24: Season 6: Episode 5 (10:00am - 11:00am)

24: Attack of the Visitors… Yes, one visitor has struck and there are apparently 4 more.

In other news, we have yet again another decisive president. Decisively making all the wrong decisions. This time with the help of two more advisors who never agree with each other.

And now that we’ve lost one more multiple-season regular from the CTU family, I now wonder who’s next. Quite possibly Chloe will kill Milo or Morris before the day is done. Personally, I think she should take them both down.

Who wants to place bets on how many casualties caused by Mini-Mushroom? Apparently it took out Valencia, or at least a portion of it. And can Jack outrun the radiation fallout? More importantly, does he even need to? It’s not like he hasn’t been killed before…

24, Season 6, Episode 5
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM


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I would like to go on record as demanding radioactive zombies.

Who’s with me?

The Demanding Radioactive Zombies… I think I saw them on tour…

Bill: “We’ll send you a car.”

And Jack’s in Grenada Hills, apparently a little south of Valencia…?
So how long will it take a car to get there from CTU? I’m guessing… oh…
10 minutes?

I would think that a nuke going off, even in Valencia, would mean everybody in L.A. panics and tries to get out of the city. That should kill all travel on the roads for the day. Should.

Wow. Father’s Day dinner gonna be a LOT more interesting…

Wow TWICE. Illuminati Midget and Jack are BROTHERS!

Kinda like a Schwarzenegger/DeVito reprise, no?

Wow. :eek: Things that you do not see coming: the arrival of Graham from last year, and then finding out who he is. :eek:

Dude. Looks like Jack’s brother is the same guy from last season – the “information broker” or whatever, one of the guys pulling the puppet strings for President Logan. He was the main guy in the place that Logan kept calling about the evidence that Jack was obtaining against him.

The name on the credits last season I think was just Graham.

Weasel Advisor actually said something I liked.
“The President was speaking. Please do not interrupt him.”

Most of his advice is… eh. But that one was good.

According to the IMDb, it was just Graham last year.

Graham: “You’re hurting me already.”
Jack: “Trust me. I’m not.”

heh. Nice.

Well now, wasn’t that the happy family reunion. It’s good to see the show continuing to move at a brisk pace.

When I was watching tonight I was also trying to remember where I’d seen the agent who was with Regina Palmer before. Since there are so many Canadians who pop up on the show, my default guess is from some Canadian t.v. show or movie. While I was looking at the IMDb for Graham, I also found the FBI agent, and it turns out that he was Cyril on OZ. He looks more like his brother with the short hair.

And speaking of brothers, I think it’s pretty good casting for Jack’s eeeevill brother looks-wise. They have very similar noses.

Damn it, my fucking DVR shit itself and didn’t record this episode. Anyone know if they are encoring these things anywhere?

I wonder if Jack used to tie Graham to a chair and put a plastic bag over his head when they were kids.

Doesn’t he just have one happy family? He has:

  • a dad that may or may not be in league with terrorists
  • a brother who we know has plotted against him, even to the point of urging the past sitting president to eliminate him. And when that failed, he helped get him grabbed by the Chinese
  • a daughter who isn’t smart enough to get out of a cougar trap
  • a wife who got shot by his onetime girlfriend, who turned out to be a terrorist collaborator.

So… what’s his mom like? June Cleaver or Lizzie Borden?

You could check out Fox. I haven’t done it, but it appears that you can install a player off their website and watch the episode there.

They have episodes 1-4 up there right now (your link is wrong, but you can reach it here) and I’ll be waiting with baited breath for them to add episode 5.

How embarrassing. I squealed and shouted “The evil puppeteer is Jack’s BROTHEERRRRRRR!”

But now I want President Weasel to make an appearance.

And Jack’s “nephew” looks a lot more like Jack than (cough) Daddy (cough).

Oh, I forgot to add: odds on Jack torturing his “nephew”?

That’s the first thing I thought of – he actually looks a good bit like Kim, and apparently there was some jealousy and strife regarding Graham’s HOT wife and her past feelings for Jack…

BTW, Graham’s HOT wife is Rena Sofer, who I’ve only ever seen in a small role in Keeping the Faith, but she’s one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen!