24: Season 4: Episode 7 (1:00pm - 2:00pm)

24: Season 4: Episode 6 (1:00pm - 2:00pm)


Would anyone be too terribly upset if I didn’t bother with the links to previous episodes?

I was watching The Day After Tomorrow yesterday and I kept yelling at the screen, “Why are you trusting that guy?! He’s a terrorist! He tried to have his son killed for God’s sake! Who let him into the US government?!”

Quick replies! Yay!

…Sorry, carry on…

Nobody needs to be upset :wink:

24, Season 4, Episode 7
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM


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Thanks, MKL, I forgot to watch last week, and was looking for this thread for a link to find out what happened last week. Although, if someone wanted to sum it up briefly here, I wouldn’t mind.

I have, I think, fixed the title… this is episode 7, not 6, they tell me.

24, Season 4, Episode 7, hours 1 - 2, sheesh.

This is all my fault for calling episode 6 episode 5 last week.

It’s bad enough that TerrorDad wants to nuke my country AND kill his own son, but now he’s a spouse abuser.

He is so not getting any virgins.

Anyways, three hours before the first meltdown, eh? I think this year’s body count is going to surpass last year’s.

Drat! We shouldn’t have included the “Meltdown” button on the remote control! We should have just left it a Mute button…

Uh, yeah, I have to be careful not to mess up the pre-compiled headers, and then I’ll just reverse the polarity on the hoobajabit couplings and that will turn the deflector dish into a big universal remote…

I liked Edgar’s nervous bit, though. “Look at me, my hands are shaking. I feel nautious…”

It’s good to see that Filburt the Turtle has gotten work after Rocko’s Modern Life went off the air.

Soul Patch to the rescue!

Woohoo!!! Tony!!!

So I guess he’s not in prison for treason, eh? I hope we find out his story next week.

I said those exact words at that scene. :slight_smile:

(Also…quick reply…groovy)

Crap! Plant Hatch is going to melt down. That’s just 46 miles away.

Ditto here on the “Soul Patch” exclamation.

Yay for Terror Mom saving her kid.

Am I going crazy or did previous series use a 24 hour clock system? I was really surprised to see the time as 01:xx during the show.

Did they get the nukes in your state right? We have two in AR, but at the same location not in two cities as they showed.

Damn good thing Tony lives in Burbank, about ten minutes away from that security company, eh? :wink:

It’s always used the 12-hour clock.

TV Tome episode guide. (note: may contain spoilers)

Jack: Tony! I need your help! Where are you?
Tony: Starbucks outside some security place in Burbank, polishing my gun. What’s up?

Weird episode. Things just felt off. From the Separated Husband’s “You’re breaking my heart” hissy fit to the oh, so romantic finger wrestling in the car.