24: Season 5: Episode 5 (11:00am - 12:00noon)

Gosh, after last weekend, are we going to be able to handle getting ONLY 1 hour? At least it’s here! Gotta get my fix…

24, Season 5, Episode 5
11:00 AM - 12:00 noon


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I think it is only fitting if you get to the point of starting these threads exactly 24 hours before the show actually airs.

Well, I’m not quite that anal-retentive… :wink:

(Besides, the thread would probably be on page 3 before the episode started).
So, anybody have pre-show predictions? How many people will Jack kill? Who will Chloe smart off to? How long will it take the teenager to get into mortal danger again?

I have a feeling that newly-respectful teen and MJLF are already in mortal danger. If that van they were bundled into is (against all odds) a real police vehicle, I predict that it will be carjacked before it makes it to CTU.

I wonder if we’ll check in on Tony this hour. Too soon? Surgery this hour, recuperation during lunch, and scrambling for pants and running out the door AMA around 1:30? That’s about right, isn’t it? :smiley:

Geez, a mole in the White House and ANOTHER one in CTU?

Somebody’s got to revamp the Federal hiring process.

So Waaaaaaaaaaalt has someone on the inside… They’re making Spencer look shifty, so it probably won’t be him.

Another CTU mole. They need some better HR people

Funniest line ever when Mole 1 said he would take care of Jack.


“Nobody talks to me like that.”

“I just did.”

Oh, snap!

Well, I guess it is Spencer. Wonder how much he knows… if he’s in on “the plan” or if he’s just being used as a lackey by Walt, without knowing that much.

Diane: “Did you know Jack?”
Audrey: “Yes. I knew him…”
(Me: “…carnally.”)

I don’t think I’ve ever been a fan of a show which had 2 main characters I actively loathed every moment they were on screen. [sub]Yes, Chloe and President Twitchy[/sub]

Ah, Chloe, will you never learn people skils?

Well, it wasn’t really an apology. More like an observation.


I think Spencer only thought that the guy he brought in was there to gather info – not actually to kill Jack. I think Cummings is using him as a lackey, but a totally uninformed lackey. My feeling right now is that Spencer probably doesn’t realize he’s helping the terrorists, but just that he thinks he’s inside help for Logan’s security dude. We’ll see…

Tired cliche time:

If that “computer guy” thinks he can do the job with just one gun, he don’t know Jack.

Spencer: “I want to speak to a lawyer.”
Me: “Okay… Jack Bauer’s going to be your lawyer. He’s ready to speak to you now…” :smiley:
The First Lady has left the building!!!

Show of hands: who wants to see Jack interrogate Spencer?


It’s unprecedented for CTU to find the mole before something catastrophic happens as a result. They’re getting better. So many red shirts making appearances too, I’m expecting wuite a lot of bloodshed around minute 53.

Tony’s awake! Just in time for the end of the hour!

And one more 24 cliche broken, Samwise from district is actually helping and making wise decisions!

Ew, ow. Listen to the sound of the ribs cracking!

Boy, Spencer’s going to be sorry.

I’m becoming quite fond of young Derek. No doubt that bodes ill for his future beyond the course of the next few hours.

Okay, they can’t have uncovered Walt Cummings so quickly, have they? How about that?