24: Season 4: Episodes 3-4 (9:00am - 11:00am)

24, Season 4, Episode 3-4
9:00 AM - 11:00 AM


Sorry this is so early; I only have Internet access from work, for the time being.

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I wonder who is going to complain that the show will actually be on 8 PM - 10 PM ;).


“Mom…? Please, could you talk to Dad and ask him not to kill my girlfriend?”

Dad: I’m very disappointed in you, son. I mean, we feed you, we clothe you, we try to raise you with terrorist family values, and this is the thanks we get? We were even considering training you for suicide-bombing, but instead you seem to want to throw away your life on blondes and not-dying-for-a-cause… For shame!


Chloe: You need to figure out how to keep him there for a few minutes…


Jack (to himself): Let’s see… remove distributor cap? nah… slash tires? nope… Play hold-up man? Bingo!!!

William Devane = Jack, Sr?

Nice try Mr. Secretary!

Ward, the Beaver wouldn’t kill his girlfriend. He’s been a very bad boy.

Awwwwww, golly gee, mom!

Jack is going to be the head of CTU on day 5, isn’t he?

What is with Head Bitch at CTU? “No we’re not listening to you, Jack. You’re under arrest!” Click!
“Do exactly what he said!”
I don’t understand being a bitch just for the sake of being a bitch.

Oh, and why can’t anybody have a nice, normal family life on this show?

This seems maybe cannot sorta cool…Encourage me or not.

And once again Bauer takes it up a notch.

“You kill ONE MORE of my men you’re dead”

Yikes for a well oiled terrorist machine these guys are pretty sad. Have they not read the evil genius handbook?!?!

Don’t trust your teenage son’s loyalty to the family when harmones are involved. Simply say, “that’s ok son let her go home.” Once he’s off doing an evil errand go kill her.

And they fell for the old “My cell mate is not well routeen.” I’m surprised he didn’t do the fake cough followed by the elbow to the gut. Sheeesh.

Oh yeah and the… “I’m going to leave you two unknown flunkies to finish off the kid while I am convienently away rather than plug the kid myself”

I have to admit I’m still liking the show.

That would be the psycho Madelyn from La Femme Nikita.
Don’t mess with her, man.

I can’t help it…
You’re so Devaaane…
You probably think this kidnapping’s about you…

God, that was cool…FINALLY a secondary character who, after using a pistol to kill a rifle-armed bad guy…TAKES THE FREAKING RIFLE! Halleighlulia!

BTW, thinking of just who knew the SecDef was gonna be at Richard’s house, I have a thought:

Jack’s main squeeze, the SecDef’s daughter, is a mole.

Good thing you put this in a spoiler, Rik. Don’t wanna give away too much of what you think might happen.

I KID! I kid 'cuz I CARE.
P.S. What happened the funny looking Witness kid? Did they mention him after Jack got out of the convience store?

I know, I know…but you know how bitchy some people get about even speculation in these kinds of threads.

He’s in critical condition the emergency room.

“Fine. I was gonna quit anyway!”

Abso-feckin-lutely classic. You can’t help but love Chloe.

BTW, I totally called the poison in the tea 20 minutes before Debbie croaked. Uppity housewives always use poison.

Yeah, I didn’t understand how that was better than doing something to the guy’s car.

Wouldn’t the terrorist be a little suspicious if he came out and his car had a problem, whereas the hold up is less directed at him in particular?

Jack probably figured that he would be fired anyway, so robbing the place he could pick up a little cash as well as help save the world. He is a grandfather now, after all. He wouldn’t want to set a bad example for his grandkid by cheap vandalization.

Is this new analyst/consultant Mrs. Palmer’s daughter? Or did she simply go to the same school.

I don’t really think so. If you popped the tire with a knife and then put a nail in there, there would be no reason for him to be suspicious. Ran over nail, happens sometimes. There usually aren’t many police blockades for nails in the road.

I liked ep 3, but didn’t care for ep 4 as much. A little too “Ah, come ON!” and reminiscent of last season.