24: Season 6: Episode 20 (1:00am - 2:00am)

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Previously on 24…

Jack tries to blow himself up yet again in a gesture of self-sacrifice… And he’s foiled again. Special Evil Agent Wang (or Chang… or Hong…) has the secret Russian technology circuit board.

Audrey is back safely in the hands of CTU, but her husband Mark Schiavo wants to pull the plug.

Karen loses all wifely nookie priveledges by unilaterally deciding that her husband would make a better scapegoat than she would.

Nadia breaks a world record in “time it takes to climb the corporate ladder” – from interrogation victim to acting head of CTU in just a few hours.

Tune in tonight, when we’ll hear acting President Daniels say… “Hey baby, come here and meet my chief of staff!”

24, Season 6, Episode 20
1:00 AM - 2:00 AM


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So, now is Cheng going to have to kidnap, say, Morris…? Again?

And he’ll fix the chip for them just to spite Chloe.

Hello I am Dr Idon’tbelieveinpunctuation from District and I’m calling the shots here so we’re going to prep Miss Raines for mean and nasty shock treatment I’ll let you know if we get anything out of her Good day to you

I think the Chinese voices are being done by Southpark.

Was the guy from the “entry team” using a blowtorch with his goggles up on his helmet, or was he wearing two pairs of goggles like a nerd with flip up polaroids on his sunglasses?

Sadly, I’m like, yeah, okay whatever.

Some show ideas only have a certain lifespan and this one is on life support. It’s too bad because I enjoyed being thrilled by it for a while but it’s been a while since . . .

No wait, that was my marriage.

Anyhow it’s not even worth making fun of anymore.

The pace of the last few has felt more realistic – no 15 minute travels to the other side of the city, more time spent mucking about at CTU, etc etc.

But it’s just not as exciting that way.

I did like Doyle’s little trick: “Hey Jack, I’m going to uncuff you and then turn my back… wink wink nudge nudge say no more…”

Daddy Heller seems to have forgotten how many times Jack has saved his and Audrey’s asses. “Jack, it’s your fault!” Um… right. It’s Jack’s fault that untrained-in-covert-ops-Audrey went on a covert mission into China and got her ass captured. SecDef Heller has turned into kind of a dickhead.

I think the Chinese need to successfully blow up CTU Los Angeles and all who are currently present (after Jack gets out). Then Jack can go do season 7 in a different setting. Tortuga, maybe.

Arrrrrr! I be Jack Bauerbeard! Hand over yer booty!

I must point out that a woman involved with Jack Bauer has the same life expectancy as one marrying one of the Cartwrights.

Wait a second, here. As I count it:
Teri - Dead
Nina - Dead
Clow-dia - Dead
Kate Warner - Alive
Women with surly teenage son - Alive, and so is he
Audrey - Catatonic

That’s fully 33% who are still alive!

This was a pretty weak episode. “We screwed up and the Russians are now more vulnerable to Chinese attack… so they are going to LAUNCH A MILITARY ASSAULT AGAINST THE WORLD’S ONLY SUPERPOWER” is stretching things even for 24. Shee-eesh.

I thougth the evil-blonde storyline finally went somewhere interesting, though. and I honestly thought the Jack-comforting-Audrey scene was actually touching.

Not enough explosions, too little Chloe and no snark from her, too little with Jack saying: “I don’t have time to tell you, you just have to trust me.”
I hope it was a setup for more exciting things to come.

They also introduced and solved the whole Russian leak rather fast…

I might as well keep on insisting that it’s Doyle. I have nothing to lose.

Not reading, just posting to ask: has there been any indication yet of when the final episode of this season will air? In past years, I seem to recall they’ve doubled-up a night to get it in before Memorial Day weekend, but I can’t remember for certain.

If anyone wouldn’t mind dropping me an e-mail, I’d appreciate it.

I actually liked this episode. The main crisis is getting kind of boring, but I enjoyed the Audrey/Jack developments. Also, we got to see a slightly different dimension to Evil Vice President Guy.

Also, they seemed a little better about filling the 24 hours more believably. This time, it seems even more forced than usual. The main crisis is over, and it’s hard to get into the new short one.

O’Doyle Rules appears to getting groomed as a series regular. I honestly didn’t see that coming.

Kinda looking forward to this season ending though. I also think this is the last one I’m going to religiously watch. They’re clearly running out of ideas. I’d admire them terribly if they bite the bullet and end the series this season, but knowing Fox, they’ll keep milking it for as long as it gets ratings.

I thought the same thing. Up until now the Russian president has been best buds with the White House. Now all of a sudden he’s ready to start World War III because the U.S. tried and failed to stop the Chinese from getting a single computer chip that the Russians themselves lost track of? I don’t think even Kruschev would have gone to war over that.

Yeah, if there’s another season, I would hope that they go in a new direction for it. For instance, if they made it so that the next season was Jack attempting a raid in China to free political prisoners or something. Going on the offense against a mastermind and having to work to get things back on track as they are derailed and such. Make it more of a long prison break type thing as opposed to a chase.

Giving the man a (real) private life would be nice to see as well.

In all fairness, he’s seen his daughter’s heart broken at least 3 times by Jack: (1) When Jack “killed” her husband by withholding medical treatment, (2) when Jack was forced to “die” because of his initiating an international incident, and (3) when Jack gets Audrey’s hopes up again about a new future only to have his ass kidnapped and tortured.

Heller may appreciate Jack’s service but still wants him as far away as his daughter as possible. I’ll bet he tried to talk Audrey out of going to China and she went anyway because of her loyalty to Jack–admirable, perhaps, but also doomed to end in more grief in Heller’s eyes.

On the contrary, they’re authentic phrases, albeit delivered at a very clipped pace. At the end of the first act, Fu Manchu said “Wangba dan”, one of the more amusing curse words in Chinese; it literally means “turtle egg.”

Ah, yes. The white Curtis.

Why does the doctor person keep talking like a telemarketer? He never takes a breath within a line. Weird.