24: Season 6: Episode 17 (10:00pm - 11:00pm)

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2) What should I confine to spoiler boxes?
A: Any discussion of upcoming shows that contains information from sources outside the aired material, or any speculation based on such things. This includes the “Next week on 24” previews, which some people choose not to watch.

3) We’ve seen many familiar 24 cliches re-occur in season 6. What’s next?
A: Well, Jack hasn’t come back from the dead yet this season. Are we due for another resurrection?

Previously on 24…

Gredenko gives whole new meaning to the phrase “providing arms to terrorists”.

Gredenko celebrates by setting an angry crowd on Fayed, then joins the ranks of the homeless under the pier.

Wayne Palmer weathers the attempt to steal his presidency by the Veep, who desperately wants to launch a nuke. Palmer celebrates by launching a nuke.

Doyle tries to horn in on some of the usual CTU Office Intrigue action (convincing Nadia to sneak around on Milo’s computer), but he’s not good at it, like some of the dead characters from previous seasons. Doyle supposedly covers up Milo’s “mistake”, but I think he was really just trying to get into Milo’s private MySpace profile.

And Jack? He now has Fayed in custody, so fun should ensue.

24, Season 6, Episode 17
10:00 PM - 11:00 PM


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That was a nice little ploy – the fake rescue. Although I don’t know how they managed a controlled car crash complete with truck flipping on its side. Too bad General Punching Bag had a duress code. They should have expected one – having the General give Fayed a call was a baaaaad idea.

Best reaction: Doyle looking around at the bullet-ridden henchmen, then at Fayed hanging from the chain, then, “Damn, Jack…”

The fake-out rescue was welcome. You just know that anytime anybody is to be transported somewhere, that if they are bothering to show you the transport scene, that something bad is gonna’ happen before they complete the mission. So when Jack sits up into frame and says “We’re clear!”, I’m suddenly not hating this season quite as much.

Oh, I think the bad guys were all from Yourcountrystan.

What the heck happened to Logan?

Meanwhile, those evil Chinese (oops, I mean generic Asian country) guys are about to tie old girlfriend to the railroad tracks.

Not a bad episode. Sufficiently thrilling, and the story is taking some turns that are more interesting than the blatant Day 2 stuff they’ve been on for a while.

I had thought that the President’s decision to launch the nuke was going to be a complication from the excess adrenaline.

I’m finding myself getting a bit attached to O’Doyle Rules. He’s kinda cliche, but I find myself glad he’s around. I guess someone had to take Curtis’ place (I did like Curtis better though). I mean, he basically fulfills Curtis’ basic functions, with the added story-development-itude of having noticeable flaws.

Looking forward to next week’s ep.

It’s abou time poor Jack gets some. I’m glad they didn’t set him up with his sister in law, that was looking lame.

And does it show Presidental weakness to take a nap? Palmer2 is a bit too gung-ho.

When the armored truck pulled into the parking garage and Jack and Doyle were sitting waiting for something to happen I had this idea…imagine it was 1987 and you were predicting that one day there would be this action show where Ricky Schroeder was the bad cop and that Kiefer Sutherland would be the worse cop. Nobody would have ever believed you…

Can’t Wayne just go rest for a while, and leave explicit orders for the Vice President to not launch any nukes on his shift, at least not without consulting Palmer first?

I figured that the nuke was going to be a ploy to gain information that was being withheld – turn the screws on Fayedistan. I thought they would just do a self-destruct on the missile, though. Hadn’t guessed that Palmer ordered a fake one to be launched – no warhead.

Convenient timing on that call from the Chinese – imagine if they’d called about 40 minutes earlier, when Jack was in the middle of the Fayed endgame.

Looks like this effectively ends “Act I”. Fayed isn’t going to turn into a Marwan after all. This leaves 7 hours for Act II. I had a feeling (and many others speculated this a few weeks back) that Audrey was not dead – but didn’t expect it all to come up so soon. Wonder what the Chinese are after?

Meanwhile, back at CTU…

Next time, on “As the Counter Terrorism Office Turns”: When Nadia finds out that Milo had a conversation with Chloe, she gets jealous and talks to Doyle again. See what happens when Doyle smiles at her, and Milo sees. Morris has a glass of apple juice, and Chloe mistakenly thinks it’s fermented a little too much. Watch as Chloe performs another breathalyzer test! Also, Bill is upset that Extra #1 is having some Redshirt agent’s baby, Chloe is haunted by dreams of dead Edgar, and Sexual Harrassment Girl accuses Tony posthumously of looking at her funny 4 years ago. All next time, on “As CTU Turns”!

They were in good hands.

“Say hello to your brother” as he pulls off the “Die Hard” execution. My taste for Bauer violence is sated for another week.

I wonder if the Chinese are holding Audrey at Nakitomi Towers.

I will second the “Damn Jack” as the best line of the night.

Gee. Someone escapes from custody in a tunnel. More industrial everyroom scenes.

-If CTU hires a new agent by the name of Bellick, I am leaving. (Then again, Agent Mahone can come over, he would be fun to have.)

Ignore the fact that the crash happened, I’m still working on how they could set it all up that fast, without someone knowing something they shouldn’t. Or that all involved would have been as commited as they were.

I’m so Glad that Fox can slap on a reason for the season to continue, in the last two minutes of the ep. “Call me back in 10 minutes… only because we have to wrap up this ep now…”

When was the last time we even saw Chloe, and what is she doing anyway?

Oh, lord, The Stick is back. Is there anybody that Jack has less chemistry with than Audrey? She’s a blank place in the show labelled “Insert Girlfriend Here.” In my opinion, of course. :smiley:

The show has pretty much been a yawn this season, but we also loved the “Damn, Jack…” reaction. Beautiful. I also love those contests people have saying all the things Jack is capable of - I’m not sure what to call them. You know, things like, "You’re still alive because Jack Bauer doesn’t want to carry you. Love it.

Great reaction. I could just hear Doyle thinking to himself – “You’re my idol. I aspire to be just like you some day. I’m not worthy…”

One thing, though… okay, I get that the spinning of the axle was so loud that Buchanan couldn’t hear Jack on the phone. But did Jack drop the cell phone or something? (If so, I didn’t catch it). Because what’s the first thing Jack does after the truck stops and he snaps the neck of the outside guard boy?

Is it… call Buchanan for backup and let him know where the bomb location is? No, it’s follow a band of more heavily armed baddies into the building, while only armed with a single handgun. Sure, it’s enough for Jack. But still, why didn’t he call CTU before entering the building? If he got killed, then how would the backup team find him (in his mind)? After all, he was surprised that Doyle and Co. managed to follow him.

I liked the Superman moment. Fayed runs out of bullets, so he throws the gun at Jack. Jack ducks (just like George Reeves – after bullets bounce off his chest, he always ducked the thrown gun). :wink:

Best episode of 24 in a long time, and I’m glad that it broke out of its extended slump. Jack vs. the warehouse full of guys, and then Fayed, was a model of how to film intense small-scale action.
I agree that the Milo/Morris/Nadia stuff is pretty much a snooze.

The First Lady of Lithium perforated his neck while the Secret Service ignored her walking up to The Man She Hates with a knife.


Not enough Chloe, dangit! Not enough Chloe!

For that matter, what happened to Granpa Bauer and Jack’s son/nephew? And has the kids mother just been sitting around calmly somewhere for the past, oh, eight hours, confident that Jack will eventually get around to saving him?