The 24 Season Finale (SPOILERS!)

Yeah, I don’t have any spoilers as of yet, and won’t until I watch the season this Saturday, but I just wanted to get this thread up with a spoiler-free subject.

Carry on.

Counting the minutes till it’s on…tick…tick…tick…

Every second counts!

It hurts to wait. Since I have to wait until my boyfriend gets home to watch the recorded show (or he’ll pout), I have even LONGER than you people! No fair!

I wonder if Knead and the other “I ain’t watching it until the end” dopers took off work Monday and today to watch all the episodes up to tonight’s in order to see it with the rest of us?

The hell with that! Just watch it in real time, then watch it on tape with him and amaze him with your deductive reasoning about what happens! :wink:

People I work with may be involved!

I did that last week…evil grin.

According to an article in todays local paper… 3 possible endings were created. Kiefer said that the ending is “hard”, but concludes the story in a satisfactory way.

And today is the longest day of your life.

My prediction(no spoilers since this is pure speculation) is that Kim lives, but Jack dies.

Jack can’t die - he’s signed the contract for season 2.

Unless that’s just a bit of misinformation.

I think Nina will succeed in killing Terri though.

4 words:

Mrs. Palmer must DIE !!!

but, I guess beeeyatches live forever…

I hope Teri dies. I really, really hope she does. I don’t think I could take another season of her running about, panting, and then whining about it. So my hopes lie with the mole.

They’re not going to kill Teri. Just in case anyone isn’t up to speed on all the episodes:

She’s pregnant! No way they’re going to kill her off!

It’s gotta be Kim.

BTW, that bit in the “spoiler” is not a spoiler if you’ve watched up till about the 2:00 pm hour or so.
It’s just in case any of the “Not Watching Till It’s Over” Club people wander in here.

It’s almost time…


Wow Palmer telling his wife to go away was unexpected. But hey she leaked he was alive.

Nina Killed Jamie… hurm… I had thought they had Her in a room away from cameras, yet the vidio proof Jake sent the boss proving Nina was guilty. Might have rewatch some earlier episodes.

Nina have my vote for sexy Bad girl of the year. The way she told Jake that Kim was dead so he would rush in on the Drazens!

Ughhhhhhh!!! I can’t believe it!!!

oh. my. god. That was…better than I could have hoped for.