24 - Season 3, Episode 19, 7:00AM - 8:00AM (SPOILERS)

24, Season 3, Episode 19
7:00 AM - 8:00 AM

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This thread brought to you by the letters C, T, and U, and by the number 24.

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24 - Season 3, Episode 19, 7:00AM - 8:00AM (SPOILERS)

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And don’t end your sentences with a preposition.

Dammit, I was really banking on a cougar showing up.

Saunders kindly provided a website through which to reach him. CTU should now stream live audio/video of daddy’s little girl being tortured and violated in obscene and unthinkable ways. Time to play hardball with this creep.

Oh, and Palmer should next time say, “Release all the vials you’ve got! We’ll deal with it. End of conversation,” then slam down the phone.

What the? I was all ready to come in here and say “Welp, Kim is in trouble again” and there she goes shooting her assailant. She truely is her daddy’s little girl! God, I wanna do her so bad (and probably would)!

At the beginning it looked like there was no blood on Chappelle. I thought they’d faked it. Turns out there was a little pit, but wouldn’t there have been a much bigger exit wound, or at least more blood? Oh well, gotta beat the censors somehow.

Chloe is gonna snap soon. That girl is wound tighter than…um…a rubber band that…um…ok, I got nothin’.

Why do people always ask for legal counsel? They’re just gonna get yelled at. If ever I’m drugged and wake up in a room tied to a chair, I’m not asking for a lawyer, no way. I only carry one clean pair of underpants and Jack yelling at me would totaly negate them.

Palmer is losing credibility in his own cabinet. Way to screw up your re-election.

Oh yeah, and don’t bother looking up www.sylviaimports.com . Nothing there. But how cool would that have been? A ‘contact us’ link that opens an email addressed to saunders@sylviaimports.com.

I’d lay odds that some smartass will register it this very night. :slight_smile:

[Anakin]Thank you, master. Yes, master. I won’t master.[/A]

Palmer just torpedoed his chances for reelection by admitting to his whole cabinet that he had Chapelle killed. I have a gut feeling he’s a dead man before the day’s out. If not, he’s out of a job for sure.

This week just felt like it was setting up for a big episode next week. There’s a bunch of storylines that should start getting interesting then.

We were supposed to find out the results of Michelle’s test today! Stupid 24, extending the results another hour. Also next week there should be an outbreak of the virus, and some nice banter between Jack and Saunders when he finds out Jack has his daughter.

Entertaining scene in the library. Best Kim-getting-in-trouble scene that I’ve seen, and she was finally proactive about it! She’s growing up. I half expected the episode to end as soon as she was cornered with the gun.

Not as good an episode as last week, but not bad, and next week seems promising.

Anyone else just sick of the president’s storyline now? The show is so much better when focusing on Jack, Michelle, Kim, Tony, even Chase.

Yay! San Francisco has a CTU!

So Kim. In the field. I’m actually expecting her to make it through without getting kidnapped. Hey, I wonder if she’s gonna say hi to her aunt in Santa Barbara.

Kim “…It’s my job- no… it’s my duty. And I never learned to read!!!

OK, I needed some levity after Chappelle’s death. (Though I do wonder what will become of the 24/Chappelle Show icons on LiveJournal.)

Who else went to slyviaimports.com?

Again, the score was fantastic for this episode. This series definitely has a cinematic quality to it; I’m glad it’s getting the music to match.

Y’know, that Kim segment had a lot of potential to be horrible, but it really did keep my heart racing. And good on Kim for kicking some ass. I hope the guy’s still alive. Jack’s gonna have fun “interrogating” a couple of 19 year olds.

Now someone find out what the hell happened to the camera!

Help! My Tivo had a power outage for a few key moments of the show… can someone fill me in on:
(a) how they swapped Kim and mini-Saunders in the first place?
(b) what mini-Saunders said when Jack questioned her?


