24: Season 8: Episode 23-24 (2:00pm - 4:00pm) SERIES FINALE

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2) What should I confine to spoiler boxes?
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3) When there’s terror-ists… in your neighbor-hood… Who you gonna call?!

Previously on 24:

  • Jack goes all Darth Vader / Ironman / Masked Marauder on the Secret Service motorcade in a traffic-blocked tunnel. Ex-Prez Logan squeeeeeals like a little girl. Jack-napped!

  • Using Chinese tickle torture, along with the Sleepy Chokehold of Disturbing Dreams, Jack gets Logan to give up the info. What info? Why, the info that Logan had promised 10 minutes before, he would “keep it secret, keep it safe”.

  • FBI grabs Meredith and the evidence. Hopefully Jack’s buddy still has his digital copy? Just upload it to YouTube already! At least Meredith got a warning call to Hassan’s daughter first.

  • Jack takes another knife to the gut. But he’s had worse. Renee already knifed him today, but that was probably just foreplay. He leaves behind Russian delegation carnage in his wake.

  • Bug on Logan’s jacket, and now Jack knows that Russian Prez Suvarov ordered the hit on Renee and is part of the whole cover-up. Russia is gonna need a new government in a couple of hours.

This is it folks. The end. Series finale. All she wrote. Jack’s final descent into darkness. Well, until the movie, of course. Tune in! 8-10 EST

24, Season 8, Episodes 23-24 SERIES FINALE
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM


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It starts in 5 minutes! And hopefully there will be a few folks to come play in this thread while it airs. I’m going to have to catch just the opening, then leave to be somewhere at 8:30 – so I’m recording and will watch when I get home later tonight.

Enjoy the finale, and I’ll catch up and post later!

Logan weaseling.
Taylor foreshadowed behind bars.
Jack in cage.
Logan wiping tongue.


Logan is Jack’s bitch!

I just wanted to poke my head in the door and tell all you kids it’s been a fun ride.

And to say, if anybody’s interested, it’s not to late.

“You’re a world class liar. I would have expected nothing less.”

That Jack is such a charmer!!!

Poor Chloe! It’s a good thing she’s not the best shot CTU.

“I hope you enjoyed yourself.”

Gotta love her.

Did Jack just go all Mike Tyson on Pillar’s ass???

Damn! She may be the best shot at CTU after all.

Although Logan appears to be a pretty good shot himself.

I felt like they were making a lackluster effort with the pathos, but it was just as well, because I really wasn’t feeling it. It’s difficult to establish any meaningful emotional resonance when you’ve already killed off most of the people your main character cares about over the years.

Not a lot of suspense about whether Jack would be killed, since I already knew there was a movie in the works. Taylor eventually did the right thing. I kinda felt a little eensy weensy bit sorry for Logan when he said “This was my last chance”. He can’t help it that he’s a weasel.

I wonder what the movie will be about.

Back home and watching it now. Commenting as I go:

Logan has a habit of saying things like, “Believe me Madame President, this is the best possible outcome…” right before his words come back and bite him on his ass.

Car-Jacked! Dwive, wabbit!

Suture me up! heh. So was Jack originally planning to kill him, too, then change his mind? Best thing to do will be to tie him up, or cuff him somewhere – not just knock him out.

And Pillar was quite eager to issue the “shoot on sight order” on Jack earlier.

ahh, after the break. Good, he’s duct taped and stuffed into the back of the vehicle.

Dahlia lights into Prez Taylor. You go girl!
And now Taylor gets ugly. Wow – “sign this peace treaty, or we’ll bomb you”. Taylor has gone off the deep end now.

Intense scene. Nice.

Jack’s traded in the Jack-sack for the Jack-backpack. what’s he carrying, an assemble-it-yourself-rocket-launcher?

Setting up a nice sniper position. Was about to say is that the Russian sniper’s rifle – but I believe that was still at the scene when CTU found the gutted Russassin.

Chloe: “Facial recognition hit on Jack… inside our perimeter. He’s here, Cole”.
Her delivery on that line was great.

Taylor getting snippy with everybody. 0 to bitch in a few short hours.

“usher in a new era of transparency, honesty, and trust…”
Oh, the irony in the room is thick!

Well, Chloe won’t be checking in after 20 – so Cole will have to send the cavalry. She did say, “there’s another way” – he might have waited 15 more seconds to hear her out (on her “send out the evidence to everybody” plan).

Logan now under Jack’s control again – second time in an hour. Sweet.
“Try the truth for a change. Tell him you’ve got credible intelligence about a threat to his life.” Jack smirks


First hour done. On to the next.

Jack: “You’re a world class liar. I would have expected nothing else.”


Where’d she hit him? Shoulder? Looked like it was a non-lethal shot. Hope so.

I bet the data card is in her mouth. Either that or she stashed it somewhere after dude said she had to wait for Pillar.

Ah, inside her cell phone. Although why she’d open the back and check it before she’s out of there is beyond me.

HAHAHA – Jack gets a chunk of ear!

He should have just shot Pillar earlier. Saved himself a lot of trouble now. He should have said something like he dropped it out the window – send them on a wild goose chase searching the grounds.

Dammit! They blocked the upload.

How does Logan know that they were going to disseminate the info to news organizations? Chloe and Cole would not have revealed that. So unless they also caught Arlo…

Wonder if Taylor will have a change of heart and release the recording after all, now that she has it. Perhaps she’ll tire of the devil whispering in her ear.

I thought that was just his recording to Kim (that’s who I assumed he was making that video for).

Damn. Logan says, “I’m taking myself out, but I’m taking you with me, Jason!”
All to make sure Jack doesn’t survive.

Taylor: “Let Bauer go, or the CTU drone is gonna blast you with Hellfire missiles.”

Jack needs to leave the country now. With a bullet hole in his shoulder and a knife wound in the gut. No time for medical attention first?

So are there any countries left where Jack can go? Everybody seems to want a piece of his ass now. Russians. Chinese. Mumba-jumba land from last seaason. Maybe he hasn’t pissed off the Swiss yet, and he could take a nice ski vacation.

What about Kim and his granddaughter? They completely forgot about all of that.

No, they didn’t. Jack specifically tasked Chloe with protecting Kim and the rest of his family.

Talk about overstaying your welcome…still on page 1 of this thread. Wrapped up pretty much as I imagined it would, Jack on the run, justice served. I wonder if the Jack Bauer movies they’re talking about will generate any buzz at all or if this franchise is pretty much exhausted.

When I checked a minute ago, the thread on the last episode of Lost had 417 posters and 15, 616 viewers. This thread on the last episode of 24 had 16 posters and 417 viewers. That should tell us something.

Doesn’t seem like there is much to say. As fiddelsticks said, it wrapped up about as expected.

One thing that cracked me up was when Cole left Ricker’s (?) place, got into his car, and the van pulled up next to him. I was thinking that maybe some black op type dudes were going to burst out and take him. Instead it was so he could showcase the wonderfulness of the back-up camera that comes as an optional feature on his car!

One thing that I would have liked to see was when Chloe talked Jack out of killing Suvarov, maybe he could have plinked Logan instead in Suvarov’s presence.

I so wanted that or something like it. Logan offing himself was a gyp.