24: Season 6: Episode 14 (7:00pm - 8:00pm)

The latest developments:

  • Vice President Curly Bill is now in charge, and he really wants to try out some U.S. nukes on an unnamed Middle Eastern country.

  • Ricky Schroeder leads the attack on the Russian embassy but didn’t make his instructions clear (“Oh, you meant don’t shoot the Russian ambassador…! Whoops, my mistake!”). He also demonstrates his badassery by fake-strangling Morris. This week, admire his toughness as he kicks a cat.

  • Martha Logan took her husband a bit took literally when he used the expression, “Stick a fork in me, I’m done.”

  • Jack stays alive by using the Indiana Jones Belt-Whip technique. Then by taking a hostage or two in the embassy. When he told her, “Don’t worry I won’t hurt you”, I honestly thought she was toast. But when the raid started, it was her boyfriend who got shot instead.

  • Chloe is ambivalent. :wink:

24, Season 6, Episode 14
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM


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Looks like this might be a really bad day in Theircountryistan.

“Just checking your breath.” Nice, Chloe.

Ooooooookkkk…so they didn’t ditch the drone in the water because…

Those San Francisco first responders are supernaturally fast! A little too fast for their own health. If I every have a crisis remind me to have it in SF.

Couldn’t help but wonder where the President’s doctor had to go in such a hurry. Did he have a more important patient somewhere else?

And it wouldn’t be 24 without an (apparent) CTU mole who needs a good torturin’.

Because water compresses less on impact than concrete.

They actually got the physics right on this one. Although I’m sure not on purpose.

So, I’m thinking the real mole is Milo. By letting Nadia use his log in, it probably gives him reciprocal access to her station. Plus it can serve as a CYA move if needed in the future if something awkward gets traced back to him.

Hang Milo.

Whoops, wrong thread.

So Audrey is pushing up the daisies, too. She didn’t even get an on-screen death. Wonder where former SecDef Heller is these days?

Interesting how Jack withstands all sorts of other torture, but he gets a punch in the gut at the Russian consulate, and now he’s all tender in the ribs? Or was he beaten more thoroughly after the consul took his shot?

Jack: "And one day, I will go up to the 9-finger man and I will say…

Hallo. My name is Jack Bauer. You punch my ribs. Prepare to die…"

And whither ex-Prez Logan? Died in the ambulance? They really should have taken him in the helicopter.

Because it’s apparently highly radioactive.
Is there an American government official in 24 who isn’t completely insane?

And Marilyn tried to plant one on Jack this hour. Apparently the mourning period is about 4 hours. Looks like she’s ready to date again. I mean, life goes on, and her husband’s body has certainly cooled by now.

Jack’s having trouble with his love life. All his girlfriends/wives end up dead within 2 seasons, except for perhaps one.

Pre-season 1: Nina. Had a fling with her, while separated from wife Terri. Of course, we all know what happened to her.

Season 1: wife Terri. Deceased by the end of the day.

Post-season 2: Kate. Apparently that didn’t last long, and he only talked to her on the phone briefly at the start of season 3 because he left his jacket at her place, or something. Presumably, she’s still wandering around L.A. with her famous “disbelieving” look on her face.

Pre-season 3: CLOW-dia. Jack hooks up with her while undercover with the Salazars. CLOWdia expired towards the end of Season 3, Act 1.

Season 4-5: Audrey. Tried to pull a Bauer and take on a billion Chinese, hoping to rescue Jack. Clearly, it didn’t work.

Season 6: Marilyn. Apparenly had a thing with Jack before hooking up with his brother instead. Advice to Marilyn – RUN. Move to Kansas, or Alaska. Somewhere far far away.

I call him Vice President Lizard Eyes because of his dead, flat eyes. :smiley: (Although they did seem to develop the teeniest gleam at the thought of unprovoked nukings.)

Jack was pushed down stairs, too - I think that was were the ribs were cracked. We were making all kinds of jokes about him taking point with his injuries and stuff; “I’ve been deader than this.” etc.

What about Diane from the first few episodes of Season 5? Did she and Jack “know” each other? I guess they didn’t since she seemed to survive OK.

Unless of course, she was still living in Mojave. In which case, the cloud of radioactivity from the initial nuke in Valencia would be headed her way.

I called Nadia(?) as being the mole weeks ago. Obviously, I was wrong.

There are really only a few possibilities for The Season Six Mole. I count Chloe, Nadia, Milo, Morris and Doyle. It’s definitely not Chloe, Morris was already tortured by the terrorists, Nadia is probably a misdirection, so that leaves us with Milo and Doyle. Doyle is kind of a dick, but they haven’t shown us that he has any kind of computer proficiency yet. That leaves us with Milo. The only thing that confuses me is how he’s so adamant it’s not Nadia. I’d think he’d be happy he got his scapegoat.

Hmm…on second thought, I bet it is Nadia. It’s all making sense now. The writers figured we’d rule her out as too obvious. Yep, 'sgotta be her…or am I missing something?

So I guess Jack plays a lot of flight simulator games, huh?

Apparently not, or he’d know that if a plane stalls, you just push the nose down and recover. You don’t have to ‘land immediately’. And if you can’t recover from the stall, you won’t be flying it into a nice road landing.

If the writers had spent 5 minutes asking any pilot for ideas, they could have come up with a much more plausible way to be forced to land it. For instance, the stall could cause the engine to flameout. Assume the drone doesn’t have in-flight restart capability, and there you go. You have to glide it in for a landing.

“I tripped over your ineptitude”.
Milo-as-mole doesn’t seem right, somehow. Maybe there is no specific mole, they were just targetted by some unbelievably good hackers… did they buy their firewall software from Jack’s Dad’s company, perhaps?

Am I the only one who thinks that Audrey is not really dead? Maybe next year Jack can go rescue her.

I definitely got a ‘not dead’ vibe when Jack was looking over the file. But maybe that’s just my overall ‘24’ paranoia getting the best of me.