24: Season 5: Episodes 11-12 (5:00pm - 7:00pm)

We get a double fix tonight, so can I get a big WOO-HOO!, everybody? Remember to set your Tivos and VCRs for 8 PM this time.

We last saw Jack in the Exploding Bunker, so he’s gonna be a bit pissed. And he has a pretty competent foil in Henderson, his old CTU compadre.

Meanwhile, Aaron stopped the Russian flamethrower terrorist from completely turning the limo into an Easy Bake Oven, and now President Logan has another difficult choice. Should he face off with the terrorist leader, or should he face off with his wife? The former probably gives him a better chance of survival.

Oh, and from last week’s previews…

Looks like we’ll see Kim this week. And at least from the scene from the preview, remarkably, she wasn’t trapped in anything!

24, Season 5, Episodes 11-12
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM


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It’s time for another body count and torture episode. Jack’s been too tame for too long. Probably the cracked ribs slowing him down.

I’m looking forward to tonight. According to the Chicago Tribune’s TV critic something big is going to happen tonight. (may need to register to read. It’s free and no spam). There maybe a slight spoiler there, be careful.

Yeah, Aaron got all the terrorist-shooting action last week, while Jack distracted a secretary, got zapped with a hand-held shocker, and then played Dodge Bomb.

He needs to start kicking some ass and not taking names again.

Yeah, those ribs are surely healed by now. It’s been well over an hour.

So, is Samwise out for the rest of the season? That was too easy…

Surely tonight we will…

…see Kim. I read in the paper that the writers have assured us she won’t be stuck in any couger traps.

Well, looks like junkie sister’s boyfriend does indeed want the keycard for more insidious purposes. So, does this mean that the target for the next “diversionary” attack will be CTU? Or Division, perhaps?

Although, you’d think that if the building plan that Curtis found was for CTU or Division, they would recognize the building pretty easily.

The keycard bit is definitely stretching it. At any government facility with restricted access (with a keycard), one would think that Lynn would just have to go to the System Admin and have his old keycard invalidated so that it no longer works – get a new one issued with different codes, etc. I’m sure Chloe could have it done in 15 seconds.

Good line by Mike:
“Whatever didn’t happen, make sure it doesn’t happen again…”

Curtis just made a 100 yard dash with a live canister of nerve gas. Tension mounts – will he make it outside in time, or kill all the people still in the hospital?

Did it ever occur to any of those idiots to just stick the canister in a hefty bag? Or – assuming that the gas is corrosive, shouldn’t they have some containment bags handy? It’s not an explosive device – a ziploc bag should do.
I’m pretty sure that keycards don’t work the way the writers of 24 think they work…

Gee, the hospital security is much better than CTU security.

And, Barry, your ass is sooo about to get kicked!

Just a small nit, but Audrey told Kim that her father was “on his way to CTU”. She meant, “on his way here.”

Way to go, Edgar.

BTW, I think the boyfriend’s a bad guy.

Edgar’s been taking the Chloe Seminar on Managing Employees. Poor girl’s probably wishing she’d stayed fired now.

Yeah, Kim’s new boyfriend was getting overly confrontational towards Jack, a guy who he doesn’t even know. I don’t trust him at the moment.

Now I feel bad for dissing Edgar. :frowning:


Well, anyway the rest of the cast is safe. And that’s what he gets for sending Hot New Chick to her doom.

I’ve decided that for this show to have any credibilty, you have to imagine that none of the other seasons happened. I mean, another attack inside CTU? And everybody involved, by now would be going, “What the fuck?” Are we the unluckiest people on the planet, or what?"

[Kim] So, what are they going to, like, breathe?[/kim]

Hurray! Jack got to shoot somebody in the leg!

Which is exactly why he left in this Episode. I mean Edgar was no longer Edgar… He was truly expendable at this point. Already non boxed in other posts.

[Spoiler] So did the Former head of CTU die? Im not good on names in the show. You know, the guy that Curtis took over for. The guy who just tonight revealed he lost his card. that guy. Did he Die? Good Riddance.

Did Tony Die? Did the Dr.Torture guy die? (The guy who always has the needles read to go) Did the the guy he was torturing die? Did his wife?

This twist reeks like the boxed into a corner tactics of Nina forgetting to remove the non exisant back up tapes, when Jamie died in Season 1, or the entire elusive Mole non Mole situation in season 2 or 3.


and also

I will go one further, and say that Kim has changed lines, and that she, and not her Male company is in with the baddies.

You obviously didn’t watch the previews. :smiley:

Spoilers say, btw, that another CTU employee is going to die in this whole attack thing. My personal opinion is that it’s going to be Lynn McGill.