24 - Season 3, Episode 11, 11:00PM - 12:00AM (SPOILERS)

24, Season 3, Episode 11
11:00 PM - 12:00 AM


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Random thoughts:

Guess Hector will be seeing Clowdia again soon after all.

Kim gets to baby-sit. I find that amusing for some reason.

Glad to see that smooch over with. Nina gives me the creeps. Nina kissing Jack gives me the urge to hurl.

All hail Queen Bitch Sherri! What do you think his great secret is?

I thought this was a pretty good episode. I like the direction the story arc is going in now a lot better than I did a few episodes ago.

Where do I get one of those super-duper bank accounts with all the internet whiz-bangs? Every sophisticated bad guy has one.

Glad to see that Kim is up to her old tricks… because if there’s an equivalent to “getting caught in a cougar trap” that could occur inside the walls of CTU, it’s definitely “getting stuck babysitting Chloe’s baby”. Too funny.

I’m guessing that the dark secret is something Chappaquidick-esque.

Or perhaps it involves Mandy, the frequently-naked lesbian assassin. Please, please, please let it involve Mandy.

Did anyone catch the buzzword that Sherri was using for the mysterious Dark Secret?

I’d just about swear I heard her say “Chagrin Falls” at least twice, which would certainly be euphonious enough to the tabloid ear to guarantee maximum exposure, but… what kind of trouble can you get up to in Chagrin Falls? :smiley:

Now that the baby is officially in Kim’s care, I’m sure it’s a little drooling biohazard. “Hey, Chloe, I just changed Angela’s diaper. Is it supposed to be self-illuminating, fluorescent green, and bubbling? Or is this just how the really annoying gene manifests itself in those that haven’t done the whole language-acquisition thing yet?”

A-goddamn-men. Can you believe some people thought that was hot? I was trying to crawl away from the TV for those scenes.

Well, Sarah Clarke is hot, and Sarah Clarke as Nina is even hotter, because she’s so wicked… but that kiss was oogey, and made my scalp try to hide in my ears. (Which I guess was the intent.) Hell, Kiefer as William S. Burroughs in Beat getting all physically needy with young Lee was hotter, and needy doesn’t look good on anyone.

That was my exact thought. Although who knows if they’ll actually say what it is- it’s probably not really necessary to do so.

It sure got obvious as the episode wore on that one of the Salazars wasn’t gonna be around much longer. I thought it might be possible Hector would snap from Ramon’s put-downs, but probably not. When he was done yelling at Ramon, I said “He’s not gonna go through that door.” BANG. Great way to end the episode- it was a conclusion and a cliff-hanger at the same time.

A pretty good episode. But, boy, that ‘baby in CTU’ subplot better pay off…

Also, since they’re bringing Sherry back I don’t think it would make much sense for ‘Dark Secret’ to be something out of left field…it would be better if it tied in somehow to something from the first season.

Hmmm. Palmer’s son’s deadly fight? His daughter’s rape?

I’m just speculating here…

JarJar’s best line of the night: ‘it was only a verbal warning.’ She makes me wish the tv would explode.

I liked the episode though there were a couple parts that I found unlikely - are these Delta Team guys really gonna let Chase handle the recon? ‘Sure, son, you’ve been tortured for a few hours and shot but here, lets have you handle the most vital part of our mission.’

Given the bad rep Chappelle has, I thought he would actually eat the baby when he heard it crying again. That actor pulls off the weaselish bureaucrat role very well. And I agree, Stephe96 …this baby stuff needs to get tied in with whats cookin or just be gone.

Sigh. Chloe is starting to grow on me. I look forward to her being irritating. And god help me, I think she’s kinda cute. Someone help me.

I think I might have missed something between Hector and Ramon. I know Hector was nervous because nothing was going as to plan and he wanted out while he could, so Ramon shot him. Why is this a cliffhanger and why is Jack so distraught over it. I’d think Jack would be relieved. Now he doesn’t have to keep up with two bickering bad guys. Just the one is left and Ramon is the one who believes Jack. Seems like a turn for the better unless I’m missing something.

Good lord, that kiss twixt Jack and Nina lasted 6 solid minutes! Now I could do that with Nina, but she didn’t kill my wife (unfortunately).

When is Jack gonna have another JackSmack Attack? He seems to have gone thru rehab over the past few hours.

Why is President Palmer on the show this year? I know most drams have 2 or 3 subplots running at once, but 24 has always maintained a pretty tight cohesion between its plots. This new show “The Palmers” doesn’t seem to have anything to do with “24” this year.

Hey, medical science can only do so much. Long, cold showers might be the answer. Or pop in your “Debbie Does Dallas” tape to put your mind in a better place. :slight_smile:

Good episode. Hector is gone (saw that coming) which will make the Jack/Ramon tension even better.

And you’d better believe Sherry has her own (hidden) agenda that we’ll be finding out about sooner or later.

Hey Kim-- you screwed up as a nanny last time, see if you can redeem yourself this season. But I agree-- the writers need to get some mileage out of this baby subplot soon. Is it my imagination or is Jar-Jar getting a deeper and deeper frown in every epsiode?

The whole bit about putting Chase back into action was just silly. I still think we will see Kim out in the field shortly. There’s got to be some couger traps out there needing to be tripped!

<24 Newbie Hat ON>
Ok, what the hell is a ‘cougar trap’ and how does it relate to Kim?

<24 Newbie Hat OFF>

Last season, Kim went running through the woods and got caught in a cougar trap. She was eyed by a kitty, but unfortunately was rescued by a psycho redneck woodsman before she became Cougar Kibble. One of the dumber plot points of the season.

“Cougar trap” has become the definitive example of a Kim predicament, mostly because it was a simple wire foot-snare, with a swivel-release that really ought not to present a problem for those of us lucky mammals equipped with opposable thumbs and an ounce of brains.

As far as sending Chase back into action to spy on the virus exchange, it makes sense to me. The Salazars (oops…the Salazar…singular) know that Chase is out there somewhere and think he is alone. If he gets captured or shot, the entire operation is not yet blown.

Monstre grabs Max and shakes him like a British nanny

ahem there’s cougars out there.

But I’ve got to agree on the Palmers this season, for sure. The Milliken thing seems like at least it could have some potential, but the Now I’m Your Girlfriend Now I’m Not thing… All I can figure is that bit (with the blackmail attempt by ex-husband-soon-to-be-fish-food) was to show us that Wayne=Sherry, even if Prez can’t see it. ho-hum.

Looks like they are setting up some serious action in the next episode. This one was a good one overall, and I’m looking forward to next week!

Also hoping that the baby has a bomb in its diaper, planted by baddies who are blackmailing Chloe’s babysitter, and that Chloe will be holding the baby when the blast occurs. Tony will catch a piece of shrapnel in his forehead, go back into surgery, and then return to take command of CPU in episode number 15.

Watch what you say about my woman…

Point taken on the cougars but at least Kim was out there running from and spreading the word about a nuclear bomb. It did tie in to the main storyline, crazy or not.

[OutKast]shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it like a Briiiitish nanny[/OutKast]

Hmm…baby crying, people touching baby…baby dropped off for no reason by “irresponsible nanny”…I think those diapers are going to be glowing green real soon now. Kim will soon run from CTU, not knowing she is carrying the virus herself, and will be touching all sorts of people and cougars.

Gotta admit, didn’t expect to see Hector bite the dust that quickly.

That’s the woman who used to be on the Larry Sanders Show, isn’t it? She’s way cute, actually, in an odd sort of way.