24: Season 5: Episode 8 (2:00pm - 3:00pm)

Now it’s 7 hours in, and Lynn “Scooter” McGill has forced Jack to make an “immunity + transport + 15-year-old-girl” deal with the slimy computer guy. But the girl went all Rambo on the guy’s ass, so now the deal’s off, permanently. And Jack still needs to find Ivan Yellowtieanov, who has the nerve gas and will be calling back any minute.

Meanwhile, Walt is worm food. But President Weenie may have salvaged tonight’s nookie chances with his wife, because he’s gone back to taking orders from her instead of from his various advisors. Who will he take orders from next?

You will tune in tonight. You WILL TUNE IN TONIGHT!!!

24, Season 5, Episode 8
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM


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Monstre, that was brilliant. Dude, you should be the one writing the episode capsule desriptions for Tivo.

I finally caught up with the series over the weekend. How sure are we that the 15 year old love slave is really 15 years old? Did CTU have a picture of her, and would it be impossible for her to havea assumed the identy of a 15 year old? I don’t trust her, for all the reasons people brought up last week.

Is Edger approaching Hurley size? I don’t remember him being quite so rotund last year.

Why didn’t CTU debrief the kid from Mojave? I’m pretty sure he’s the one who caused Jack’s identity to be blown. Didn’t they learn anything from last season?

When oh when will we get to see Kim?

Jack: Audrey, have you found Kim yet:
Audrey: No, Jack. She doesn’t answer.
Jack: Have Chloe get a satellite feed on all the cougar traps in a 200 mile radius of her home.

You could put an eye out with those things.

Buchanan: “We need to call President Wishy-Washy… because this is such a serious moment and we could all use a laugh before making such a major decision.”

“Jumpin’ Jack Flash
and the nerve, nerve gas…”

I agree with Jack that he shouldn’t let them do it (despite President Wrong-Decision), but I’m surprised he just let himself be knocked unconscious. Jack’s best move is to take down the two guys he’s with, but leave at least one of them alive, and then HE can just interrogate him. He doesn’t need to keep his cover to find Ivan – just let him interrogate one of those guys without counter-orders from the Hobbit stopping him. It works sooooo much better that way.

Run! Its’ the Gold Age Sandman!

Far be it from me to nitpick this show, but hot-wiring the car will not release the steering wheel lock, right?

Golden Age :smack:

Well, pretty smart precautionary move by Ivan – expecting that his guy would be followed anyways. They should have done Audrey’s suggestion – taken the two terrorists alive before they went INTO the mall, and then let Jack interrogate them to find Ivan.

I figured he picked one to steal he knew didn’t have a steering lock. Anyone know about that model?

Lumina? Not a Ford. The sponsor wouldn’t want on of theirs to be seen as thief bait :smiley:

Didn’t know Jack was immune to nerve gas.

He’s not. Nerve gas is too afraid to enter Jack’s nose.

I think he held his breath after he took off the mask and put it on the girl, then ran for the exit. Since others not right in the food court made it out safe, the affected area was probably limited in size. Although as it wafts around and spreads, how harmful will it continue to be before it’s dispersed enough?

Yeah, you’d think it was Trek the way I make excuses.

Wonder how much Zales paid to have their name on screen. :slight_smile:

From the upcoming previews:

So, next week super-secret terrorist command center guy flip-flops and wants to help CTU find the guy. Anyone have any guesses what his motivation is? Is the guy gonna release the gas and kill his pet poodle or what?

FLOTUS to POTUS: “It’s your job to tell the truth!”

Since when?

Yep. And it’s a good thing that service doors at the mall weren’t locked…

I wonder if Walt’s wife is in on the plot.

Kind of a flat episode after the first few, if you ask me.