24: Season 6: Episode 13 (6:00pm - 7:00pm)

This is the thing that I bitched to the little woman while I was watching it…

There was a nuke attack something like 8 hours ago. It’s known that there are more nukes out there.

The Good Guys now know that the the Bad Guys are going to be using drones. Flying drones.

…and you’re trying to tell me that ANYTHING will be getting off the ground without prior clearance any time in the next few days? I see anything clearing treetop height getting smoked minutes after taking off.

And something tells me a Predator can’t exact evade a modern fighter.


Am I the only one to think that Ricky & Jack would really hit it off? Like two peas in a pod-shaped-pea-holder-thingee.

I’m starting to think that some parts of this show are not all that plausible.

It’s almost as if it were produced by conservative Republicans, a group not known for their clear thinking. Oh wait, it is!

That’s one thing I don’t get, sitting here on the other side of the Atlantic: Fox(news) has a reputation for leaning to the right, but 24 seems to be quite critical about what goes on in the White House. Powers Booth is a bit to close to Cheney, I think. If anything, it’s anti-establishment, deeply distrusting any pol.

Sure, but Jack Bauer, our gun-toting ‘violence is always the first resort’ Bauer is always right.



what about that ridiculous belt-lasso move Jack pulls at the start of the episode???

I should have put that on the list.

Apart from the obvious silliness, didn’t Jack manage to pull the belt buckle through the loops? Or maybe the dead guy was a lefty. Do lefties put their belts on the opposite way righties do?


me and my wife were laughing abouthtis. When the consul was telling his security team Jack was loose he should have said, “The American is is free and in the building…and he has a belt!”

Yeah, what the hell? In some of the close-ups he looked like Robert Redford… and I don’t mean the young Redford. Seems to have been sleeping in a food dehydrator.

And what is the deal with everyone just carrying on as if it were a regular day? Aaron returns from shopping for some tasty snacks and the comment is “I worry about you being out in all that fallout?” No mass evacuation, traffic jams, PANIC? Geez, a nuke just went off near LA - I don’t think the city would be enjoying normal everyday activities.

Yep – that one had me laughing. A perfect Chloe line.

Looks like young Ricky Stratton has really let himself go. :wink:

This is the 24-verse L.A. They are quite used to this by now. Things explode, bullets fly, and lethal gasses are expelled on a regular basis. (But enough about my home life…)

I just finished watching the episode. When Jack starts to pull the belt out, they show it clearly–the buckle would have to pass through the all the loops and behind the body. No way it would have been such a smooth move for Jack to pull off.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: the MST3K gang could really have a field day with the show this season. I’d love to hear Crow’s take on the whole “ambivalent” thing.