24: Season 5: Episodes 1-2 (7:00am - 9:00am) Season Premiere!


Annoying site design, but thorough.

Mrs. Plant, who curses me for addicting her to 24, nailed him right off the bat.

“Relax. He’s really good at this.”


Hmm… Chloe’s got an appointment with Torture Man?

Is it wrong for me to have noticed that, while she was on the ground being cuffed, she has a nice ass?

I do find it interesting how quickly CTU and Audrey believed that Jack had killed Palmer. Particularly when he’s killed quite a few people in the past, and been willing to die himself, all to save Palmer.

Looks like the First Lady isn’t bonkers.

Shame. :dubious:

I’ll try to live with myself. :smiley:

Well dammit. The networks cutting back and forth between cable in Canada and the US meant that I lost the last minute. Can anyone tell me what happened?

The President played back the First Lady’s phone call from Palmer and she misremembered what he said.

Well, darn. It looks like CTU is just going to have to cooperate with Jack Bauer again, aren’t they?

Thanks, but I meant the very last minute of the hour. They showed Derek on the floor, and then the networks cut.

Never mind. They just cut back to the American network again, and I saw it. Interesting revelation of bad guy on the inside. And it’s always good to see Geraint Wyn Davies again.

Well, the scene I described is null and void now.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have our mole!

Jack does Die Hard.

Don’t trust that man! He’s a Vampire!

Lot’s of Vampire connections in this season. Rack and Principal Wood from Buffy, Geraint… and of course, Keifer.

I swear, that president looks like Nixon in profile.

Oh, and at least on the Chicago Fox channel, President Palmer *was * still selling insurance. Apparently we can all be in good hands.

Well, I think Jack was actually telling the truth… until the bad guy IDed himself as Palmer’s shooter. The moment he admitted it, I knew he was toast.

Yeah, I was thinking that too. Why do the baddies want to hijack an airport? I mean, if it’s just for hostages, why specifically the airport? Why not… a bank? or the mall? or a high school?

And where was the Russian dude landing? I don’t think that was anywhere near this airport, was it?

I don’t believe Jack would have taken the guy to the hospital anyway. YMMV