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Post your guess, we find out tonight! My guess is Nina, because knowing that show and it’s twists, it has to be her!!!

No way it’s Nina! Unless it is…But if it is, I’ll be pissed ( :mad: )unless they have a damn good reason.

I’m thinking it’s that new girl they introduced last week. She brought Tony some report, and I thought, “Hmm, we haven’t seen her before…I bet she’s the mole!”

Senator Palmer’s wife.

I think it’s the guy that’s in love with Nina (with the soul patch). My friend made an observation that he wants Jack out of the picture and wants Nina to himself. He has nothing personal against Jack’s wife and daughter, so he doesn’t want any harm to come to them. As for Jack himself, he wants him gone.



I got this from the televisionwithoutpity.com website.
I can’t vouch for the authenticity of this spoiler, though.


It’s Nina. Turns out she’s Victor Drazen’s thought-to-be-dead daughter. Her name is really Yelena, and we find out she is the mole when she calls Andre and speaks to him in Serbian.

Again, I cannot be certain this is true.

Don’t let Gundy hear you talking smack about Tony!

All I can say is, if it’s Tony, they’d better be able to explain why he:

  1. Efficiently captured The Mandible before she could get a message to Gaines.
  2. Discovered the e-mail on Mandible system that led them to Coffell.
  3. Stood up for Jack under interrogation, at great risk to his own career and personal freedom.
  4. Showed up in the nick of time to save Terry from the terrorists.
  5. Is an all-around stand-up guy who supports Jack and Nina to the hilt, even when he doesn’t agree with them.

Tony is the man!

Well, my first thought was that Senator Palmer himself was involved in the pseudo-attempts on his own life. Kind of like in The Contender (with Joan Allen). But that’s a bit far-fetched.

Kinsey’s spoiler has me intrigued. Rather than it being a spoiler, it’s only piqued my curiosity more. But I’m still sticking with my gut feeling and picking Tony “My Soul Patch is Better than Yours” Almaeda. If only because he’s just been too damn likeable for the latter part of the season. He’s gotta be dirty, right?


Oh, fair warning, this thread will be full of spoilers soon. (i beleive at 10:59 show time, the mole will hang up the phone, and their face will be revealed to all, causing some to throw their shoes at the TV)

I say it’s Walsh, the reports of whose death have been greatly exaggerated.

Anybody want to bet that The Mandible[sup]*[/sub] is still alive? The Bad Guys got her out of the hospital and lied to Tony about her dying. She’s been tapping them by remote ever since.
[sub]*I actually can’t remember her name any more. She’ll always be Mandible to me. Y’all know who I mean, right?[/sub]

Ferrous: Her name’s Jamey. :slight_smile:

Going with the Mandible (er, what’s the from anyway?) line of thought, perhaps Evil Soul Patch ratted his teammate Mandible on purpose, and told her to “attempt” suicide. He then concocts a story, saying that she’s dead, and tells everyone else. Everyone else says, “Phew, we’ve got the one and only possible mole out of CTU!” Meanwhile, Evil Soul Patch has secured the trust of Stupid and Unsuspecting Good Guys Nina and Jack. It’s perfect!

Plus, I think we all deserve a shot of Tony stroking his Soul Patch evilly after that amnesia plot line. It wouldn’t quite make up for it, but it’d be a beginning.


I hope you’re right. Then I win the pool!

Don’t hit “quote” to reply to this!

MAJOR SPOILER… for anyone that didn’t see tonight’s preview of the finale…

It is Nina. I saw her holding a gun to Jack’s wife’s head, forcing her down. :eek:


So now Nina is the long-dead daughter and Dennis Hopper is the long-dead father. This stuff had better be explained in the finale. If everyone’s alive, why are they so pissed? Except, of course, Victor’s wife. Maybe it’ll turn out that Sherri Palmer is actually her…

Do we still need to use spoiler tags?

Okay, just in case.

I think Drazen wants Jack and Palmer dead just on principle. They tried to kill him and his family, I assume they did kill his wife, and now his other son is dead; plus he wants his $20 million.

I am such a sap. When Jack started crying when Teri told him she was pregnant, I nearly lost it. It was like he was thinking he’d never talk to her again, and never see his new baby.
What a wuss I am. :rolleyes:

I have the biggest schoolgirl-like crush on Jack Bauer/Kiefer Sutherland.

Not a spoiler, just a WAG, but I’ll block it out anyway

Jack will kill Nina & Drazen. Palmer will implicate his wife (I KNEW I didn’t like her for a reason) in the assassination attempt.

Proud to say “Mandible” was one of mine, back when I was Frank the Lost Ramone, before the Crash of Aught-One :slight_smile: Back then, when Tony was still a suspect, he was the one who got the call from the hospital reporting Jaymandible’s death. I didn’t believe him totally since we didn’t hear the other end of the conversation. I thought he was just keeping her out of the picture for some sinister soulpatch induced reason.

You know, looking at Nina tonight, I did notice that her chin appeared to be a little larger than normal. Evil, Evil, Evil. Using that same logic of jawsize=capacity for evil , Milo probably is off camera killing puppies.

BTW, I actually gave out a “Woohoo!” when Palmer canned Patty’s ass (actually that sounds more like what she wanted him to do, double entendrely speaking.)

At first, I had a "Bad Feeling"™ about David Palmer, but after tonight, Boo-Yah!

Note to self: DO NOT make friends with Kim Bauer.

2nd biggest

[spoiler]It doesn’t make sense. Not at all - Nina’s spent the past how many years at CTU? Or is she supposed to have had the most meteoric rise in CTU history?
And if she is the daughter why are the Drazens mad? Dad’s alive, Sis is alive, this is revenge for what? Blowing up a building? How stupid is that?
Plus, what about having her taken hostage earlier this morning? They couldn’t possibly know that Jack would sneak her a bulletproof vest instead of just shooting her. Or several other scenes…

any second now, we’ll find out that Jack is Alexis twin brother, stolen from Drazen at infancy and sold to american pirates[/spoiler]