24: Season 5: Episodes 23-24 (5:00am - 7:00am) Season Finale


  • Bierko escapes and captures the Red October. At least it only has regular missiles instead of nukes.

  • Henderson cuts a deal… Will he live to the end of this day, and come back next season?

  • Logan gets smarmier and smarmier. Martha begins her own rampage, shooting Secret Service agents. (Well, just one).

  • And Miles goes out and buys himself a new T-shirt, which reads, “I betrayed my country, and all I got was a slap in the face and this lousy T-shirt”

Oh, and Jack is pissed. Final two hours, tonight!

24, Season 5, Episodes 23-24 Season Finale
5:00 AM - 7:00 AM


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Speculate on the manner of Logan’s defrocking here.

Ah, and I see we have a Presidential Death Wish List thread in honor of Prez. Logan, so might as well do the link.

Logan will die of a simulpost.

So I wonder if we’re going to see Miles again? Next season, maybe? He thinks he’s headed off for a posh job at the White House, but if Logan is ousted, then Miles’ job opportunities become a bit more limited.

I hope he’s not gone for good – just because I want to see somebody exact revenge on him. Preferably Chloe.

And what about his snooty little girlfriend-in-cahoots? She’s still there at CTU, I believe.

We should have a pool to determine the number of loose threads that will remain unwoven this season.

Bank manager’s wife? Eaten by the family cats.

Hot Presidential Aide and whiney daughter? Probably also cat food.

Jack’s new girlfriend and son? Currently selling the stuff he left behind on EBay.

Hunky German agent? Missing in action.

Kim and therapist boyfriend? Still time for them to be hit by an errant missile from a Russian sub.

Chinese vendetta on Jack? Forgotten about? Or is he going to be Shanghai’ed onto a tramp freighter at the end of the episode?

Henderson – does he ever apologize to the missus for that whole bullet in the leg thing?

And who gets Edgar’s massive Star Wars collectibles collection?

They’ll end up living with Henderson, once Jack makes good his deal and sends Henderson into hiding.

Unconscious guy (zapped by Chloe)? He next hits on (and ends up marrying) Sexual Harrassment Girl.

Wayne Palmer? Continues hiding out in Bill Buchanan’s basement, and after a few days, wonders why nobody has checked up on him. Gets hungry, eats the family cat.

As long as we’re at the end of the season, I’d like to propose a few more nicknames:

Martha - Whack Bauer
Audrey - Crack Bauer
Kim - Rack Bauer

And we’ll never find out who those bluetooth guys are. I’m guessing the Order of Skull and Bones. Or Balls and Shaft.

I hate to break this to you, but “Rack Bauer” had already been given to Kim, and “Crack Bauer” was previously assigned to Lynn’s druggie sister and/or her boyfriend. “Whack Bauer” is up for grabs, but “Whacked Bauer” was previously proposed for Sexual Harassment Shari.

Besides, I think the final judgment was that only those who are truly kick-*ss are deserving of the Bauer name. Hence Curtis, Chloe and poor, mistreated Aaron.

Just in case someone doesn’t know: the thigh shooting starts one hour earlier tonight. Synchronize your watches, agents!

(And prepare for long, painful withdrawal symptoms starting tomorrow morning.)

Aaron: I’m sorry Mrs. First Lady, he’s gone. You deserved better. 1:01:01

Jack: I’m so very sorry, he’s dead. 1:01:02

Aaron: Great Jack, now she’s dead too, you son of a bitch.

1:01:03 Jack and Aaron get into a slap-fight.

Although I’m not the OP, I submit to him that he request the title be changed to reflect the new start time of 8:00, since I know not everyone knows and might tune it late or have their DVR’s set improperly, and many people avoid the threads until after watching the episode so as to avoid any hint of a spoiler.

Joke’s on you! That’s the episode title, not the time of the broadcast…

I know that’s when it takes place in “24 time,” I was makikng the suggestion of adding something like “heads up, it starts at 8!” or something. But it’s a moot point now.
So…Bierko AND Henderson dead in the first twenty minutes…so will we get a full hour and forty minutes of Jack torturing the president? :smiley:

Henderson. Man, that was cold. Even for Jack.

Well, guess **that’s ** not gonna happen. Can’t decide whether Henderson did that because he was committing suicide-by-Bauer, or whether he really thought Jack wouldn’t shoot him if he wasn’t armed. If it’s the latter, he knew Jack less well than he thought.

I always get way too worried about the “innocent bystanders” I kept expecting Rooney to get killed.

Did he ever get off the sub?

Morris is another “La Femme Nikita” guy.