24: Season 5: Episodes 1-2 (7:00am - 9:00am) Season Premiere!

And here we are again, ready for another season! Season 5, starts… NOW.

24, Season 5, Episodes 1-2
7:00 AM - 9:00 AM


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Helluva way to start…

And keep going! Though if they had to add to the body count as motivation for Jack to come back, why oh why, couldn’t it have been Kim?

I already hate Derek.

Holy crap! They are not playing around this year!

Man… those are some huge sunglasses.


They killed Michelle! :eek: :frowning:

Nice touch, the wacko first lady. Shrieking violin music is never a good sign.

Given the late start they really seem to be making up time. The network mustn’t be showing as many commercials.

I still don’t like the new president. Jean Smart’s character is unstable enough, it appears, to be enough of a bother to him as to make me like her.

Well, it wouldn’t be a first episode of 24 without having Jack kill somebody.

You reckon they’ll still let Palmer sell insurance?

It’ll take more than a bullet through the heart to stop an insurance agent. :smiley:

So end of the first episode. The season is off and running with a bang. That’d be a body count of six or thereabouts. Maybe Derek won’t be quite so annoying on the run with Chloe and Jack.

It was good to see Mike Novick again. I like the reaction when he heard the news about former President Palmer.

And Jean Smart’s character has quite a lot of promise in living up to the hype that the audience wouldn’t know what she was going to do next.

Yeeeeeeeah, the assassin actually thought Jack was going to take him to a hospital…

It’s a pretty small target, too.

Six? I counted five. Palmer, Michelle, the terrorist Jakc killed with a knife, terrorist in the car, and the terrorist that gave him the information.

God, these past two seasons LOVE having the angsty, hippie-looking, annoying kid (well, last season the guy was more like in his 20’s, but acted like a kid.)

Prediction: (NOT a spoiler, pure speculation)
The CTU agent Chloe slept with is evil.

I lost track of the terrorists killed by Jack apparently, and counted four rather than three.

Interesting that David Fury is now one of the co-executive producers. I just noticed it on the credits.

I can’t believe they

killed Jeff Kober so fast. I was like “Hey cool, Rack from Buffy got a job” but, then BAM!


Oh No!, not Michelle! I loved her. LOVED HER!

I missed last season due to the birth of an infant in the household. Anyone know of a good place to get a nutshell wrap-up? If I can’t find anything I’ll read the episode guides at the original site I guess.