at that moment, don’t show that surprise in the advertisements for this week’s episode.

About halfway through, I turned to the friend I was watching with and said – jokingly, “David should just bring Sherry in and have him do a number on that Alan guy…” HAHAHA

I liked her a lot on Larry Sanders, just looked kinda cute. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that the same as Gary Shandling? Wasn’t the woman who plays Sherry on that as well? Or am I having a brain fart?

She played Beverly, Sanders’ assistant.

Am I the only one who gets so nervous watching each episode I actually detect an increase in my heart rate? I don’t normally get like this with any other show (except the Sheild). No matter how lame some of the sub-plots get, this show is a welcome part of my week.

So where are things going with Tony and his wife? We have already established that she was upset that he could keep the Salazar conspiracy from her…what else is he hiding?

Nina looks terrible this season. I thought she was semi-hot back on the 1st season, maybe it’s just my wide-screen television playing tricks on me but when she puckered up at the end of the episode I can’t imagine how Jack would want to touch those snake lips.

I liked the episode overall, but that kiss sent me into full body shuddering. Ick, ick ick ick.

Maybe Kim will get to kill Nina. That would be fun. I’m really glad they seemed to have forgotten the compulsory “let’s put Kim in mortal danger!” plotline so far this season.

A-fucking-men! When he kneeled in front of him, I threw up a little bit in the back of my throat. Jesus Christ, how vile!

I’m kinda bummed about CLOWdia’s death, but, well, I think we expected to her live longer than she did, so kudos to the writers. But I liked her.

Nope! I also say “Ohshitohshitohshitohfuckohshitohfuck” a lot.

(Hey, we have new quote tags!)

Heh, I yelled “AAAHHH” when Chase got shot through the hand and my mom yelled from upstairs “What happened?” By now she has realized that that particular “AAAHHHH” means someone on the show just got shot/tortured/mangled/kissed by Nina.

I tend to alternate between whimpering and screaming “Don’t do this to the viewers!”

And we have to wait until March for the new season of The Shield to start. Bummer!!

I may be alone in this, but I love Chloe. I think she’s a riot. And it makes sense that in a workplace like CTU, not everyone is suave and polished and has fantastic interpersonal skills.

I thought her getting in Chapelle’s face was priceless.