24: Season 6: Episode 14 (7:00pm - 8:00pm)

So, why are we ruling out Bill Buchanan?

Did you happen to notice Bill assigns a red shirt some menial task and calls her by name? There’s your mole. Got a name? You’re a mole.

That’s what I thought. There was a “faked evidence” vibe to that stuff Jack was looking at. And she is the daughter of a former high U.S. government official so a Chinese kidnapping plot might make sense. And getting Jack out of the perpetually threatened Los Angeles area for the next season would be a welcome change. I thought that making San Francisco the target of the next nuke attack was a HUGE step for the 24 writers whose awareness of a land outside of LA has been seen to be very limited in the past.

I’m with you there, but it’s this year = today. Did you notice how Jack’s puzzled look got more puzzledy when he was looking at the arm shot and the ID card. I bet Jack already knows which province Audrey’s in and will have some pretext before the end of “the day” to hop over there (by helicopter) and take out a division and rescue her so she can die on camera.

Just a thought. Jack has to “keep the family alive” by getting it on with SIL.

Monstre, you forgot about Diane Huxley from season five. As far as we can tell, she’s still alive.

I’m not saying he did a good job, but most people in that scenario wouldn’t know how to fly the thing at all.

I’m starting to get annoyed at the verbal gymnastics they keep going through to avoid naming the Middle Eastern Country.

VP Curly Bill: “I need to teach a lesson to those people in that country that Asad comes from.”
Karen: “But we have no evidence of the involvement of the government of that country about which we are currently speaking.”

If you’re so desparate not to offend an actual Middle Eastern nation, follow the West Wing example and just make up one.

Isn’t it nnice how Jack hangs up Chloe’s phone and demands to see a file on Audrey right away, because, as you know, Chloe probably isn’t doing anything else very important at the moment, what with the nuclear drone missile thingee.

Or just say “Iran”. Or “Afghanistan”. Or “Spain”. What possible difference could it make? This is a fictional piece of entertainment on American television. It’s an outlandishly silly story created to fill time in between commercials. Political correctness drives me crazy!

While that would only be logical, I can understand their desire to avoid any indignant outrage… whether justified or not.

Still, I’d be happier if they’d just say “Those Canadian terrorists are at it again!”

Yep. I started thinking that maybe Audrey has, say, a humongous dragon tattoo on her inner arm that should have been visible in the picture, but wasn’t!

Yeah, you and Aeschines both.


I also got the feeling that Jack will feel a sudden hankering for some domestic General Tso chicken before the season is over. And the chinese better watch out when he gets indigestion.

The best part is that they have no qualms about painting the Russians and Chinese as bad guys. FOX is the best.

Evil One, thanks, now I’m craving Chinese food for dinner.

Seems like every employee gets a dose of CTU torture juice eventually. I don’t know why they don’t just put the stuff in the water cooler and get it over with all at once.

So Jack is invading the Russian embassy now? Because the job on the Chinese embassy worked out so well for him? Is this season going to end with Jack on the Siberian express?

And what about that German agent that Jack screwed over a couple of seasons ago? We ever going to hear from him again?

Let’s face it. Some of you guys are just dying to see Chloe get tortured.

Since the German agent is stuck on the mysterious island in “Lost”, I don’t think we’ll be seeing him again.

Buchanan and Chloe have established themselves at CTU, IMO. I forgot about Redshirt McMole, though. It just seems sloppy for them to first suggest a mole and then establish a character to be it.

It appears we can’t respond with a quote to the edit comments. That’s a shame! :smiley:

Why was Jack’s torso wrapped up like a mummy? AFAIK cracked ribs don’t get bandaged anymore.

Along with Agent Baker (Daniel Dae Kim)!