24: Season 5: Episode 6 (12:00noon - 1:00pm)

And here we go. Jack has put the smackdown on the would-be assassin, and Spenser for hire folded without Jack even having to put a bullet in an extremity or two.

So will Jack make it to Walt this week and start the Tort-U-Rama Convention, or will he be slowed down by the sleek efficient machine that is the U.S. Government? cough


24, Season 5, Episode 6
12:00 noon - 1:00 PM


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Who’s Spenser For Hire? Last thing I heard, Robert Urich was gonna do time for cocaine.

The pschopath who tapped Chloe’s keister.

I don’t know what the sequence of events is, of course, but it looks like Jack and Walt are going to get some personal time together.

Spenser’s the kid who works at CTU and thought he was helping Walt Cummings with an “internal affairs” investigation. Walt was using him as his “inside man”. And so was Chloe, although she now regrets it. :wink:

Oh yes, thanks.
Hell Hath No Fury like Chloe scorned. :slight_smile:

Do not speak ill of the Keister!

I just had this flash-forward vision to Chloe’s wedding day.

Minister: “Do you, Chloe O’Brian, take this man to be your lawful wedded husband… yadda yadda… 'til death do you part?”

Chloe rolling eyes: Whatever…

“Pffft. I’m standing up here, aren’t I? Hurry it up, it’s open bar at the reception.”

Chloe: Obey? OBEY???
>>cell phone speed dial<< Jack? Jack!

Minister: “So, if anyone has any reason that these two should not be joined in holy matrimony, speak now…”

Edgar: “Sorry, minister, but these guys need to speak with the groom.”

Security Guy: “Please come with us right now, sir.”

Groom: “Did you know about this, Edgar?”

Edgar: smirks, then casts longing look at Chloe

Walt’s just listening to everybody’s calls, isn’t he?

Poor Diane, especially now that her son has a hero-worship thing going on for Jack… wonder how involved they’d gotten (Jack and Diane… two ‘merican kids doin’ best that they can)

Audrey wants to patch things up.

She is sooooo dead.

Will it be a quickie like a bullet or a bomb, or will it be death by torture?


What’s Waaaaaalt up to?

Well, that was an interesting twist. Walt admitting everything outright to the Prez. Now it appears he is going to coerce Logan into going along with it all, and Logan will do it in hopes of preserving his “legacy” and public image. Because he’s a weak putz.

Death by Chloe.
So far it’s been a really dull first 30 minutes, especially by 24 standards.

And that’s an insult to putzes eveywhere.

Lesbo’d to death? Allright! That’s something I can get behind.

If you know what I mean. <wink wink nudge nudge>


Dang. I like Buchanan.

Can I make a small request? Can we not call him Waaaaaaaaaaaaaalt? I can’t be the only one who:

a) Doesn’t understand it and

b) Finds it annoying.

(Sorry Mr. Blue Sky, I’m not singling you out, you just happen to be the only person in this thread to do it thus far. :stuck_out_tongue: )
Oh, and President fuck-face is a giant fuck-face.