24: Season 6: Episode 7 (12:00noon - 1:00pm)

Well, Jack played “paper or plastic” with brother Graem, who is clearly upset about how his parents spelled his name. He gave the secret Sith code that caused his dad’s stormtroopers to turn against papa Bauer and Jack at a crucial moment. Now, right after his “family first!” speech, Graem is sending his closest relations off with the stormtroopers, perhaps to get whacked? And Darth Grim is born…

Meanwhile, Karen caved to Tom’s blackmail pressure in a record-breaking 15 seconds. I don’t know why she didn’t just tell the Prez about it. I don’t think there were even any stairwells nearby.

And Milo is hitting on Nadia. yawn He’s too effeminate to have a chance, though.

Jack didn’t even add to his body count last week. Will he make up for it this hour?

24, Season 6, Episode 7
12:00 noon - 1:00 PM


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Wha?! The dude has man-pubes right there on his face! The only thing missing is a Peter Griffin-like ball-chin.

I assume since they didn’t show us what was on McCarthy’s and Fayed’s screens (the guy who can program the trigger, but would “need to be coerced”), that it must be somebody we know.

So who…? Somebody at CTU? Morris, perhaps?

Ahhhh… so they have to slowly resolve the photo. Shades of “No Way Out”, Batman! Wonder if it will still turn out to be Morris or something.

Halfway through and Jack has killed only one. The Chinese must’ve really affected him - or he’s pacing himself for a big finale.

Oh, Graem knows. He just told Jack some stuff he already knows to piss Jack off and get him off-topic.


Well, that was an interesting moment. Jack losing control, in a big way. Looked like an embarrassing moment, when dad looked into the room.

So if Milo didn’t want Chloe to tell Morris about his brother in critical condition, then why on earth did Milo go and tell Chloe right then?

Milo isn’t the brightest bulb in the room…

Holy double-cross, Batman!


But I sure as shootin’ didn’t see THAT coming.


[sub]get it? sure as… shootin? like… shootin’ drugs? hee.[/sub]

Yep – nailed it – I figured it was going to be Morris. And then when he had just left, realized how convenient that he had to run off to the hospital – ahhhhh, it was a setup!

Damn…given the rest of the family, I would really hate to meet Jack’s mom.

Okay, so there’s appears to be yet another coup attempt (or just an end run around
his authority) in the highest office. Wouldn’t such a thing be absolutely unthinkable
by anyone in the Cabinet after the events from last season (a couple of years in
the show’s universe)? “Yeah we had a conspiracy in the executive branch which
involved assassinating a sitting President, among many other crimes, but what the
Hell let’s do it again!” This after what must have been Congressional hearings out
the wazoo in the interim.

Now it turns out that Dad is the head asshole after all. How much you want to bet
nobody bothers to check for fingerprints off the syringe? And Jack didn’t put a bug
in the room (just in case…)-I was really hoping they’d have Jack walk in holding the
receiver. Looks like once again I bow out of this series after half a dozen eps or so-
I just can’t buy the BS plots and gaping plot holes and reverse Deus ex Machinas
(like the abduction of Morris).

Eh. I figured Daddy must have been bad as soon as he asked for “some time alone.” Imagine if real life worked like that, and anyone who wanted some privacy was automatically evil. I would guess that Tom’s next move would be to remove Palmer, but that’s been done before.

Pfft, you have to remember, he’s a Bauer. The only reason anyone on that CTU team is alive is because he wants to keep playing both sides. THAT one was easy to see coming.

I have to say, good call on Morris though; I didn’t pick that up 'till Morris started wondering about why his brother would be anywhere near Valencia.

Mostly curious to see if Palmer grows a spine, and if he does, if he has enough loyal people left around him to get anything done with it.

Or that the hero might still have enough of a shred of suspicion to bug the room first.

Yes it has. <yawn>

Someone wake me when the makers of this series decide to actually get a little
creative for a change and not the same old same old.

Yes same thoughts as my prior post but if this is the best that network TV can provide
in terms of taut riveting yet believable drama then they (the networks) are dead.
Utterly and completely creatively bankrupt.

I didn’t necessarily figure that Dad would be bad, but I did think he was going in there to kill Graem, for whatever reason. Either to keep him quiet, or just out of revenge for the attempt on him.

Okay, so… the whole thing was a plot, and the Graem hijacking of Dad’s henchmen was planned, then? But… how much did the hench-dudes know about it? Certainly their orders could not have been, “Okay, you will pretend like you are going to kill me and Jack, but at the last second, we’re going to kill you instead. Just play along…”

Although, I suppose it must have been something like:

  1. Graem plans it out with dad.
  2. Graem makes the henchdudes believe they belong to him, not dad.
  3. Graem tells them that they are going to whack Jack, but not dad – just keep dad under wraps or something.
  4. Graem and dad really know that dad’s going to distract the hench-dudes and that he and Jack will kill them.
  5. Graem gets tortured and doesn’t say anything.

So were #4 and #5 really “the plan”? #4 seems a little iffy. What if a hench-dude was fast enough to shoot one of them?

Although obviously now we know why dad shot the one that Jack tackled (“Why did you do that? I needed to question him!”)

So where does “The Company” fit in all of this? Is McCarthy doing all this with Elderbauer Blessings?

My brain hurts.

Oh, and I meant to ask…

Did Wayne Palmer really select Biff Squarejaw as his running mate for the election? I thought candidates usually selected people who would keep in step with their own agendas? And specifically, they would try NOT to pick as Veep somebody who wants to overthrow them.

Well, Fayed better not be just doing the bidding of Tom Lennix, and all this ends up being a plot just to get martial law instituted in the U.S., or some such thing. If they do that, we will have to send Jack after the writers.

“Tell me where the GOOD script is! Or millions of viewers are going to kill you!”

Only rationale is that picking a veep like that might be enough to put you over the
edge in certain key states (think LBJ in 1960). Nevertheless you raise a very valid
point, but hey what’s one more gaping plot hole going to matter?

So if Morris kicks the bucket, does this mean that Chloe will be free to date?

I saw her first!