24: Season 6: Episode 10 (3:00pm - 4:00pm)

Jack’s feeling the guilt monster, because he thinks he killed his brother.

Tom Lennox is feeling the guilt monster, because he’s thinking about joining a plot to assassinate the president.

Morris is feeling the guilt monster, because he caved in and made the trigger for Marwan… er, I mean, Fayed. What a dumbass. If he’s smart enough to program it, he’s smart enough to program it to mess up at the last second, right? Now it looks like Chloe gets to slap him around for the rest of the day. Methinks Morris likes it rough. She probably tasers him in bed.

And Milo gets to have his turn in the field. Amazingly, he went on a field mission with Jack and didn’t realize he would be in mortal danger within the hour. He’s been at his cushy Denver job for too long. Although… pretty spiffy job driving that CTU truck like it was a race car, then using the grenade to help him get away from the vehicle.

Tune in tonight. Same Jack time… Same Jack channel.

24, Season 6, Episode 10
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM


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I laughed out loud when it turns out that dad just left. Logan? WTF?

And with a crazybeard!

I definitely expected Logan to show up at SOME point… but I was still pretty surprised that it was this soon, and in this situation.

Also, I don’t know how much “alternate between pitying Morris and despising Morris” I can take. When is Karen Hayes getting to LA? She’ll put them in their places.

Chloe didn’t slap Morris hard enough last week.

Bearded prisoner (I assume?) disgraced Logan seems much more cool and confident than President WhinyPants Logan ever did last season.

I thought maybe Marilyn was going to show up at the last minute, with Jack’s gun, when Jack was kneeling and ready to be whacked, execution style.

Speaking of the whole execution style thing… when some bad guy with a gun is obviously going to kill you, and he tells you, “Get on your knees”… why does everybody always seem to obey this command? By obeying, you think they will change their mind? They are just making it easier for themselves to kill you with no resistance, and probably with minimal blood/brain splatterage on themselves. If somebody gives you the “get on your knees” (so I can shoot you execution-style) command, you might as well make a grab for the gun. Seems like the odds would be just a tad better that way…

Philip Bauer. What a guy. “I’ll do anything to save my company. Nobody’s life is important enough for that.”

I can just see him at business conventions and press conferences.

Reporter 1: “Sir, are the rumors true that your company is being investigated for insider tra…”

BLAM! thud

Reporter 2: “Mr. Bauer, can you respond to reports that your stock is plummeti…”

BLAM! thud

Customer: “Excuse me, I need to return this product for a refund. Where is your returns depa…”

BLAM! thud

I’m just waiting for Josh & Morris to go listen to Evanescence together.

I had to laugh when Papa Bauer said that, “they’ll never give me immunity after what I’ve done.” They give EVERYONE immunity on 24! Terrorists, traitors, it’s all good! Just have information that CTU wants, and the Attorney General will throw you a get out of jail free card lickety split!

I think that Chad Lowe’s character really needs Agent Aaron Pierce to teach him some manners.

Ok, I know this is kinda out of place in this thread these days, but can someone give me a semi-serious answer to a plot point question: Why was Papa Bauer going to shoot Jack? I mean, even in the wacky world of 24, what would he gain at that point by killing Jack? I’m assuming he changed his mind at the last second on account of Jack’s great little speech, or maybe we’re to believe Papa meant all along to not kill him? He just wanted to be able to get away? (I won’t even ask how the heck he entered that message and phone number to Jack, and carefully set the cell phone down just so, and managed to disappear, all in the couple of seconds it took Jack to run out the door after him…)

Oh, and the “dumb as a bag of rocks” award for this hour goes to Lennox: Make sure that when you make the call to rat out your co-conspirator, you do it from a secluded location, and one from which said co-conspirator has just left, and one that has a thin door that sound carries through really well, and then boldly open the door. Sheesh. It was totally telegraphed that he’d turn on his turn, but I imagined a scene in his office, getting off the phone after having just revoked the security clearance of the assassin, then telling Chad, “I won’t your resignation in my hands within the hour.”

Because otherwise, the Bristows would still win the prize for the most dysfunctional counterterrorism/spy family on TV.

CTU must be the laughing stock of intelligence agencies the world over. How bad does their security clearance have to be that it can’t even find out that someone is a member of Alcoholics Anonymous??? Oh wait, it’s “Anonymous”, that must be it . . .

Just curious: do you think that if a President got sentenced to prison, his Secret Service agents would have to come along and keep him from getting shanked and all?
Picture it:

<<President Logan fumbles the soap in the shower>>

“Wait, Mr. President! Don’t reach for it! Joe, Dave, I’m going down for the soap – form a perimeter and cover my back socket.”

That’s what I always thought too, why give them what they want? Hopefully I’ll never be in the situation where I have to find out what I’d do.

The same thing happened with Milo. Why drag him out and make him stand against the fence? Just shoot him behind the dumpster.

Yeah, I yelled out loud “THEY JUST GAVE IMMUNITY TO ASSAD”.

Speaking of the secret service, the nation is under terrorist attack, the President is yet again down in the bunker, and the ranking SS officer is standing at a post that he can’t leave?

I thought that Logan looked rather Saddam-esque in his crazy beard. He must be in a nice prison with his own personal line and all.

I was thinking about the idea that he should call his sponsor…

“Ohh, today I almost had a drink after I got beat on like a brat with a baseball bat and treated like a little drywall with a drill bit in my shoulder, and then I armed 4 more nuclear wea…shit, shouldn’t mention that part, should I?”

After all, it’s not like these guys have top secret security clearances or anything like that :smiley:

I think Morris is going to be on a suicide mission sometime soon.

“I created this mess, luv. Now I have a chance to make it right.”

Was I the only one who thought Morris should have just said, “Let’s see, I got kidnapped, tortured with a power drill, so that I armed four nuclear bombs. Now I have a tremendous amount of guilt and a dowel sized hole in my shoulder. So yes, I had a drink. How’s your day been Chloe?”

Nope. :slight_smile: