24: Season 4: Episode 11 (5:00pm - 6:00pm)

Thought I’d get the party started again – this time before the show actually starts!

24, Season 4, Episode 11
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM


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Holy Crap, thanks for pre-posting this thread!!! I would have totally forgotten the show was on tonight. You rock. Now, off to buy some Heineken to enhance my viewing pleasure!

There’s absolutely nothing to post about yet, but I’m getting ready.

Well, if Paul didn’t knowingly have anything to do with the kidnapping and attack, then that torture by Jack was a bit over the top, and his new girlfriend isn’t going to be happy about it. But then one would think that he wouldn’t be so close-mouthed about it, and unwilling to answer Jack’s questions. He sure acted like he had something to hide.

Spoilers, kids.

Really. Sorta.

  1. Good to see Curtis kick ass. It’s nice to know that CTU agents other than Jack can kick some ass. Have we seen anyone besides Jack snap a neck before?

  2. I probably missed it in one of the other threads…but I didn’t know that The Mummy was Marwan. Huh.

That makes two actors who used to be bald going under cover as men with hair…


Did I detect the slighest smile on Tony’s face right after he turned off the recording equipment?

Go, Curtis! The guy rocks.

I’m looking forward to Curtis and Jack in action together – hopefully that’s coming up!

Side note:

I used to work for a place called IDS. Biggest bunch of clusterfuck jackasses you’ve ever met.

I’m not sure how it’s appropriate in this case, but I’m sure it fits somewhere…


“Oh, now that we’re here, I just realized we forgot to ask CTU to send over a picture of what Marwan looks like.”

Or maybe CTU didn’t have a photo in any profile. It had better be that, because otherwise, that smacks of serious incompetence in preparing an action against him and that building.

Coming this fall from FOX:

“24: Special Teams” - Starring Edgar & Curtis.

Eh, if he’s ‘some guy named Marwan’, who knows? I’m willing to believe that they just couldn’t dig up a picture in time.

In regards to Driscoll and Maya…

  1. Bad actress. I’m sorry.

  2. Looks like the 23-hour suicide watch isn’t the success they’d hoped for.

(I tried to link to the Onion article, but I’m not a premium member)


Okay, now that Comic Book Guy and company have stopped the meltdowns (we hope), what’s the backup plan?

I liked Tony’s interrogation bit, too. He’s changed – he’s much more willing to use Jack-like measures. “I will make it my personal business to see that you never find out what happens to your son.”

Driscoll’s “grief” didn’t seem quite genuine – it wasn’t enough. I would think that initial shock would bring on a bigger breakdown.

Does anyone know when Ford is coming out with the special Jack Bauer Edition featuring pull out weapons containers?

What comes next in this season? I think they gave some idea when TerrorMom spoke of the “other cells”.

Too bad about Driscoll’s daughter, I am sure we all saw that one coming.

When is Chloe going to come back and bitchslap Edgar for stealing her thunder?

Well, that’s what I was hoping. Although they ran up a profile and found lots of connections to Marwan (members of other cells and such), so it would seem that there was already info out there to be found on him – if so, it’s hard to buy that there wouldn’t be any photo available.
Although, maybe there wasn’t all that much info – I’ll have to watch again to recall exactly what was said on the info they dug up.

You mean Driscoll, I presume? I totally agree. Her reactions just don’t ring true.

Sigh. Now we get to see the whole, predictable, tired “baaaad corporation” plot. :rolleyes:

I’d like to move we change Curtis’s name to Black Bauer, because he kicked serious ass there. Yow!

No, I’m starting to think they’re through. I don’t know why the fuck he let her stay in the room. There HAS to be a CTU protocol about it, and even if there isn’t it’s totally stupid. For that matter, I don’t know why Paul pulled a SecDef’s Kid and refused to talk when he didn’t have anything to hide. I guess we still don’t know how the terrorists found out about Heller’s location…

I found myself confused by next week’s preview. I know they need to find Marwan, but since they’ve already saved all the plants it seems less urgent than the kind of thing they need. Probably the other cells will be put into play now. What’s going to happen in the next episode of As The President Flies?

It looks like Jack is going to have to beat Brit Boy into bauerbraten after all.

If they hold true to form, something about other bad guys in the company that developed the Universal Nuclear Remote Control – probably more people from that place in league with the terrorists.

Well, if I hadn’t been clicking on Rikwriter’s spoiler boxes in the previous weeks… :smack:

We interrupt this thread for a Presidential Travel Update

He’s still on the plane. Not there yet.
… and now back to your regularly scheduled thread.

Yeah, you’re right – he shouldn’t have let her stay in the room. There almost seemed to be a tender moment or two between Audrey and Paul in the van on the way to the BadGuyBuilding.

And if Paul truly didn’t know anything, and was just being used to get close to the Hellers, you would think that he would be quick to help answer Jack’s questions.
Jack: “There’s a building you own that the terrorists used to plan the kidnapping.”
Paul’s reaction should have been: “What?! Are you sure? Well let’s get on my laptop and figure out what the hell’s going on!”

instead of his actual reaction, which was, of course…
“No, I’m not talking to you, you big wife-stealing poopyhead!”

I think Little Heller still knows something – they never did get the info out of him. Anybody else think he’ll be back? I think he told somebody he trusted, like a girl or something. Somebody who was using him to find out the info.