24: Season 6: Episode 12 (5:00pm - 6:00pm)

Well, last week, Jack was… wait, where was Jack? Oh yeah, they gave him a scene or two – chatting with the ex-prez and changing to a suit. I hope they gave him a bathroom break, too. And maybe a meal.

Meanwhile, Reid’s master plan was apparently to smuggle in a guy who learned how to make a bomb by watching Die Hard With a Vengeance – just take two colors of magic marker juice and have them intermix in an airtight container (apparently, a tape recorder). And BOOM!

Secret Service dude: “Where’s your Commander in Chief?!”
Reid (in an early Bill Murray voice): “BLOWED UP… SIR!”

Now, they still have to decide what to do with Tom Lennox. As usual, Reid has thought it all through – “Hey, he’s had an hour to think it over. Let’s see if he’ll stay quiet now!”

I suppose President Palmer-Lite will be alive, but injured. Question is, what about Assad? Is he toast? Guess we’ll find out tonight, which will mark the halfway point of the season.

24, Season 6, Episode 12
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM


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Dr. Bashir. He’s dead, Jim. Er, Jack.

Good for Tom.

Talk about taking me out of the suspension of disbelief. Why the heck are all the Russians speaking English to each other??

Practicing for their citizenship tests.

Not enough Chloe. Not enough Karen Hayes.

Now I’d say this episode actually felt more like 24 than many of the recent ones. Jack goes a little rogue, acts without CTU permission, gets somebody in CTU to help him without clearance – okay, sure, it’s been done before… but that’s what makes Jack tick!

And Tom did do the right thing, like he told Reid he would. Reid just didn’t realize the “right thing” was to turn him in. I had a feeling that was coming – but at least Tom waited until he was protected by Secret Service guys.

Sucks that Assad didn’t survive it, though – I liked Dr. Bashir. Would have liked to see him paired up with Jack again, but… oh well.

Jack made one stupid move, though. I guess they needed it to drive the plot for next week, and perhaps the week after. Namely – as soon as the consul told him what he wanted to know, his first move should have been call Buchanan… NOT walk towards the door. He knew the Ruskies were out there, just waiting to take him captive. And I’m sure he knew there was little chance of him getting past them and getting free on his own. So he should have called Buchanan immediately!

At least he made good on the finger-cutting threat. :smiley:

I loved/hurled at the sound effects on that one.

We’re in a pickle here. Jack needs to be rescued. Tony is dead. Curtis is dead.

Time to make Chloe a field agent!

I can suspend my disbelief when watching this show. What I can’t handle is the character inconsistencies. It all started with Black Bauer this season. They completely change the characters’ personalities and skills to engineer the “shocking” end to each episode.

It was good to see the SecDef again, but I’m not so sure he’ll be as badass as in previous seasons.

Different SecDef. Palmer’s is a Democratic administration and Heller was a Republican, so it would be highly unlikely if he popped up in Washington at all.

Why didn’t he have Chloe start a new protocol and open a socket and move the satelite and recharge the dilithium crystals and eavesdrop on the conversation between Jack and the Russian consul? Then CTU would have been able to hear the conservation and know where the General and the nukes are.

Were you able to keep a straight face as you typed that?

Or he could have just left his phone on, from that last call to Buchanan… heh.

On reviewing the scene, I see that he was pulling out his phone and starting to make a call when the Ruskies blew open the door. And back at CTU, they made a comment about a call attempt being made from Jack’s phone, I think. So looks like he was trying to call Buchanan right away, but he made the mistake of walking towards the door – not realizing that the consulate security people would have a video feed on him. Duh. Still seems like a dumb mistake on his part. Safest place for him to be would be right next to the consul with his gun still out – so that he would still have a viable threat if the security dudes tried to force entry.

Didn’t stop Mike Novick from serving (was it as Chief of Staff both times?) under presidents of opposing parties. First David Palmer, then Keeler (and then Logan, originally Keeler’s Veep).

But you’re right – that was a different SecDef. Was not James Heller (William Devane).

It looks like Curtis died for nothing now. He was intent on blowing away Assad. If only he knew that Assad was going to become a Shrapnel Shield less than 10 hours later…

Chloe: Tell me where Gredenko is!
Henchman: I don’t know!
Chloe: Where is Gredenko?!!!
Henchman: I. don’t. know!
Chloe: Fine! rolls eyes and stalks away
Henchman: Auuuuugggghhhh! Okay, okay… I’ll tell you…

IIRC, Novick changed parties sometime between season 2 and season 4 - his actions in season 2 probably left him persona non grata with the Democrats.

Insofar as Heller, BTW, Entertainment Weekly provided a possible spoiler last week;

During a brainstorming session for episode 18, the writing team discussed having Heller somehow pop up as acting director of CTU.

Oooh, one thing I forgot to mention… from next week’s teaser scenes:

Looks like we’ll get to see Aaron again! From the quick scenes, he appears to be shacked up with Martha Logan now

Anyone else get the idea that the VP sees Karen’s return as a chance to have her take blame for the assassination attempt? And if Buchanan wants to storm the Russkie building, shouldn’t he just whistle up the Wolverines?

From the previews:

Rick Schroeder takes over field ops for CTU and will be saving Jack’s ass. The big mystery is who will Rick have as a second in command: Dennis Franz or Alfonso Ribeiro?

Whoo-whoo! 500 posts.

Hee: Jack said that the Russkies gave Fayed “nukyoolar” weapons.

Wow they looked similar to me. I figured out why… the guy I saw was in Desperate Housewives (rich guy that left Zach all the money) which is why I recognized him and thought I knew him already.

Edit: Hmm, maybe not… I swear I saw that guy somewhere before though…

You’re right about “Desperate Housewives.” Bob Gunton played Zach’s zillionaire grandfather, who left Zach a fortune. He’s also well-known as the evil warden in The Shawshank Redemption.