24: Season 5: Episode 5 (11:00am - 12:00noon)

I want to see Chloe interrogate Spencer.

BTW, Spencer looks like Gilbert Godfrey.

After he changes his underwear, Spencer better get down on his knees and thank whatever god he worhips that Jack let him go.

One guy to try to take out Jack Bauer?! Don’t they watch this show?

Though it was nice that the mole in CTU wasn’t uber-evil bad guy mole, but mole who thought he was doing good.

I wonder if Cummings realizes the world of pain he is in for?

No. That’s the best part.

Wait… I just realized who the President is in this show. Cumming’s beat down is going to have to wait as Jack runs away from all the athorities as Cummings easily fools Logan.

Well, guess he’s not after all – just a ruse to get Jack in there alone.

After Jack killed the assassin and Bill Buchanan came in, I liked how Jack (who doesn’t work there any more) just started giving orders… and the CTU folks, including Buchanan, just obeyed without question! :smiley:

Oh, and when Jack looked through the window, saw Audrey…

Now Diane knows that Audrey did more than “knew” Jack, from before. That look she was giving back to Jack… well, Diane’s face suddenly said, “Oh… crap…”


Derek, now totally inspired and in awe of Jack, teams up with Behrooz and forms the Teenage Terrorism Defense Squad. They follow in Jack’s footsteps, study his methods…

Behrooz grabs a bully, pulls him off of pipsqueak
Derek (pointing a gun at bully’s thigh): “Give him back his lunch money! GIVE HIM BACK HIS LUNCH MONEY… NOW!!!”

You know… given that Cummmings was the guy last season who went against Logan’s decision and tried to get his security guy to kill Jack anyways…

And given that Mike Novick overheard that phone call and was the one who passed the info on to Palmer (who passed it on to Jack)…

one would think that Novick would be able to help CTU’s case against Cummings. After all, he knows that Cummings tried to go against Logan’s order, tried to have Jack killed… and CTU has Spencer as a witness, who was being duped by Cummings. There’s the physical evidence of the assassin who killed the doctor and tried to kill Jack. It doesn’t seem like they have THAT weak a case – seems like a good amount of evidence so far.

And now that Jack’s back, I would think that Novick would have to be suspicious of Cummings’ moves, given what he overheard last season.

Maybe CTU wouldn’t have so many mole problems if they closed off that Mole Room that they all seem to use for their Mole Business.

Yes, but there is one thing you are forgetting… this is President LOGAN! Compared to the last two Presidents, he’s as sane as Kim Jong-Il.

They were really cutting it close this episode. Not only was it pretty light on Jack Bauer, he didn’t get a chance to kill anyone until minute 55 or so.

I’m not red-hot on protocols for handling nerve gas, but if it was in containers shoddy enough to allow rats to get at it and perish, then I sure wouldn’t want to be one of those guys packing it into suitcases.

Oh certainly… I’m not forgetting that he’s a total screwball. :wink:

But I’m just thinking that Mike Novick would be somewhat suspicious of Walt’s next move, no matter what the other circumstance, upon finding out Jack’s still alive. After all, he knows that Walt was the one who tried to have him whacked. (Although I doubt he ever told Logan that).

Nah, they’d just tunnel back in.

Btw, did anyone think they could probably get nerve gas to hit Moscow closer than… oh, Los Angeles?!

What, are they trying to run up the company credit card?

There’s a military spec on poisoning rats with nerve gas?

(Come to think of it, there probably is, and it’s 100 pages long. But can’t be used for poisoning mice or voles - those are separate documents.)

He’s also a President with questionable security. How the heck can the First Lady get out of the house and escape and nobody notices?? Where was Aaron, the wonder of the Secret Service?

Well, let’s have some chamomile tea and talk…

My thoughts exactly; Derek and Mom aren’t out of the woods yet.

Strange that Jack had incapacitated the assassin, and then administered the coup de gras when he could have interrogated him with a lamp cord. Aren’t they trying to trace things back up the bad guy food chain?

Yeah, but not too early… they ran out of steam too early last season ;).

I got the impression that this assassin was much more well-trained and skilled than the usual baddie that Jack tangles with. Perhaps to the extent that killing him was necessary to truly “incapacitate” him. The assassin didn’t look very neutralized until he was stabbed in the neck.

I was waiting for that.

Bucanan: “Talk or we let Jack at you”
Spenser:(having heard stories about last season). “Jack? DEAR GOD NO! I’LL TELL YOU ANYTHING! JUST DON’T LET HIM IN HERE!”

Damnit, for once I’d love to see a suspect have that reaction.