24: Season 6: Episodes 8-9 (1:00pm - 3:00pm)

Darth Grim (Graem) is no more. But always two there are, no more, no less: a master, and an apprentice. But which one was the master, and which one was the apprentice? (And why does George Lucas have Shakespearean aspirations, even though his rhyming couplets suck?)

An in other news: Morris forgot until the last minute that he knew how to make a nuclear bomb trigger… Milo is a dumbass (“I have some news that I think we shouldn’t tell Morris yet, so I think I’ll go tell Chloe all about it.”)… And Graem tries to wow Jack with his impeccable(?) logic – “I arranged the assassinations of David Palmer and your best friends at CTU because I love this country!!!”

Okay, people! Last week’s thread didn’t even make it to page 2. Is there really nothing going on in the show to talk about, or is everybody just slipping…? Well, there ought to be a little more tonight to discuss / yap about / rag on – because it’s two hours worth.

So remember to tune in or set recorders at 8 PM (through 10 PM) this week.

24, Season 6, Episodes 8-9
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM


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Chloe lays down the snark.

It’s about time.

No, no, no! They’re setting up a perimeter!

But that trick never works!

JThunder, you beat me to it.

okay, lemme get this straight. His father says let me make a few calls to see what he can find out and he makes the calls FROM INSIDE CTU and they don’t monitor the damn calls? Really? I hate this show.

There’s more brain cells inside of an amoeba than there is inside just about anyone on this
show. Jack’s nephew to his credit has started to put 2 and 2 together, but…aw the heck with
it. I’m not watching another minute of this blackinfargin show.

Now see, I actually thought tonight’s double-shot episode was pretty freakin’ good. Dumb as a bag of hammers, yes, but definitely an improvement on the predictable snooze-fest that was the last couple of shows. And according to the previews: Next week Jack actually finds out that Dad is really Darth Bauer. I wasn’t expecting that until way later in the season. I wonder if we’ll get to hear him scream, “No! That’s not true! That’s IMPOSSIBLE!!

The lack of discussion is definitely disappointing, but not near as much as the show. I guess it shows how good previous seasons have been that I’m bound to keep watching, but parts of this season are damned near unbearable.

The biggest part of the problem lies in the White House scenes. I didn’t think much of this Palmer as a presidential brother; as a president he’s excruciatingly bad. But he’s a good actor compared to this doofus that plays his Chief of Staff and yes I’m giving account to the fact his character is to be unlikeable. When Chad Swank is the best actor on the set, there’s a major problem, people. Actually, he’s the second best there at the WH know that Mr. Terrorist is there. As soon as these scenes came on tonite, I flipped right over to Westminster.

Meanwhile, in LA - How many more dorky white guys need to give Fayed keys to the nukes this season? Couldn’t they give Jaleel White or Alfonso Ribeiro some work maybe between 4 and 5 p.m., just to mix it up a bit? And is there ANYONE with just the slightest bit of sense besides Jack?

And what idiot writer didn’t come up w a scene where Chloe* rips her clothes off in an effort to perk up her wussy-man?

Like I said, I’ll keep watching, but I’m hoping things get better quick.

  • Yes, I’m a ChloeConvert, two short seasons removed from demanding that she be known as JarJar Binks in this forum. All Hail Queen Chloe!

This is pretty much how I feel. It ain’t Shakespeare, but it never was. Stuff blew up, Jack was awesome, Chloe did her thing, the alternate story involving the President and his staff swung back and forth between “painful” and “adequate”… sounds like 24, to me.

Milo does get points for tonight. He relieved Chloe when it was obvious that it was needed, he let her back to get her (predictable but necessary) redemption, and he was remarkably effective in (a) driving and (b) blowing up the van without getting himself killed. Not bad for the new guy.

I definitely agree that Palmer the Brother has suffered from his added screen-time and acting responsibilities. I mentioned in one of the BSG threads how you can usually count on Edward James Olmos to give you a good dramatic speech, even if he isn’t going to really be outstanding in any part… well, the guy playing Wayne Palmer (too lazy to look him up) can neither give a good dramatic speech, nor be outstanding in any other way that we’ve seen this season.

This would be a good time for, say, the Vice President’s plane to crash just as a “technical malfunction” blows up the presidential bunker. Let Karen Hayes run the country for the rest of the day, or something.

I’ll jump in with the (small) crowd that feels that tonight’s episode made-up – somewhat – for the last couple of weeks of crapfest we’ve been dealing with. If the remainder of the season can stay at least at tonight’s level, I may make it through to the end of the season.

