24: Season 6: Episodes 23-24 (4:00am - 6:00am) Season Finale

FAQ Bauer (aka Thread Rules)
1) What can be discussed in plain text, unboxed?
A: Any events in episodes, once aired on the east coast – as well as any speculation based on these already-aired events.

2) What should I confine to spoiler boxes?
A: Any discussion of upcoming shows that contains information from sources outside the aired material, or any speculation based on such things. This includes the “Next week on 24” previews, which some people choose not to watch.

3) What will the terrorists do next season?
A: After this season, Russia and China will have conquered the U.S.A. and split up the states among themselves. So next year, Jack will BE the terrorist, plotting to blow up China-owned L.A.

Previously on 24…

  • Tom Lennox takes a break after a long and arduous day to relax and watch a live porn video feed of Lisa Miller.

  • After almost an hour of Placating-The-Spy sex, Lisa hits him with a lamp. I think we’ve seen this one before, but back in season 1, the angry-chick-in-the-hotel was smart enough to attack with a puncturing weapon.

  • Jack makes the Sliding Bauer Death Shot (thanks, Cluricaun), which is sure to make the annals of Bauer history.

  • and Darth Cheng said “Josh, I am your father!” just before Josh fell from the walkway and was picked up by Mike Doyle in the Millenium Falcon. “Hey kid, I’m just following orders from the White House,” we’ll hear Doyle say this week, as he prepares to hand Josh over to Grandpa Sidious. Never mind that all orders today coming out of the White House have been classified as “Top Stupid”. I just have three words for season 7:

President Jack Bauer
Remember that tonight’s finale starts at 8 PM Eastern – an hour earlier!

24, Season 6, Episodes 23-34 Season Finale
4:00 AM - 6:00 AM


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Remember, kids, you need to down a shot every time:

Jack repeats himself - but shouting the second time.

Vice President Evil does something both idiotic and warmongering.

Commie President Subarov does something both insensible and warmongering.

Chinese Villain makes an absurdly improbable escape.

Chinese Villain comes up with another load of disposable henchmen - after getting his last bunch completely wiped out half an hour ago.

Ricky Schroeder takes another swing on the Dick/Nice Guy/Potential Traitor pendulum.

Karen Hayes acts both constipated and completely ineffective.

Two shots for each character established in a previous season (Chloe, Morris, Bill, Karen) dies in a totally unnecessary, and probably silly, way.

Good luck making it to the second hour, you soon to be alcohol-poisoned fools!


I am so glad it’s almost over. After a strong start, this has been the worst season yet, and I ask myself every week why I bother continuing. I admitted to myself that I like the bits where Jack Bauer gets violent with people, whether they deserve it or not, but the rest of the season (and all the seasons, more often than not) has turned into a colossal bore.

Morris wasn’t introduced this season?

Morris makes a brief appearance at the end of Day Five. He helps Jack compile the communications package he uses against President Logan.

He’s established enough that they may kill him for a cheap thrill.

Any Chloe-husband who gets killed won’t be just for a cheap thrill. It will become the 24-version of a Saint’s Day, forevermore celebrated by the legions of geek-friendly fans who venerate Our Snappish Lady of CTS.

Will there be a festival celebration, complete with Morris Dancing?


Setting up another perimeter? Will those guys never learn?

Wow, Doyle – that’s a brilliant way to run an exchange. :rolleyes:

“Okay, Grampa Bauer, we’ve turned off satellite surveillance, and I’ve sent away my only means of transportation and/or backup. I’m here alone with the boy, and I’ll totally trust that you’re actually going to bring the circuit board to the exchange and honor your word, rather than a big squad of goons with guns.”

Bill Buchanan and Jack Bauer both going rogue together – even though we got here in a lame-ass contrived way, I like that rogue team-up.

I liked Doyle’s response to Morris’ ass-kissing, too – “If I want your opinion, I’ll ask for it.”

Any time they show us anybody be transported anywhere, the subject never gets to the destination. It’s a “24” rule. Glad they kept to it tonight.

Gotta say, I loved that little exchange between Chloe and Nadia – especially the look on Nadia’s face when Chloe told her that it was Bill Buchanan that helped Jack escape.

Although, why did the White House seem to know about it before the groggy agents phoned it in to CTU? You’d think they’d have reported it to their immediate superiors first (i.e. Nadia), and then CTU would have relayed the news on to the White House.

Oh, and Doyle just had himself a Jack Bauer moment. Getting bad news on the phone, and following up with… “DAMMIT!”

Jack: “Get me the Vice President on the phone.”
Morris: “Hold on – connecting you now.”
Jack: “Mr. Vice President? I told you so. I told you so!!!”

The meet is at a beach, but CTU neglected to consider a water-borne escape? :rolleyes:

Though it’s not the first time it happened. It happened in season 5 as well.

HA! That one had me cracking up. Jack, so nonchalant.
“We’re commandeering your helicopter. Get out.”

And the pilot not even saying one word in protest. Smartest redshirt dude in 24 history.

I liked it when Miles O’Brian calls medical to get Chloe’s test results two or three minutes after he left. I really wanted the doctor to say, “You just left here three minutes ago, what do you think this is, ‘24’??”

“Jack, get the kid! Get the kid!”
Oh, barf. You dissed Milo and Morris, screw you. Buy Doyle a special CTU coffee cup to sell pencils from.

Chang gives the component back to Papa Bauer??? What!? Why!? Who!? How the…?! They can’t write their way out of a wet paper bag this season. Just awful. Is it over yet?

Oh, and Chole’s gotta be pregnant, right? They always make the girl pregnant when a series is in its last throes.