24: Season 4: Episode 11 (5:00pm - 6:00pm)

Do you actually know something, or is this a prediction that everyone will forget unless you’re correct in which case we’ll be remided of it?


Heyyyyy … so did I. It was in a University library, though, so it’s probably not the same place.

Rikwriter knows stuff.

And also, please everybody remember that the standard rule in the 24 threads has been to only discuss things from the aired episodes. Spoiler boxes should be used for advance info known about future shows, and this includes the “scenes for next week” – since some folks flip the channel as soon as the clock ticks and don’t watch next week’s previews.


Yes, I know something. I’ve read spoilers that say that the defense corporation tries to cover up the fact that it was involved in this whole thing by trying to kill Jack and launching an attack of its own. Don’t know specifics.

I’m feeling very dense: was there ANY point to including Maya in these scripts at all???

That whole Maya subplot was just lame. It should have wound up on the cutting room floor. It was not believable. Not just because of the acting, but the extreme nature of it and why her daughter wound up in CTU that day anyway. It just wasn’t well written.

The rest of it, though, was really well done. I like how the plot led them to that location through several different threads of information. Someone did some good thinking there when they put the script together.

Yes, there was:

Because Driscoll will be too distraught, Tony, fresh off a noon drinking binge, will be named interim director of CTU.

None that I can think of, other than to give Driskoll a “human angle”. How does a teenage girl commit suicide in front of a doctor and several nurses? I wanted to screem at them: JUST STRAP HER TO A BED AND SEDATE HER, FOR GOD’S SAKE!

I loved the look on Audrey’s face when Jack tried to jump start Brit-boy’s heart. And I fully expected Tony to drag the Beave into Terror Mom’s cell and start torturing him in front of her.

That’s exactly what I was thinking during that scene!

I have to say, these guys at CTU celebrate way too early. OK, it’s been 1/2 second since we THINK we’ve reversed the meltdown, let’s all just stop and congratulate ourselves. I’m waiting for the Star Wars scene where Edgar advances thru a cheering crowd to get a Presidential Medal of Honor…

Anyway, this was a pretty good episode, and I have to say I’m enjoying this season much more than last.

Did anyone else get the feeling that Jack’s girlfriend’s feelings shifted back to her husband during the torture scene?

I got the feeling that Audrey was very uncomfortable with the idea of Jack torturing him. I didn’t get the feeling that she wanted to get back together with him, though.

Of course, after what she saw, she might not be too thrilled with hooking up with Jack again, either. I think that’s what the writers want us to think.

Yep – I mentioned earlier that I noticed what appeared to be a tender moment or two between them in the car. Just the looks between them – but it seemed like maybe Audrey was reconsidering (especially after seeing Jack in Ruthless/Torture/Badass Mode).

Disclaimer: I really have nothing but sympathy for the mentally ill and would never feel anything but sorrow over the suicide of a real person.

That said–Wooohooohooo Maya is dead D-E-A-D dead wooohooo!!!
In other news…
Curtis beats down ‘Mr. Rains’.
Curtis takes ‘Mr. Rains’s’ phone.
Curtis speed dials CTU.
Also, is it just me or is there a definite tendency for CTU personnel to really torture the hell out of good guys by mistake while hardly saying boo to the bad guys?

I’m amazed that Driscoll’s daughter bled to death that quickly with all of those medical people around? Did she sever some important artery? Not that I want to try, but I think it’s got to be hard to slash your wrists and die within 2-3 minutes.

And it didn’t even look like the medical personnel were even trying to save her. It was more like “Well, she’s dead. That’s bad.”

When Jack and Curtis found the bad guy in the steno pool, why did he have to call Driscoll to get her to send in help? I thought they had like 95 zillion tactical teams waiting outside chomping at the bit. The minute the shit hits the fan they should have all rushed in and flooded the place… instead, Jack has to wander around by his lonesome. And how the hell did the CTU agent get killed (the one that the baddie got the uniform from)? Was he all alone? I thought these guys used the buddy system.

Yeah, I’m sorry, but she seemed unnecessary in the first place. If you saw the previews for next week, I guess we’ve found out what purpose she served in a roundabout way, but yiy, talk about pointless.

Maybe the writers wanted to make sure we didn’t think Driskoll was a Cylon agent. After all, a normal human being would show some kind of emotion once in awhile.

I kept wanting to hear:

Comic Book Guy: Turn to channel 11
Black Bauer: Dammit, we don’t have time for the Simpson’s.

I agree Curtis (aka Black Bauer) kicked ass. The terror guys in that building aint gettin no virgins.

Soon as the torture happened I said “Say bye-bye to girlfriend Jack.”

Sara needs lessons in pissed-off employee 101. She was tortured less that 90 minutes ago and yet at this rate she’s going to win Employee of the Month.

Back to the Universal remote of Doom. Keyboard lock?!!! Come the fuck on, you’ve been planning this shit for years, surely an engineer could have thought up something better, like I don’t know, a freakin password.

What’s this daughter thing of which you guys speak, must be similar to that Chloe/baby thing everyone was hallucinating a season ago. Another example of the writers outsmrting themselves. I was thinking escape valve for Marianne when that didn’t pan out I figured it would end lame.

Oh, by the way…

I don’t know if the ad ran in all markets or not, but I will never, ever eat at Karls’ Jr.! All I would be able to think about would be that fetus grabbin’ stuff and yankin’ on it. Bluhh-huhh-huhh! How could the people who made that abomination (I almost said “abortion”–aren’t you glad I didn’t?) not think it would make viewers sick?

So you’re telling me that the “clinic” at freakin’ CTU headquarters–torture and interrogation central–can’t do a better job of controlling and keeping watch over a hostile or uncooperative person than that? Like they wouldn’t have straitjackets and padded restraints and several burly “orderlies” and all kinds of really heavy sedatives at a place like that.

She didn’t show all that much emotion when she found out about Maya either.

I was expecting something like:

It was more like:
“Oh, no. This is kind of a drag.”
And yes, Sarah should be seriously more pissed off. You’d think she got tortured by the boss every day. “I just put in an 8 1/2 hour shift. Got tortured, zapped, yelled at, accused of treason. Think I’ll put in some overtime before I leave. La la la la la la la. Whistle while you work…”