24: Season 6: Episode 19 (12:00midnight - 1:00am)

FAQ Bauer (aka Thread Rules)
1) What can be discussed in plain text, unboxed?
A: Any events in episodes, once aired on the east coast – as well as any speculation based on these already-aired events.

2) What should I confine to spoiler boxes?
A: Any discussion of upcoming shows that contains information from sources outside the aired material, or any speculation based on such things. This includes the “Next week on 24” previews, which some people choose not to watch.

3) Is Jack working with CTU or going rogue?
A: Um… you mean at this very moment? Or two minutes ago?

Previously on 24…

Jack goes rogue. Then Jack gets approval, and CTU is working with him again. Then… Jack goes rogue again.

CTU just needs to decide whether they are on Jack’s side or not. It’s really not getting feasible to rely on presidential orders, because the presidency keeps switching every 20 minutes or so. Pretty soon Congressional page Eugene P. Wigglebottom will be the new Commander in Chief. But he’ll get ousted before too long in a diplomatic coup by Mrs. Florence Rankpits’ third grade class, touring the White House today on a field trip.

In the meantime, Vice President Duke Nuke-Em is now back in the hot seat. Trying to put a halt to Operation Save-Jack’s-Bony-Ass-Girlfriend. Something tells me that Wayne Palmer won’t be conscious for the rest of this “day”. And when will Doyle realize he’s still just an amateur on the Jack Bauer Badass-o-meter?

Tune in tonight when you’ll hear Jack say…


24, Season 6, Episode 19
12:00 midnight - 1:00 AM


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Vice President Biff: “Power makes me horrrrnyyyyy… ooooohhh-hh-hh-hhhh”
Bimbo Assistant: “Okay, we’ll just have a sleepover in the oval office. I’ll go home and pack some cigars!”

Nobody asks Jack for his badge when he steals their car…

My God. The Chinese turned Audrey into River.

Actually that would be kinda cool…
You just know the interns have a Jack’s gon’ rogue pool going. I was half-expecting to see money change hands when the announcement was made.

I did like the timing…
“Hey, let me see your baaaaaaaaaaaadg…” WHUMP

as the guy hit the ground headfirst.

I need to stop watching previews…nothing surprised me tonight at all. Though I did like Karen’s audacity - ‘well, sure, dear, you’re career is ruined, but look at the bright side…I’M ok!’

At the end of tonight’s episode, SuperWife looked at me, and said, “Jack Bauer has trouble delegating, doesn’t he?”

Also, The Jack Sack is Back!

Karen didn’t handle that phone call well. She’s not getting any tonight, or tomorrow night, or for a while to come…

Whether or not she thinks her decision was the best course – she should have called Bill in a more informational way, asking his input first. Not just “Hi honey. They want you to be a scapegoat, and even though we did nothing wrong, I have to fire you. No sense arguing, I’ve already decided to scuttle your career for the sake of the presidency’s image. Love you…” Backing him into a corner.

Things at the Buchanan house are going to be chilly for a while.

I noticed that. And sadly, the Jack sack appears, and he gets captured. Guess he forgot to load it up, Batman-style. Or maybe this is just the week between episodes where we wonder “How will Jack get out of this one? Tune in next week. Same Jack time! Same Jack channel!”

I called it as soon as we saw the reveal two weeks ago that the Chinese had Audrey, that she would be brain-damaged or mentally scarred to the point of being a drooling vegetable. My other thought was that she might be mind-controlled, a la The Manchurian Candidate.

Eww, wrinkly, gray-haired sex. Excuse me while I bleach my brain.

It really was kind of a dull episode…as evidenced by the number of posts here, apparently.


I’m disappointed that Doyle was able to follow Jack. I thought for sure that Jack actually took the 98, because they would expect him to avoid the satellite and traffic camera coverage and take the 305.

What phone number did Jack call for Buchanan? Weird that he didn’t see a “message waiting” indicator when he went to call his wife.

Yet another CTU perimeter breached (though they didn’t actually show anyone saying to setup a perimeter, we can probably assume it though). There’s more of that this season than Jack’s body count. Where’s Airwolf when you need them?

No takers on Doyle being the mole? He made sure the Chinese got the circuit board. :slight_smile:

Reminded me of my ex-wife…

I am not sure there is a mole in CTU this season. According to the previews there is a Russian spy somewhere, but not necessarily in CTU. Actually, spoilers say that White House Chickey-snack’s other boyfriend is the Russian spy.

Well, it wasn’t a perimeter. It was a frontal assault – they just barely arrived in time to rush in guns blazing.

Not that a perimeter would have helped, or anything. They have the wrong definition of “perimeter” in their training manual. They really should get that typo fixed.

So now the show is, “As the World Turns”. We have Jack and Audrey (compromising national security), we have the Vice President and the flunkie (conspiring in ways intimate and illegal), we have Chloe and Morris (fightind such that I expect turn into one of those cliched fight that turns into passionate sex), then there are the Buchanans (“I love you…almost as much as I love the White House”) and we have hot arab chick and Milo Longface (in the background). I’m losing interest.

Plus, are we supossed to think the Ricky Schroeder is the one who screwed that up, because that screw up is all on Jack, IMHO.

Chinese bad guy was kind of gullible. Jack could have thrown him any ole’ circuit board. He let Audrey go without doing anything to confirm that what he was holding the real thing.

Jack should have fixed up the board with a super-secret self-destructy thingy. Like he did on the classified intel that he traded to the German agent last season. Then he could just blow it up at his leisure later.

Next week, on a special epsiode of “24”:

Jack: “Audrey, look into my eyes and tell me that you love me.”
Audrey: “Blidder-didder-dadder eeeyyuuuuuwop prang, my old man’s a mushroom etcetera…”