24: Season 5: Episode 15 (9:00pm - 10:00pm) - OPEN SPOILERS

So last week Jack tracked down Collette, a hot Mandy-wannabe, but clearly not Mandy – as she got caught just an hour from her intro to the show. She has a ways to go before she is Mandy quality. She’d better go practice on an airliner or two first…

And she claimed that her info came from Audrey. So which conclusion will Jack jump to first? That Audrey may have been framed, like he was this morning? Or will he expose the wires from a lamp cord and tell her to take off her shirt?

Meanwhile, I want to know what Desmond… erm… Stoller… is going to be doing for revenge. I’m guessing it will come down to something later in the day where Jack desperately needs Stoller’s help or information on something. We’ll see.

Tune in tonight, when you’ll hear President Logan say…
“What should I do, Mike? What should I do, Martha? What should I do, cleaning lady?”

24, Season 5, Episode 15
9:00 PM - 10:00 PM


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And here we go…!

How long does everybody think Wayne will survive? Through this episode?

My guess is that Audrey is innocent, if only because they can’t kill off that many core characters.

Ooooh, role playing.


Yep – distribution center for natural gas utilities, I presume…

Little gas worker needs to realize they are all toast anyways. Don’t follow the evil guy’s orders!

The first thing that went through my mind when I saw Collette in the holding room:

(In Brian from Family Guy’s voice)

“Hey, did you bring enough breasts for the rest of us?” :smiley:

Nice to see Aaron in action a little bit, too bad he didn’t get to off anyone.

The night’s not over yet!

No why the hell doesn’t Aaron get right on the radio, call it it when he was being shot at?

Well, for one, he already said that he’s trying to keep his meeting with Wayne a secret, and obviously there is already a leak somewhere, so he can’t risk it.

Jack slams Audrey up against the wall!
Jack assaults multiple federal agents!
Jack gets tasered!
Chloe is no longer the creepiest female CTU employee!

You reminded me. I liked the new (EXTREMELY cute) woman, until she turned out to be a psycho. So how will Ms. YoutouchmeontheshoulderafterIdoagoodjobdoingsomethinginacongrajulatorymannerandIscreamsexualharrasement deal with this? File charges against Bill?

Which reminds me of something else, how likely is it that the PSI rating of an average natural gas line is high enough to destroy nerve gas?

Hey, did you see the way he brushed my shoulder? That’s not right…

(That was hilarious…)
And dayum! We haven’t had a really intense episode ending like that in a long time – they also didn’t warn us the hour was almost up with the usual split-screen shots right before the end. I’d say this ending rivals the one from season 2, episode 8 (when the small airplane Jack was in – along with Nina – was hit with a surface to air missile).

I know how the next episode will start:

Close up on the burning cop car, flaming debris on top and all around it. Suddenly the door slams open and Jack staggers out from the driver’s seat. His hair is on fire, his clothes are on fire, the skin of his face is blistering and charring. Black Jack runs up, stops, horrified. He barely breathes, “Jack…”

Jack staggers towards him, still burning. But, strangely, his gait is getting firmer, steadier. The flesh is starting to drip off his face, revealing the gleam of silvery metal. Step by step he comes, his flesh burning and peeling away, revealing the flawless metal skeleton of the robot underneath…

Well, think about it: How else could one man have survived all he’s been through.

Besides, it explains why the guy never has to use the bathroom. :wink:

Best line of the night…perhaps of the season:
“And now I’m…upset.”

About as likely as a city being in full military lockdown, but high probability targets like gas distribution centers are manned by a single guard who doesn’t blink when someone with an accent drives up and says “We haf deleeveery foer yoo.” This is the part of the show where you have to turn off the ol’ brain quite a bit.

Still good though. :smiley:

Loved this episode. Couple favorite items:

Jack being “upset” and Collete folding like a cheap lawn chair at the thought.

Aaron getting to be cool and firing the assault weapon. Good times for everyone.

The Mission Impossible-esque scene when Bierko’s team breached the distriibution center. Loved the style and music going along with it. Not typical 24 themed stuff and it was really working for me.

Jack has actually assaulted more friendlies than bad guys this season. This episode alone he killed like 3 bad guys, but assaulted at least 3 CTU employees a Federal Marshall and Audrey.

Never would have expected gas-company-geek to actually survive! Bierko’s a softie compared to Marwan.

This was the first episode where I didn’t despise Chloe. The stand-off with the slimy Homeland Security dude was priceless as was her expression when sexual harrasment chick when all psycho on Buchannon. She was even somewhat tactful with Jack about Audrey’s affair with WAAAAAALT.

Where the hell did Wayne get a hold of an assault rifle? Why the hell did the Henderson’s henchmen had a rocket launcher handy, and how the hell does that go unnoticed just outside the POTUS’ compound?

I knew that the FLOTUS’s assistant was not on the up and up. The whole getting suckered by Walt scene was too easy. She’s still hot though.

Speaking of hot, Collette’s cleavage was breathtaking. A Mandy-Collette threesome will be invading my dreams tonite for sure.

So, Curtis is already known as Black Bauer… have we yet established that Chloe is Hack Bauer? Because we really should.

“Hack Bauer.” That’s great.

BTW, this is the sexiest that Chloe has ever been since the last time she held an assault weapon.

I assume he somehow subdued one of the guys following him and stole it. As for how they got in there, my guess is they are US military who are just following orders from someone like/associated with Walt in the US government.

Did I miss something? I don’t remember seeing any of the POTUS’ circle besides Aaron.