However, I remain incredibly bitter that there’s someone inside the White House that can get to the president. Again. I can’t help but wonder how quickly Bush and Cheney might have gone down if all it took was one well-connected staff member who disagreed with their policies. It’s no wonder the terrorists on this show are winning.

Oh, and could someone with more brain cells than I have PLEASE explain to me again how it is that CTU could locate and track a moving vehicle in traffic with hundreds of other vehicles just by repositioning a satellite, but CTU + FAA can’t track a lone fucking HELICOPTER?!? I know Buchanan muttered something about it, but I missed it. Help?

They thought it was a med-evac…

Yeah, let’s leave all of Graem’s possessions out so anyone can walk in and tamper with them.

Nobody, in the history of the (24) world has ever delivered an item or a person to the terrorist leader and lived to tell about it.

Things things really bugged me, too. But not as much as CTU showing up to find the head terrorist that already detonated one nuke and had four more, which they hope to find, WITHOUT A FRIGGIN’ BOMB EXPERT.

And enough with the dumb-ass White House stuff. Palmer the Wimpier sucks. The one saving grace is that we didn’t have to be subjected to the world’s worst actress playing world’s dumbest role: his sister. The guy from Allie McBeal sucks. The VP, whose over-the-op acting style worked well in Deadwood, seems like a cartoon character. The only thing he needs is to be constantly petting a white cat and twirling his moustache. I did think the torturing scene was pretty good.

Over all, though, I was disappointed in the first hour, but really like the second. Papa Bauer is one cold mofo.

Amen on the “damn, the copter got away” comment. Also, since when can a man (other than Jack Bauer) be beaten with baseball bats and then have his shoulder drilled with what appeared to be a 3/8" bit and then basically stroll back to work 30 minutes later with no limp or loss of use of ones upper-arm?

I rather like him, but his best roles are quirky nerds. I love him in Numb3ers.

But I hated it when the evil henchman typed up the resignation letter, and Larry Biscuit told him to tear it up. Evil Henchman crumpled it up and threw it in the trash.

Did Palmer rid the White House of shredders? Ever think of not leaving a paper trail?

Okay, little things I keep wondering about:

I’m a bad ass terrorist who just tortured someone into making a on-switch for my nuclear bomb. I test that it’s working by arming a bomb with a three minute countdown??? Inside a city where the traffic is all screwed up by people terrorized by the other bomb going off, what, three hours ago?? How far do I think I can reliably get in three minutes???
Also, question for Morris: wouldn’t it have been possible to write the program so it made the ‘armed’ sign light up, but not really armed the bomb? What, are the terrorists going to wait out the count just to make REALLY personally sure that the bomb indeed goes off?

Or, if you can’t get the sign to light up w/o really arming the bomb, how about adding an automatic input of the ‘never mind’ signal at T minus 15 seconds? Same argument that the terrorists will be long gone.

Yeah, they’ll probably shoot you just as soon as they get their little ‘armed’ sign lit, but that’ll happen anyway, and at least you could die with the satisfaction of knowing you screwed up their plans and likely saved thousands of other lives.
And for all the idiots at CTU and the White House Bunker: fire all your security people. Really. You don’t block cellphones so all calls in and out get recored and logged? You don’t have guards on doorways? You don’t even lock rooms that people should stay out of? You don’t think, hmmm, maybe dead terrorist-coworker Graem’s cell phone might have useful info and give it to someone to look at? Or at least lock the damn stuff up until someone CAN take a look at it?

And Grandpa Bauer: I’m not going to let anyone destroy this company I built up? Why? You’re, like, eighty years old yourself, and you’re busily wiping out possible heirs yourself. What, you think the company will prosper once KIM inherits it?? Dumb, dumb, dumb.

The whole season, really. If people at CTU where even 1/2 as smart as the poeple in those positions should be, they could rename this show “5.”

This is 24.

He had 30 minutes. They stopped off at the hospital. And then for a bite to eat.

I’ve been watching somewhat sporadically this season for a number of reasons, so I’ve missed a few things. Can someone explain why Morris has Chloe’s last name?

Ex-husband, believe it or not! He was introduced near the end of last season as such.

Random thought: Josh was sitting in a room by himself lost in thought. We assume he’s trying to process the day’s events. In actuality, he was thinking “It’s a gray area at best.”

2 points for the reference. :slight_smile: