24 - Season 3, Episode 14, 2:00AM - 3:00AM (SPOILERS)

24, Season 3, Episode 14
2:00 AM - 3:00 AM


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Sweet holy mother of God!

Yeah I kinda had that reaction too…


oh. but you meant that thing about Jack shooting Nina… didn’t you…

yeah… yikes!

It’s about Ogdamned time someone shot that psychotic bitch. I was just hoping Kim would be the one to do it.

I mean, I loved Nina as a character. Deliciously evil and terribly sexy. But seriously, after having her in custody, what, three times now? and every time she gets loose and kills more people, I say just shoot her already.

Now THAT was a good episode. Stupid Kim would have let Nina shoot her, too.

Great exit for the character. Jack just pondering her like a tool he’s about to throw away. “You don’t have anything valuable left to tell, do you?” <think> “No, you don’t.” <BLAM>

Great exit for the Nina character. She was a character about as evil as I’ve seen on TV, I think.

The Palmer story line is veering back into the land of believable actions, almost.

I’m a bit annoyed that the evil criminal is going to sell that virus knowing it’s going to be released. “Wait until I’m out of the country.” Yeah, because viruses are all about respecting borders.

I’m sorry, but this entire episode was utterly ruined by FOX’s ‘Next on FOX!!’ promo just before the show…the idiots actually showed Nina and Kim holding each other at gunpoint. Wasn’t a whole lot of suspense knowing through the entire thing that Nina would somehow escape her interrogation and wind up in that basement room.

And, unless I’m mistaken, the woman interrogating Jack was none other than Vasquez from ‘Aliens.’

Yeah, Fox’s promos kind of ruined the surprise. But still: HOLY CRAP. I’ve been waiting three years for that.

I heart Jack Bauer.

I got a kick out of Chloe’s line “She’s kinda pissed.” Heh.

BEAUTIFUL. I’ve been waiting all season for Badass Jack to return…the same Jack that shot the child-molester/informant and told George to “Get me a hacksaw.” And there he was… “No, you don’t.” BLAM BLAM BLAM!
Best episode this season.

I was so hoping that Kim would be the one to kill Nina. It seemed too obvious that Jack would do it.

Although I did like the three extra vengeance shots he put into her.

Now we’ll NEVER know what Jack whispered to Nina last season that frightened her so much!

Unfortunately I was chatting online with my best friend about something serious while 24 was on so I only half caught the show, but luckily I taped it. Now I gotta go back and watch the whole thing over again. Luckily it seems like this one will be worth watching twice.

Why would Nina try to kill herself in the interregation room anyway? At first I thought she was just trying to keep herself from giving information, but she has no loyalties so why worry about that. Maybe she wanted to escape, but hell, she just ripped her jugular…that’s a bit of a gamble.

So, when is the Prez going to call Jack and ask him to Nina his Sherry problem?

Yeah, but Kim can’t kill Nina, for the simple reason that Kim hesitates about shooting people. Especially shooting people in cold blood. In a gun battle, Nina has to shoot Kim because Nina is a supervillain and Kim isn’t a superhero. :slight_smile:

Amen. Normally when I’m watching TV and a 24 commercial comes on, I literally start rocking back and forth with my hands over my ears so I don’t hear anything, but I was at a friends’ place this weekend watching something and a preview came on. I didn’t want them all to think I was completely loony, so I grit my teeth and watched it. Grr. Then the preview at the end of AI. I hate 24 previews!

As for Kim shooting Nina- I really think she should’ve shot her in the leg or something, just to prevent Nina from shooting her first. It really would’ve balanced out the “Fuck! Why are you wandering off alone when Nina Goddamn Myers is loose and probably after you?!” I’m OK with Jack doing the deed.

“Nina, in three years, if you try to smuggle a virus into LA and kill Kim, I will shoot you no matter HOW important you might be to our case!”

I think Jack should have asked Kim to come put a couple bullets in Nina too. You know, some daddy/daughter bonding.

Q: So does everyone have AIDS now, or was that just something they told Nina to mess with her mind?

Yeah, Bad-ass Jack is back!! That’s why we watch this show.

A question: Was Nina hinting that she and Tony had an affair, too? I didn’t see all of the 1st season, but I still don’t think that ever happened. If that’s not what she was talking about, then what what did she mean?

It’s good to see that Nina is gone. I’m OK with having the same ol’ hero all the time, but no the same ol’ villain. BTW, does anyone think Nina looks like an older Courtney Cox?

And I have no sympathy for the prez. You make a deal with the devil and there will be hell to pay.


Kim was supposed to kill Nina. :frowning:

Yeah, but remember last season when Jack finally teaches Kim how to shoot a bad guy?

Very good. Now shoot him again!

It would have been a great vindication for her. Little girl-Jack is all growed up.

What would be really cool is if Kim started doing some behind-the-scenes manipulations to guarantee that she’d be alone with Nina to pump a pound of lead into her.

I tried to post here as soon as the ep ended and the board was down… and my girlfriend didn’t see it, so I couldn’t tell her, or do what I wanted which was jump up and down screaming. :stuck_out_tongue: Well, I can do it here.


I enjoyed that a great deal. I haven’t seen the Sopranos in a while, sadly, so I’ve missed that “someone I hate on a TV show whacked” feeling. :slight_smile:

She was enjoyably evil in that last episode: Tony asking her why she does all the stuff she’s done, and she just kind of grins and looks away. Made me think of a carnivorous lizard sunning itself on a rock. Good stuff, and I can see why people wanted it to be Kim, but Jack was the one who should’ve killed her. Made my night.

Kim sure doesn’t seem cut out to be a CTU agent, though. Jeez.

Not hinting… reminding. I forget the timeline, but coming into seaon one, Nina had had an affair with the married-at-the-time JAck, and the single-at-the-time Tony. Michelle wasn’t around in season one.

I’ve been re-watching Season 1 on dvd and Jack was separated when he was involved with Nina.

Top 10 “Badass” Jack Bauer moments in 24:
1)“Get me a hacksaw.” Brilliant. One of the best moments I’ve ever seen on television.
2)“No, you don’t.” Finally someone put that bitch out of our misery.
3)Thumbs-up: early in the first season, I think episode one if I am not mistaken, Jack kills one of the assassins who had killed his boss and, to be able to ID him, CUTS OFF HIS FUCKING THUMB! I knew right then that 24 was not going to be your run-of-the-mill TV show…
4)“BANG!” When Jack showed up in the limo and the bad guy opened fire on him through the bulletproof glass and Jack didn’t flinch. Major stones.
5)The climatic shoot-out with the Drazens at the end of season one. Beautifully choreographed, one of the best shootouts ever shown on a TV show.
6)“Click.” Pulling the trigger on Chase. The only thing bringing it down in stature is that we’ve come to EXPECT that sort of ruthlessness from Bauer.
7)The running-up-the-wall-breaking-the-bad-guy’s-neck maneuver from the end of season two.
8)The Smile. When Jack informed Nina that her worm had been disabled and she was about to land in L.A. First time I remember seeing him smile the whole series. And it was scarier than a gun pointing at you.
9)At the climax of season two, when Jack took out the sniper and started picking off the bad guys with the rifle to save Sherry.
10)Putting a knock-out dart into George Mason and then blackmailing him into doing things Jack’s way in season one.

Any other thoughts?

Ah, right- Jack and Teri were just starting to get things smoothed over in the first episode, huh?