An undercover cop spilled some water on mini-Saunders. She went into the bathroom where the swap was made. In response to Jack’s questioning she just said “I don’t know he calls me” and Jack said she was lying. She then said she had a phone number but it ended there b/c of the excitement with Kim.
My favorite part of tonight’s episode was when the nurse asked for Dr. Joyner. Something like “Dr. Joyner, come in here. This is the patient we’re supposed to quarantine, oh and by the way I’ve just condemned you to death by inviting you in here”.

(a) A woman spilled coffee on Jane’s leg by accident, so Jane went to the bathroom. The paper towels were out, but there was a janitor in there refilling them, and she handed a few to Jane. When Jane turned to the mirror, the janitor grabbed her from behind and covered her mouth with a cloth. The lady who spilled coffee, now obviously an agent as well, came in immediately, and they subdued her. Kim was hiding in one of the stalls, they switched clothes, and Kim walked out of the bathroom.

(b) Jane didn’t seem to know much, but all we could really tell was that she didn’t want to be there. She never really got past “I want to speak to a lawyer, and I won;t tell you anything until I have one.” Jack-“There is no lawyer. There’s just you and me. There are hundreds of thousands of lives at stake, and you have no idea what I’ll do to obtain your cooperation!” Then the team watching Kim told Jack that the redshirt was approaching Kim behind the librarian’s desk.

During the first season of Boston Public, one of the story lines revolved around an truly obnoxious student who fancied herself a “journalist”, and ran a website that spread rumors about and featured disgusting animations of the teachers. They gave the address of the site (holt45.com), and you could go there and read the gossip, watch the animations, and send Miss Holt an e-mail.

When you went there, you actually got redirected to a subsection of the Boston Public website set up to look like the one in the show, but it was still a pretty cool way to support the show.

I’m pretty happy with Saunders’ motive. I’m sure it will get messier and his demands will start requiring a lot more deaths, but it’s better that he has somewhat understandable political motives instead of just something like money.

I’m glad Kim didn’t get kidnapped AGAIN. Unfortunately, this probably means she’ll spend the rest of the season in the office. yawn

Chloe is getting more and more tense but seems to be actually doing less and less. She could probably afford to take half an episode off and get a massage or something.

I agree with whoever posted above that Palmer might not make it to the end of the day. He’s already being set up as a less likable character. Maybe Saunder’s final request will be Palmer’s resignation, and he’ll follow it up with an assassination attempt that actually works this time. At the very least, Saunders is going to demand more than just a few spies’ identities. Maybe shutdown or even destruction of military operations and bases on US soil.

Is anyone else as completely uninterested in Chase as I am? I keep forgetting he exists. I think the only reason they haven’t killed him yet is because nobody would really care as long as there was someone else available to do the running around LA while Jack gets the real adventures.

And knowing 24’s tendency to let the bad guys sort of win, I’m betting that the virus gets out, widespread, sometime in the last episode or two.


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Did anyone else think Kim was hot in the brown wig?

Just after killing Chappelle, Jack gets back to CTU and finds out that Tony has Kim going into the field. I wondered if another CTU agent was going to end up with a bullet in the head for that one.

So they’ve got Saunders daughter.

It’s simple, really- they’ve already killed one innocent (though technically, Chappelle was a gov’t agent, so it’s dicey) so they should have no qualms over bringing daughter-girl to the hotel, or whereever the next outbreak is.

Tell Saunders that as soon as the next vial is released, his daughter will be on a plane to that location. If he doesn’t tell them where the vial is released (likely), they can still have her on standby, waiting for the first signs of infection somewhere. Let him roll the dice.

And yeah, I agree with whoever it was in the 6-7AM thread that Saunders is likely somewhere else in the building that was raided. Why else have that many gaurds. Just for show? I don’t think so.

I was laughing every time someone spoke to Chloe because, if you notice, they always end the conversations the same way, “Just do it, Chloe.” Every. Single. Time. Ha!