24 - Season 3, Episode 19, 7:00AM - 8:00AM (SPOILERS)

If Saunders wants to protect his daughter, why didn’t he just send her out of the country? That way she would be safe from CTU and the virus. Red shirt couldn’t protect her from either. If she didn’t want to go, he could have kidnapped her. Just letting her live her normal life her life doesn’t sound much like Saunders. He isn’t that stupid in anything else he does.

And why did they condemn everybody in the hospital to death by imprisoning them together with the infected guy? If they had quarantined him seperately, there would at least be a chance that some of the others were not infected yet.

I loved last week’s episode, but this was the worst episode in a long time.

I love the look Jack gets on his face when he knows someone isn’t telling the truth. That little smirk that says “I know you know. And I’ll torture you to get you to talk. And I just might enjoy it.” Very reminiscent of the way he played the guy in the limo in Season 1: “You’re a good liar. But I’ve seen better”. Next thing he did to that guy was the Russian Towel torture bit. Now that I think of it, Jack tried to use the “I won’t give you your pills unless you talk!” move. Sherry and Jack, it seems, are alike in way or two. Of course Jack was bluffing and tried to save him, but Sherry had killing as a goal (death by bitch: gotta love this show).

Fun episode. When Jack just tossed Tony and then pointed saying “Don’t”, you know he must have been reminded of the time Jack hobbled him for pointing a gun at him. Come on Tony, you know Jack will own you. Don’t give him any sass. Kim was actually pretty good. I found myself caring about her in a way that had nothing to do with running or bouncing. Not to say that she wasn’t totally fuckalicious in that wig, but I bought her dedication, her sense of duty, and her ability to ice a guy if she has to. Her kill count is up to 2. She has burned a man’s face. Shot out some guys car window. Taken a crowbar to a guy (whom she later killed). She’s got weapons training. She might just make a good field agent next season (hey, at least there would be more running).

Looks like the outbreak is going to be unstoppable. I’m guessing a couple of thousand casualties at least. They’ll probably make the body count as high as or greater than 9/11. Really sucks. That is a rough way to go. Boy, CTU has some depressing software. I-Casualty. Depressing, but useful. The quarantine is going from a building to whole neighborhoods, and ultimately, all of LA I’d say. When word get’s out on the news that you are contagious only when symptamatic, that may help self containment somewhat. I wonder if Saunders added the accelerant to all of the vials.

I wonder what Jack is going to do to Saunder’s daughter. Just what is he capable of? Can’t wait. I agree this was a setup episode, and not nearly as intense as last week, but last week was above and beyond what could be expected. This show is right on track. It’s surprising that such a ‘gimmick’ show could stay so fresh, fun, daring, thought provoking, and exciting (even if it gets a little far-fetched in the process).

DaLovin’ Dj

“There is no lawyer. Just me.”

Gotta love that-- classic Jack Bauer bad-ass talk. This was a pretty good episode. And, yeah, I got tricked into groaning: “No, not another Kim kidnapping!”

What else do you suppose Jack has in that case besides smelling salts? The standard CTU torture kit? “This is Johnson’s bag. Do you know what we do with Johnson’s sack? Do you know what’s inside of Johnson’s sack?”

DaLovin’ Dj

Heroin! :smiley:

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Aha! The plot thicks!

I was pleasantly surprised to see Kim not actually get kidnapped for once. I was sure that she was going to be captured, because the show seems to be setting up this connection between Jack and Sauders. I thought we were heading for a situation where Jack has Saunders’ daugher and Saunders has Kim.

I did, too. But give it time-- it still may come to pass.

Was the guy who abducted Kim the real Saunders agent or was he just a lovesick kid who thought the girl he was in love with was a fake and he happened to have a gun? Where does Red Shirt fit in? Was he really the agent?

What happened to the van with Chapelle’s body? Did they track it somewhere? Seems to me that they could have someone from CTU hidden with a special rifle that could have shot some sort of tracking device into the side of the van, as insurance against losing the satellite tracking.

Kim’s fight was plenty fake. If she were martial arts trained, she would have used her knee to nail him in the groin during the wrestling match or her leg to knock him off his feet. She could have also spit in his eye , used his momentum against him to throw him into the wall, etc.

When everyone bolted out of the trailer, leaving Saunders daughter alone, does anyone thing that she might wind up getting away now?

Do we know for a fact that she is? And even if she is, there’s no guarantee she would have used it. She’s not a field agent, as Jack reminded us, and she’s the exact opposite of Dad when it comes to being cool under pressure. We know she has weapons training, and (even with the element of surprise) Nina still would have killed her had Jack not showed up.

I’m not sure everyone bolted - we only saw Jack leave and there were other agents monitoring the library - and the previews for next week make it look like she’s not going anywhere.

I just think that any agent gets some form of martial arts training.

I never watch the next week previews on any show. I want to be surprised!

Probably? Probably?!! You wuss!
You can wait in line… :smiley:

Was glad to see Kim quick to use that gun without daddy giving her instructions this time (“Okay, now shoot him again”).

Why is Chloe still alive this late in the season?

Seems the Palmer cover-up for Sherry thing has just conveniently gone away. Nice to see at least Palmer has finally gotten around to focusing on actual threats to the country, rather than just bungling up his personal affairs and taking advice from Wayne and Sherry’s Emporium of Evil.

You mean the camera that panned away from Kim before she got grabbed? I assume that the bad guy just moved it off her by hand, knowing that it would take a few seconds to mechanically pan back. Easier for him to grab Kim.

I think so. I think RedShirt was just a false lead. They guessed he might be Saunder’s guy, since they spotted him watching the daughter go into the bathroom. I think he was just checking out her ass…

…meaning I probably would do her bad-ly. Ah nevermind. Her dad would shoot me anyway.

Ahhh… I see. Didn’t read it that way.

No matter… I plan to do her realllly gooooood! :smiley:

Oh, and I liked how that hospital receptionist stupidly said loudly enough for distraught nosebleed guy to hear… “Hey doctor! This is the guy! This is the guy we’re supposed to hold in isolation!”

I half expected him to flee after hearing that…
Oh, and the scene between Kim and father was quite good, too. And she’s right – he has to learn to let her make her own decisions now. Even if they involve stepping the wrong way into a cougar trap. (Hopefully she’s grown a bit smarter in the last 3 years…)

Or tell Saunders that Jane is in the hotel, wearing an isolation suit. If he doesn’t turn himself in in one hour, they’ll take off the hood.

Or they could just threaten to do all kinds of horrible things to her. Easier than worrying abou the virus. Next demand by Saunders has to be “Release my daughter within 10 minutes or I’ll release the virus.”