24: Season 6: Episode 13 (6:00pm - 7:00pm)

Jack is now captive of the Ruskies, having forced the Russian ambassador to make a pinkie-swear, Bauer-style. He’s working hard to achieve his goal of pissing off every major world government. The Chinese (season 4), the Germans (season 5 – the broken deal with the German agent), the Russians…

Meanwhile, Tom Lennox did the “right thing” – turned in Reid and the Magic-Marker guy. But he seems to be caving from Vice Presidential pressure to shut up and let Assad take the fall. But Karen Hayes will soon be back, ready to whip Shorty McWeasel back into shape!

So, while Jack was busy beating up Russians, what has Logan been doing? Is he staying put in the car like a good captive ex-president on furlough? Or is he wandering off somewhere?

24, Season 6, Episode 13
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM


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Can we call the Vice President Curley Bill from now on? It finally dawned on me during a commerical that THAT’S where I know that guy from…Tombstone.

Well, he’s listed as “Ricky” Schroeder again.

How tough can he be?

More Russians speaking to each other in English with Russian accents. Bleh. Just stupid.

The stabbing would have been more effective if it hadn’t been telegraphed with a half dozen shots of the knife. What is it with American television? Can’t anything be subtle?

All pretense of real time has been dropped. Magic helecopter that gets Logan from CTU to his ex-wife’s location during the commercial break. Ex-wife can explain the whole situation to Russian president’s wife and she can explain and convince her husband (lucky they were in the same building, even though she just finished making a speech) who gets the Russian consul in LA on the phone ALL during a 6 second pan across the grounds of the Russian consulate.

Not enough Jack.

A mediocre season so far. They don’t seem to really care anymore.

Well, Sam Stone called it well last week:

Assad got last week’s Redemption Death. This week, Logan appears to get the honor.

Hey, you’re right! I didn’t realize that until your post. Although with his throwing out a bit of a southern accent tonight, I can see it.

Who’d have imagined that Curly Bill could of growed up to be Vice President?

I just can’t see Ricky Schroeder as anything other than 12 years old.

His threat was hilarious based on everything else Morris’s history. “Hmmm… I had terrorists drill through my shoulder and force me to arm nuclear weapons. And your pretending to choke me is supposed to be scary? Yeah. Right. Get right on that one. Then we’ll ride your giant train set.”

Well when they assaulted the embassy he was the only one without a helmet, which must mean that he has bullet proof hair.

That’s pretty tough right?

Oh yeah, speaking of the assault, when did the plan change from “Go in, get Russian guy For Questioning” to “Shoot Russian Guy in the Chest and Gut a Few Times”?

Let’s list the stupidity in this one…

  1. Jack, strolls out of the room (yes, it was in last episode, but they replayed it), leaving his hostage all the way across the room from him. He shows no concern that the guys HE HAD JUST YELLED THREATS AT are right on the other side of the door. What was he going to do, open the door and say, “Hello comrades. I killed the American pigdog. I now go outside to express my existensial guilt to my wife on my cell phone.”

  2. A Secret Service guy stands idly by while Ex Wife With Knife (openly sitting on her plate) walks within inches of the ex-president. Oh, and she has a history of mental problems. And she hates her ex-husband.

  3. There were TV cameras in the room where the bomb went off. Not one of them has some salvageable recordings on it? They weren’t broadcasting to any affiliates while waiting to go live? Sure…

  4. Black Bauer’s replacement comes in, immediately starts throwing his weight around, and then starts choking a COMPUTER GEEK to show how tough he is. That’s really cool, especially since he’s doing it to a guy who had a power drill in his shoulder like three hours ago. If Edgar had been around would he have sat on his chest and taunted him with a donut?

  5. “Hi Morris, this is Jack. I’m sure this phone line will stay open for a long time. How’s Chloe? Oh, that’s nice. I think she could be cute if she smiled occasionally. So, what do you think of our new Arab chick? Yeah, I’d probably ask her out or something, but you know the life expectancy of the girls I get involved with. Ha ha. So, anyway, I think I’ve got this foot fungus thing. God, it’s like so irritating. It’s so bad that I can only sometimes notice what I assume is some broken ribs. It’s kind of funny, I was tortured by the Chinese for a year and a half, but after a shave I was feeling pretty good. I guess the Russians are just better rib-kickers. So, anyway, why was I calling? Ah hell, it can’t be that important if I can’t remember it. So, I’ll bet that power drill hurt. Yeah, the Chinese never did that to me…something about them boycotting Black and Decker. Weird, huh? Oh, now I remember what it was. Fayed is going to use drones to deliver the nukes. What a sneaky bunch of bastards, eh? They’re going to launch them from” -klik-

My way - “Morris. Shadow Valley, Mojave Desert. Drones.”

  1. Big Ricky Shroeder leading an attack without a helmet and carrying a pistol. Yes, we get that you’re supposed to be tough. However, when Jack does that it’s because the Tac Unit met him at the assault site and, presumably, they didn’t have time to find a helmet that would fit. You flew in WITH them and probably could have found something that fit. Maybe the one with the “DICKHEAD, R” label in it.

  2. I guess Jack and Curtis had better leadership skills, but maybe Ricky should have reminded the assault team that they were there to KIDNAP THE CONSUL, not to riddle him with bullets? Nah, Jack, who is surely dead by now, will have the answers…we hope. Dear Agent Ricky - check your handy “Mission Objectives” cheat sheet before turning your men loose. Maybe Morris can help you with that.

I know that Rena Sofer is the kiss of death for a show, but I thought she’d at least bring it down a little slower than this.


He’s 4 months older than me, but in this episode, he’s looking about a decade older than me. whew

Morris continuing… “And now I’ve got Manly Milo coming to my rescue?! Awwww crap… why did I pour out that bottle of booze…?”

I was yelling at the assault team guy through the screen – “I thought you guys were supposed to take him alive, dumbass!!”

I was really hoping Ricky Schroeder would have a duck phone at his desk. Alas, no.

At least Aaron should have gotten up and taken the knife away from her when she was angrily chopping food with her head turned. I thought she was about to lose a finger.

Well, I was amused by Chloe’s line, “I’m ambivalent”. Only Chloe could say that.

I’d take a kiss from Rena Sofer, though! Hottest 24 woman ever, and that says a lot next to Elisha Cuthbert and Mia Kirschner. Even though her character wasn’t the best, I hope we haven’t seen the last of her.

She is very attractive, she just has a tendency to bring shows she’s in to a screaming, flaming death.

Still, I think I prefer Kim, Nina, and especially Michelle to whateverhercharacter’snameis.


Dude, all of those women pale in comparison to Chloe on the cover of Geek Monthly.

But he looks like a 40 year old 12 year old, you know what I mean? He looks like an older BOY not a man.

I was happy to see Aaron Pierce again.

Other than that - If Logan came in a chopper, which presumably was waiting to take him back to CTU, why were they taking him to the hospital in an ambulance.

I expect and enjoy a certain amount of stupidity, but there are limits.