24: Season 4: Episode 5 (11:00am - 12:00pm)

]24, Season 4, Episode 5
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM


I wonder what Hal Sparks will have to say about 24 when VH1 does I Love the Aughts.

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Yep,Marianne’s definitely the new Sherry Palmer.

And Edgar almost grew some balls… “doesn’t mean I’m your bitch!”

Well, you caved, so I guess it does.

Good lord, now all of a sudden I’m really liking Chloe, too! :eek:


“Edgar, you’re a geek…”

Me, too.

Oh wow, zee drama… zee suspense! And to top it all off, the vehicle bursts into flames! God I love this show…

I’d bet real money that Chloe’s a screamer and would demand to be on top.

Jack: “Now, miss head bitch in charge, aren’t you sorry you didn’t listen to me and follow this guy to the baddie hangout?”

I was hoping for some later confrontation between Jack and Kalil – where the latter would recognize him and realize who’s bitch he’s been since the convenience store. Ah, well…

Man, the Terror Family Robinson is getting sloppy. You’d think they would have turned the girl’s phone off after the first time it rang.

And they don’t need to rescue Heller before the broadcast starts. They just need to get in there before it ENDS.

“Jack, talk to me! Don’t go in there alone! Clear the area!”

Doesn’t Driscoll realize that whatever she says will be “Opposite Day Command” to Jack? She ought to know better by now… :wink:

Jeez, how long does it take to wrap up a dead body? The Aziz’s are really bad at this kind of thing.

Lots of time killing tonight. Chloe’s gone! Now there’s a mixed blessing.

The biggest shocker?

Anyone want to venture a guess?

Well whatever is in that damned breifcase is the lynchpin of what comes next after Jack prevents the SecDef from being killed on the net. WMD’s? They already ran with bioterror last season. What could be in that case? Marcellis Wallace’s soul?

Nuclear launch codes for sending missiles to destroy their (the TerrorFolks) enemies?

I predict that Hormonial Terror Kid pops bug-eyed Terror Mom sometime today. And the Terror Dad sacrifices their bodies in his shrine to Father Knows Best.
I’m confused-- did Terror Mom lie to Terror Dad about the relative aliveness of the unfortunate ex-girlfriend?
Also, store-robbery kidnapper should have known better than to drive a Pinto. It was a Pinto, wasn’t it? That’s why it exploded that way, right?

I think she just didn’t want Ward to know that she killed the Beaver’s girlfriend, since the Beaver was supposed to do it himself. Otherwise Ward would be very disappointed in the Beaver.

Not bad, but I doubt it. First, who was the guy with the briefcase on the train? He must have been important, but they don’t just let some guy with nuke codes wander about the country. Also, right after SecDef was nabbed they threw out a line about how they changed all the codes that he knew about etc. I can’t see them doing differently if someone with nuke launch codes was killed in a train accident. I don’t think that case has anything to do directly with the US government.

No. UnluckyGirl was quite dead. TerrorMom was telling TerrorKid that TerrorDad would be pissed if he didn’t see a bullet hole in UnluckyGirl, so she popped a cap in UnluckyGirl’s dead chesticular region. She saved TerrorKid’s ass for now.

And then TerrorTeen had sex with the body… :smiley:

Of course, I was expecting them to grab Debbie’s mom in and add her to the pile. Then in subsequent episodes, I envisioned this sequence:

“Hi, I’m Debbie’s Mom’s husband. Have you seen Debbie or her mom? Hey what’s that blood on the floo…”


(time passes…)

ding dong
“Hi, I’m Debbie’s mom’s neighbor. They invited me to a barbeque tonight, but I can’t find the…”


(time passes…)

knock knock
“Hi, I’m the guy who took Debbie to the prom last year. I heard the barbeque was moved to here tonig…?”


(more time passes…)

ding dong
TerrorDad, to TerroMom: “Pack your shit. We’re moving.”

Okay, I now have to agree with those who say that Chloe is kinda sexy.

Not droolingly sexy, but still…

At least wardrobe gave her some ass pants to wear for her walkout scene.