24 - Season 3, Episode 13, 1:00AM - 2:00AM (SPOILERS)

24, Season 3, Episode 13
1:00 AM - 2:00 AM


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Please ignore the close quote tag behind the curtain.

Now we know what happens when CTU rolls you into their automated answering service:

“To speak to Tony Alemeda, press one; to speak to Jack Bauer, press two; to royally fuck up the vital components of our counterterrorism computer network, press three.”

Excellent. Just excellent.

Sherry is deliciously evil. Nina is gorgeously evil. Chloe is perfectly annoying. Jack is a barely-in-control badass.

But that baby is soooooo cute!

I loved it when Sherry lost it with the wheelchair guy and caused his heart attack. Well done.

I don’t know how badass Jack is, but he’s definitely a dumbass. How many times does he have to let Nina screw him over?

When he smiled at Nina on the plane it struck me that I may have never seen Jack smile before. At least, he does it so rarely that it made a big impression. I was sitting in my living room, grinning like an idiot.

How funny was that? When it was “Chloe’s baby,” she was read the Riot Act and her job was in jeopardy…when it turn’s out to be CHASE’S baby it’s “Oh, no problem…why didn’t you say so?”

Pretty good episode…

Chase’s baby??? Come’on… I was looking forward to it being Jack’s kid (Kim’s half-sister), an illegitimate child from his affair with Nina!

That could’ve tied it into the story so beautifully… Instead they had to keep it a totally seperate plot, of no real importance in the grand scheme of things.

I was extremely grateful that didn’t happen. Every time I see Nina, I want him to kill her. If they threw a past relationship into it, I’d want them both to bite it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sort of glad they decided to make it part of the emotional dynamic between Kim and Chase instead of a major plot point. If the baby had been a bomb or something, it would’ve been really stupid.

I guess the idea was that it was blackmail (I usually mumble predictions of twists, and that’s why I said ‘it’s Tony’s.’ First time I’ve been wrong, actually). Come to think of it, you’re right… it was supposed to be ‘oh, we can’t go complicating HIS life too,’ but they didn’t quite play that up.

He stuck it out this time, called her bluff, and won. For just that reason, I enjoyed it tremendously. Ditto the smile. That was not a happy smile, and I really liked it. :wink:

Niiiiiice idea!

Nina at CTU + Kim at CTU = NOTHING GOOD!!

Well, we’ve definitely gotten to the Dallas-esque plot lines, what with Sherry sneaking around A.M.'s house and babies popping in with dubious parentage.

But it’s good to see that Jack can still smack women we he has to and hijack airplanes when necesarry. One might think that Palmer won’t believe Sherry when she tells him she had nothing to do with A.M.'s death, but then Jack seems to fall for every duplicitous move from Nina, so why not Palmer, too.

It was no OK episode. I’m kind of expecting the plot to self-destruct about now anyway.

I missed the first 45 minutes— when does Fox post the new episode guide? Do they wait until it airs in Alaska and Hawaii?

Uh, did you miss the first season? As it opened, Jack was just patching up his marriage after an affair with Nina. There was still a certain frisson as they bumped up against each other, too.

I’m hoping that at some point Kim gets to “look after” Nina in that little server room.


I made the mistake of reading the spoiler over at Ain’t It Cool. However, I also missed the episode, so now I have to play catch-up anyway.

I just want to know who the baby’s mother is.

The mother is some girl Chase was involved with before he came to CTU. He didn’t know she was pregnant when she left him and she sprang the baby on him just a few weeks ago.
Or so the AICN spoilers would have us believe.

Anybody else notice the new tech guy? I’m almost certain it’s Michael Bolton from Office Space. I guess his fortunes improved after Innetech, huh?

Yes, Dalton Furrelle was Mike Bolton (and not that no talent, ass clown Michael Bolton :slight_smile: ) from Office Space, played by David Herman.

Yep, that certainly is Michael Bolton working for CTU. That’s a step up from his most recent position at Innertrobe.

And I may be stupid for asking, but … when they had the worm that was going to disable their firewall … couldn’t they just go offline until they had it contained?

Actually, yes. Second one, too. My girlfriend got me into it this year. I knew a lot of the past details, but not that one. I can deal with that, but John Mace put my thoughts into words… some of the plot threads are treading dangerously close to soap opera territory. Hopefully they’ll avoid over-indulging in that.

Don’t read this if you haven’t seen the ep.

Not to play geek, but it comes naturally- there’s no way Sherry and Julia would did actually be able to get away with ‘killing’ Allan like that in real life, is there? Not that I expect them to get off scot-free, this show being what it is.

Ok episode but the scenes w Millikin and/or Sherry mostly had me flipping channels to the Westminster Kennel Club show.

Sherry: evil character, unfortunately the acting for the role is awful. Its almost as bad as…

JarJar: Let us pray that this was the episode where she had the most dialogue that she’ll get for the season. Wife’s line (see previous threads for origin of this): ‘meesa Rain Man widda keyboard!’

I’ll bet the farm that Kim knocks off Nina by the end of the season.