24: Season 5: Episode 13 (7:00pm - 8:00pm)

Kim’s back, and trouble has follwed her, in the form of a deadly gas cloud that’s trapped them all in a glass box. And she’s driven off Chase and picked up the new pre-requisite Annoying Boyfriend[sup]TM[/sup].

Meanwhile, if Edgar hadn’t taken that detour to the Break Room to grab the last of the jelly donuts, he might have made it to the sealed-off Situation Room in time. Now Chloe is going to have to open sockets all by herself.

And the last we saw of the First Lady, she was playing Kiss-And-Make-Up with her dear hubby, the Prez. But is it for real? or was she luring him into a false sense of security before she rips out his throat with her teeth and runs off into the sunset with Aaron?

And Henderson is sealed in the medical suite… with Tony. That’s going to be the fun one to watch for tonight!

24, Season 5, Episode 13
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM


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You, Sir, are Truly Evile.

Hmmm, releasing ALL the remaining gas at one target. Wonder where that’s going to be? And when?

Tony, you could try to be a little more helpful. Wouldn’t it be more fun to help interrogate Henderson and inflict as much pain as you can, rather than just kill him outright? You need to start thinking more Jack-like…

Who plays the Vice President? I know I recognize him from somewhere.
And will they find a way to incorporate a Robocop reference before Peter Weller is gone? They managed to do an Allstate Insurance one last year, surely they can do another zinger this year.

Was Jack Bauer the captain of the UCLA swim team?

Did Soul-Patch watch The Princess Bride before filming his scene?

I think that Vice President is up to no good. I know, crazy of me to think so, but I still got this feeling

Jack, grabbing Barry’s throat: “When I want your opinion, punk, I’ll give it to you!”

Well, that’s what he should have said… :wink:

Ray Wise

Ru-dy, Ru-dy, Ru-dy, Ru-dy!

Lynn’s guard didn’t seem to like Jack’s idea too much – understandably. But you know, if they’re going out into the contaminated areas anyways, wouldn’t it be a good idea to send Lynn into the computer room, and send the other guy running for wherever the nearest gas masks are stored? Unless they’re locked in the basement or something, then at least when they open the room, he could hold his breath and make a run for them.

Kim: “Every time I’m around you, something horrible happens. People die…”

Jack: “Well, you know, sweetheart. That’s your fault, actually. You’re a danger magnet. I’m so sorry I haven’t had more time to teach you how to hang around the right kind of people, how to be a better judge of people that you babysit for, how to disarm cougar traps and such. But saving the city over and over takes just so much of my time and energy, I hope you can understand that…”

A-HA! He played the president in the cut scenes for Command and Conquer: Red Alert! That’s why he’s so familiar, and why at one point I actually thought he was the prez. :stuck_out_tongue:

Who is the woman? That isn’t Nina, is it?

Holy crap, are they killing off Tony, too?!!


So what did he put in the syringe? Just an overdose of the stuff they were already using on Henderson? Or something more lethal?

I thought Nina died in season 3. Mandy’s still out there, I think.

You mean the chick coming in from Homeland Security? She’s a totally new character.

Oh, or maybe you meant the one who was answering Bierko’s call. Yeah, she was kind of Mandy-ish, but she wasn’t Mandy. Similar M.O., it seems.

She’s a new character, too.

That wasn’t Mandy, it was someone new.
OK, from the preview:

What location would ensure 200,000 dead people? I can only think of a sports arena of some kind, but do they even hold that many?

Are you sure it wasn’t Mandy? Though admittedly the entries haven’t been perfect in their lists this season, according to IMDb she was in the episode.

And damn them if they’ve killed Tony.

So, what’s the next target going to be? From this ep, we know that Bierko was getting “building plans” (I think ventilation schematics, did he specifically mention?) – so it would have to be a building of some sort. Also, we know it’s a location with a bit of security around it – that seemed to be implied by the conversation with the woman on the cell phone, too.

As for buildings with lots of potential casualties, one thought was LAX at peak travel times? But besides basic security checks for people boarding planes, I wouldn’t think that to be a highly secure facility, especially for the main areas.

So, anybody know any huge-ass buildings in L.A. that would be likely targets? Worth using all the remaining cannisters on?

Yeah, I see now that IMDB did list her. But the one in this episode didn’t look like Mia Kirshner to me.