24: Season 6: Episodes 23-24 (4:00am - 6:00am) Season Finale

Nadia: “Oh crap. Now I need a new crush. I can’t love a man who’s disfigured and blind. Or one who’s no longer breathing…”
I thought Cheng said he needed to get to a boat? So they run up to the top of the platform to get mowed down by Jack…
Something tells me that the fighters will blow up the oil platform, and Grampa Bauer will be on the boat away from the explosion. The fighters should take out the sub first. Then they’ll have plenty of time to take out Grampa Bauer.

Cue Raiders of the Lost Ark theme music for the helicopter escape.

I wonder if Jack took the component off of Daddy Bauer before he left to head back for the chopper. Maybe the component isn’t destroyed yet. Bargaining chip?

Jack: “Give me Audrey, or I’ll turn the circuit board over to Madagascar!”

If I didn’t know it had been renewed, I’d say Jack blew his brains out.

You reckon Papa Bauer made it to the boat before the airstrike?

Well, at the least the final scene managed some genuine emotion. Kim Raver has been playing Audrey for so long that she could have done that scene in her sleep though.

Jack Bauer is such a badass that he breaks up with chicks in comas. That’s pretty bold stuff right there.

Did anyone else hear the end theme from The Incredible Hulk playing right at the end while Jack was looking at the sea?

Jack’s coaching approach has changed.

Jack, to Josh: “Don’t do it – you don’t want to live with the pain of having taken a life!”

Jack, 4 seasons ago: “Kim, shoot him again.”

Thank Christ this season is over. As a HARDCORE fan of Seasons 1 and 2, I officially retire from this piece of crap. I’ve watched it get worse every damn season and if this one was any indication, next season will be used to interrogate REAL terrorist suspects. And I’ll protest this form of torture.

They have a dungeon at the White House? :dubious:

OK, I faded a bit and missed a few episodes in the run-up to the finale, but aside from SecDef Heller telling Jack to stay away from his daughter, was there anything that warranted Jack holding a gun on him? Talk about totally out of character. Plus, he did all that to just walk in and break up with her…seriously? That’s what they came up with for closure?

They should have just ended it with Jack going dark.

I joked after season 4 about starting season 5 with a post-apocalyptic America (or maybe a zombie plague outbreak, 28 Days Later style), and have Jack, Tony, Michelle, and Chloe traveling the highways and byways of the wasteland in a van, armed to the teeth and looking for survivors, warding off zombies, and searching for the people responsible. I guess I was half-joking, half-serious, but now that doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

Can they have a talking dog?

So…what was the point of Milo’s brother coming in and then making his mysterious David Copperfield exit?

I’ve got to say that this had to be the dullest two hours of “24” I’ve seen in a hella long time.

And why did they need a super tricky face-exploding bomb? Doyle took his eyes off the guy and bent down to pick up the box. He should have taken a bullet in the skull right then and there!

Oh, and does anyone know how much Kim Raver got paid for a two-minute eyes-closed no-dialogue scene?


I’m relatively new to this show. Jack Bauer seems to be pretty casual about hijacking cars, helicopters and other things at gunpoint, even when the people are basically his own people. Has anyone ever called him on this? Have they refused, has he killed them, or has he been prosecuted over it?

I’m sure Doyle was flashing on Fayed hanging from a chain when he heard that Jack was loose and heading toward him. "Da-yum, Jack … "

Heller double-crossed Jack last season (and almost died as a result), then, as Jack said, he didn’t pull out the stops trying to rescue Jack from China. Lastly, he took Audrey away, threatening Jack in the process. As we all know, the only person who could get away with threatening Jack is Chuck Norris…maybe.

Sorry if this has already been posted here, but for anyone who may not have seen the thread, all are invited to join the 24 Club.

Yeah, I was sooooooh hoping we could relive that best of all “24” moments in this episode, but alas, it was not to be.

Despite all the over-the-top crap here, I actually liked this episode. It was like a good comic book.

When they said it would take 20 minutes to scramble the F16s, my first thought was-- why not get a CTU van to drive out to the platform-- they can get anywhere in under 15 minutes!

When Chloe first passed out, I thought maybe Milo’s brother had injected her with something. But it was obvious she’d be pregnant when she seemed fine in sick bay. But… who’s the daddy? It probably isn’t Miles, right?

Who is this Miles? She was married to Morris, and already has a baby by Chase. Right?

But we all know the real reason Josh didn’t want to go to China. “It’s a gray area at best.”

Wasn’t Miles the guy she was sleeping with at the beginning of last season?