24: Season 4: Episodes 1-2 (7:00am - 9:00am) Season Premiere!

24, Season 4, Episode 1-2
7:00 AM - 9:00 AM


Here we go again, folks!

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Jesus Maud JarJar made it back for another season and hasnt changed a bit.

Grrrr… 20 minutes in and they’ve already pulled out the “super-hacker” cliche. Some computer geek who can look at hex dumps on the screen and interpret it in real time, and figure out what it does.

a. No one down loading code ever spools the output to the screen. Who the hell wants to look at 20 megabytes of unreadable gibberish scroll by?

b. No one can read compiled code as if it were text.

c. Compiled code does not retain comments.

At least if they’re going to attempt to baffle us all with technobabble, at least have the stuff on the screen make sense. Show us script code instead of a meaningless screen dump of numbers.

Guess Palmer was a one-termer.


Once again, Jack takes control and gets the answers!

Note to self: NEVER become acquainted with Jack, in a good or bad way!

Explosions at the beginning AND end of the first hour. Groovy.

Do we really need a “Previously on 24…”? We JUST WATCHED IT, frcryinoutloud!

Well, there’s quite a few openings on the Secret Service now.

And at some LA-based software development house as well.

Jack Bauer is “Mr. Provisional Reinstatement.” How many times has he been provisionally reinstated now?

Fixed title-my Fox affiliate was showing cartoons from 7am to 9am this morning. :stuck_out_tongue:

Uh, the title refers to the episode title. :smiley:

Am I being whooshed? Episodes 1 and 2 take place at 7am and 8am, respectively, in 24-time.

I don’t think Czarcasm knows that. It’s just a coincidence that the hours match the title (albeit 12 hours off).

Damn. It looks like Debbie is the new Kim.

Well, I reported the post so someone can clean it up. Of course, the hours only line up if you’re in the Central Time Zone…

I dunno. TerrorKid’s girlfriend is filling the role of stupid teenage girl nicely.

Re-fixed the stoopid title.


Also, it appears that SecDef’s hippy son is trying to take the Annoying Character crown from Chloe.

Wait, Debbie is TerrorKid’s girlfriend. I suck at remembering character names.