24: Season 6: Episode 6 (11:00am - 12:00noon)

So the Minilluminati is Jack’s dear brother. Not sure if they established whether he was the older or younger brother, but I think we’ve all been assuming he’s the “little brother” – in whatever sense of that word you decide fits best. Jack’s taking a time-out from his terror chasing duties to play “torment little bro”. I assume the plastic-bag-over-the-head while little bro is tied to a chair is a long favorite childhood game.

Also, we had an exploding helicopter crashed on a roof, a young boy who may be Jack’s nephew or his son, a lame speech read by President Palmer Lite, and the President’s Sister’s boyfriend infiltrating a group of baddies for information.

Tonight – Will Jack give his brother…?
(a) a Purple Nurple
(b) an Indian Burn
© a Swirly
(d) all of the above

24, Season 6, Episode 6
11:00 AM - 12:00 noon


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Wouldn’t it be a hoot if the writers gave us a little backstory-- Jack is 10 and bro is 8, and they’re playing “catch the terrorist” in the backyard…

I thought I would use this pre-game time to share an amusing(?) anecdote. I was visiting a friend this weekend, when his wife got a call from her very upset daughter. Apparently, she’s very unhappy with her loser alcoholic boyfriend. He dragged her out to California so he could become a big Hollywood gaffer/grip. He’s been hitting the bottle because all he could land was a job on 24.

Well, the little advisor (Peter MacNichol) is turning into Wormtongue 2.

Poor Nadia … they’re profiling her just because she’s of Mexican … errr … Middle Eastern descent.

Really? It seems to me that he could be doing a lot worse than a show that’s been winning lots of awards not to mention praise. He could be working on, I dunno, a soap, or *Two and a Half Men * or something.

On to the show: quite a nasty awakening for Daddy Bauer tonight to find out what a weasel younger son really is.

Jack’s Daddy is Zefram Cochrane , who invented warp drive for Star Trek.

Gosh, after all that talk about family loyalty, looks like Graham… ermm… I guess it really is “Graem”… is sending his goons off to whack Daddy and brother Jack. Or maybe the henchmen have just been told to take them out for ice cream.

Either way, it doesn’t look like it’s meant to be a pleasant outing.

Maybe Graem’s been holding a grudge since he was a kid, over how they spelled his name on his birth certificate.

Looks like Milo is putting the moves on Nadia. Trying to be her knight in shining armor. What are the odds that Nadia really turns out to be a terrorist, and Milo just gave her an all-access pass back into the system…?

And what was that wussy move on Karen’s part? I know she’s trying to protect Bill Buchanan, but the whole thing from Wormtongue 2 was just a trumped up charge, right? So who better to go TELL about the blackmail attempt than the guy who is Tom Lennix’s boss – i.e. the Prez! I thought for sure she would take it to Palmer and tell him what Tom was trying to do – but no… just do what everybody else always does (except Jack) – cave in to pressure from the nearest weasel.

Where’s Lynn Kresge when you need her? She would have gone straight to the Prez and tattled.

I always refer to him as Farmer Hoggett.

“That’ll do, Jack”

Yeah, that made me laugh. “Marisol Nichols is kinda ethnic lookin’, might as well make her character Arab!”

Excellent point, as is Monstre’s, I have a cat anmed Nadia and I am firmly convinced that she is a mole, but I digress and can only post every 60 seconds or whatever.
Oedipus writ large, with goons instead of a penis.
Not to worry. As noted in a post made more than 60 seconds ago, Daddy has the ability to run away very, very quickly.

No he isn’t! This is Zefram Cochrane.

Are you suggesting that she might be a mole? That’d never happen.


Have you been inhaling the warp plasma again? :wink:

No – I’m only suggesting that I be allowed to subject her to a prolonged interrogation session. In a manner of my own choosing. Now shut the door and if the holding room is rocking… well, you know.

Okay, so at the start of this episode Jack has Graeme tied to a chair and is torturing him.
And according to the previews, next week we can look forward to

Jack eventually having Graeme tied to a chair so he can torture him.

Um. Did they gave the writing staff a week off?

Thank God this portion of the prison camp story is done, at least. Only six hours in, and I’d already nominated that as this season’s Cougar TrapTM. Stay tuned over the next 18 hours to see whether Walid lives or dies and if Mr. FBI turns out to be the agent with the heart of gold!

Also, I hate that you East Coasters got to the secret phone number from the episode before we did out here. By the time we called it, we were informed (in ever-so-politely-recorded Spanish) that the mailbox was full.


No way Karen is done, and I like how she said “Mr Prez, you know what you need to do” wink wink.

And I am still not sure about Daddy Bauer. He seemed surprised when Graem (whatever) took over his boys, but I am still suspicious.