24: Season 6: Episode 18 (11:00pm - 12:00midnight)

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3) So why is Jack really upset at the Chinese?
A: That rug, it really tied the room together, man…

Previously on 24…

After a nice fake-rescue ploy, Jack goes into action, not bothering to wait for reinforcements. The 2 remaining nukes are recovered, and Fayed’s claim in his e-harmony ad (“well hung”) is finally true. “Damn, Jack…”

Meanwhile, President Wayne “Must-Stay-On-Feet” Palmer is probably going to explode after continued adrenaline shots. I don’t know why he can’t lie down, rest a little, and issue executive orders while having his feet rubbed by a hot and scantily clad nurse. Of course, now he’s liable to collapse before the day is out, and Vice President Wild Bill Hiccup is gonna to get to nuke somebody after all. Yee-haw!

Act 2 begins – Audrey is alive, and somebody will finally be on the phone giving Jack orders that go against “protocol”. “Jack vs. China: Grudge Match” starts tonight! Let the rogue agenting begin…

Oh, and there’s some kind of soap opera going on at CTU. Somebody is jealous of somebody and giving somebody the evil eye. Or something…

24, Season 6, Episode 18
11:00 PM - 12:00 midnight


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I’ll start with the most obvious blunder. The Chinese couldn’t have possibly known that Jack had secured the suitcase nukes within, what, a couple of minutes of it happening.

Well, one of the 27 moles in CTU may well be working for China.

How many times must I tell you, Doyle is this season’s mole. :slight_smile:

The bathrooms at CTU must hear more muttered conversations in foreign languages than your average Casablancan IHOP…


Doyle would want to start by checking out CTU Agent Wu. But his system was probably compromised because he was looking up Asian porn earlier at his station.

Jack doesn’t need to call Wayne. He needs to call President Suvarov. “Mr. Ruskie-Prez? This is Jack Bauer. Yes, the guy who keeps saving both our country’s asses. Say, can you aim a few of your nukes at China for me? Thaannnnnks…”

I liked the little exchange between Morris and Chloe:

Morris: You’re going to hold this over me, aren’t you?
Chloe: Yes…
Morris: Any estimate on how long?
Chloe: I’ll get back to you.


I loved this episode. I can’t really explain why, as it piled hilarious implausibility on top of hilarious implausibility. But the way they turned the plot around so that it’s once again Jack vs. the world, rogue CTU agent extraordinaire… I applaud them for that.

Well, at least now we can stop hearing that awkward, stilted usage of the phrase “suitcase nukes” so often. It just seemed so out of place and fake to constantly call them that…

“Suitcase nukes” is nothing compared to all the “Mr. President, the ambassador from the country Abu Fayed is from is on line one.” “Mr. Ambassador, I will personally hold the country from which you are the ambassador responsible if another nuclear bomb goes off on U.S. soil.” “Admiral, prepare to launch a nuclear strike against the country with whose ambassador I was just speaking with.” But of course the writers of the television show which is the subject of this thread have no problem at all with “China did this” and “China did that”. ) You know, China: upwards of 1.3 billion people, the world’s second-largest economy–or third if you count the EU as one country–and actual nuclear weapons.)
Man, my interest in this season just fell off a cliff. We’ve gone from (literally) millions of people may die! to…Audrey. And some stupid circuit board. Whatever.

This one teased us with Rogue Jack from the beginning, then reversed it and had captured-Jack-but-backed-by-presidential-order. Then back to Rogue Jack at the end. And you just knew that the “keep it secret” phone call from Buchanan was not going to fool Jack. I liked his showdown with Ricky I mean Doyle. The gist being – “This morning, I shot the guy you’re replacing – and I liked him…”

Except Bill Buchanan is now wising up to the fact that any time Jack goes rogue, Chloe will help him.

Although, technically… Jack’s not really on the CTU payroll, right? Hasn’t really been since season 3. He can pretty much just argue that he’s acting on “the USA owes me 6 times over” authority by now.

Friend I was watching with called the presidential collapse timing – I was trying to figure out the Veep’s angle when he was talking about tendering his resignation, thinking “it can’t be that easy”. But then I remember how it was with Tom Lennox, about to quit. Something had to get the Veep back in the seat – and now he is.

Well, it is more like the start of season 1 – Jack was acting only to save his family at the time.

Although this seems like a situation where they could just send in Special Agent Kim Bauer.

Kim wanders in to the Chinese hideout by mistake
Kim gets captured and handcuffed to a railing
a cougar wanders in and eats the Chinese torturemaster

We will get to watch the infamous ‘Chinese Tickle Torture’ scene, right?


So Jack’s a rogue agent again. And this time its personal. What will he yell when he pistol whips someone for information, instead of ‘OR MILLIONS MAY DIE’? ‘OR AUDREY MAY DIE’ just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

If only Vice President Cy Tolliver had been a little quicker with his note, then this stupidity in D.C. could finally end. He needs a moustache to twirl. And while this weeks best line came from CTU (conveniently located 10 minutes from all of Los Angeles), that place is still dead air-time.

I liked the part where Jack and Doyle arrived at the drive-in theatre.


Let go of Audrey NOW! Or billions of Chinese WILL DIE!!!

Not that we’re on the Audrey (whom I like) tangent, does this mean no more Papa Bauer? Or is Rogue Jack going to need some assistance? No more Tony or Curtis and Chloe’s out-of-the-picture, whom else can he go to?

Whoa, Jack asked the President for a favor? Jeez Jack, you only saved the country like six times, who do you think you are?

The whole fear of the Chinese actually getting the device, and “Russia will know we gave it to them” was stupid.

“Hey, Subarov, what’s up? Bad news, dude, it turns out Fayed took out the FB board from one of the nukes and sold it to the Chinese. Guess that’s your bad since your country lost the nukes to begin with, huh?”

I’m just glad to have rogue Jack back.

EDIT: Wrong you’re, duh