24: Season 4: Episode 10 (4:00pm - 5:00pm)

Well, looks like nobody started one yet this week, so I’ll get it going.


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B’ver: fuckin’ A!
I knew I had a bad feeling about ForeignHubby!

Of course Dina didn’t know anything. Too bad the B’ver didn’t leave TerrorDad alive (maybe just in pain) so that Jack could find out where Marwan is.

Okay, Marianne doesn’t really need to go with Curtis to the guy’s computer. It requires her thumbprint or the dead guy’s, right? So just cut off the dead guy’s thumb, genius.

10 minutes to go, and I think Paul suspects. That was too quick a turnaround on Audrey’s part. She needed to play it like she was more uncertain and just wanted to talk, “I’m sorry, I was kind of abrupt with you, it was the stress of today”. The whole “Maybe you were right – we should be together” is just too fast a change of mind. I think she inadvertently tipped him off.

We’ll see. :slight_smile:

I thought the same thing. The second password thing would have been a problem, though.

Who’s BaldGuy?

Given the spoilers I’ve read, he is probably working for the defense contractor that lost the override in the first place. Apparently Marwan, the main bad guy, got a job with them and that’s how he found out about the override. They know this and want to cover it up.

Actually, some of the most current biometric research focuses on ways to determine if tissue is alive or dead (heat, perspiration, etc), so presumably if the traitor worked for a defense corporation, it’s certainly possible that his dead finger wouldn’t have worked.

24 is definitely interesting again…to be honest, I thought this would be where Audrey did her 180, but (un)surprisingly, Jack rushes in just in the nick of time!! I don’t think we’ve ever seen Jack get medieval on a romantic rival, so my sense of schaedenfraude is piqued by the preview!!

Shoulda hired Haliburton.

Nice to see B’ver off dad, even though it wasn’t necessary.

“Get me a hacksaw,” anyone?

I guess Aussie Nelson being a terrorist is a good thing. Nobody likes him, he’s annoying, and he’s foreign, which should’ve been a big tipoff. You get the sense Jack’s going to enjoy the next 20 minutes or so.

From the previews:

ForeignHubby: “You’re bluffing.”

Is there some reason they couldn’t send a dozen LAPD to support Curtis?
Anyhow. I’m looking forward to next week when Jack gets “loose” on whatever floor their talking about.

But I have a question: Is Curtis dead or alive?

And why doesn’t anyone in the CTU trust Tony? (I didn’t watch last season, so I don’t know what happened to him.)

And isn’t that Sarah a brick? Zapped nearly senseless, but she’ll just troop down to her cubicle and begin tapping away on those old computer keys. I did like her sticking up Driscoll for a big raise and an erasure of her arrest! Way to go, Torture Girl!

That’s why I said what I said. Goes to show you the man doesn’t know Jack. Jack doesn’t bluff.

I didn’t understand Curtis’s lack of support. I also STILL don’t get how Marianne’s car was wired to explode.

Curtis just took a bonk to the head.

I can’t imagine why people would have a problem with Tony. It’s not like he ever cut off a prisoners head, broke a drug lord out of prison, robbed a convienience store or cut off another agents arm or anything.

Michelle was captured by bad guy, who used her as leverage against Tony. Picture another guy on the phone telling another CTU agent what to do, or else. Well, this time it was Tony. And Tony obeyed to keep his wife alive – which meant diverting an assault team to the front door of place where bad guy was surrounded, and bad guy walked out the back and got away (but only for a short time – they got him in the next hour or two).

Last we saw in season 3, Tony was in deep doo-doo. The word treason was mentioned. The word prison was mentioned. (Apparently, he got a presidential pardon, we found out this season, but obviously didn’t keep his CTU job).

I was thinking she’d be a little more pissed off. She decided to go back to work easily enough. Driscoll’s excuses sounded weak, and I was waiting for Sarah to give her hell. Well, at least Sarah’s twisting the nipple screws a little and getting that big raise she’s been wanting.

And Driscoll – it sure seemed she was giving in to the “Hey, let’s make Tony an agent again” request rather easily. At least she’s trying to pull a sneaky “keep an eye on them” trick. Not that she’s any good at it.

I was really incredulous when she said (about Tony), something like “Jack vouches for you, so that’s good enough for me”. Hell, it wasn’t good enough 6 or 7 hours ago when JACK was the guy you were trying to keep away.

Yeah, I was wondering if CTU is short on “security” staff or something.
“Send a security team with them” apparently means “Send two guys who stand by the door and don’t pay much attention to their surrpoundings”.

It happened when Jack and Audrey went to the place to look at security cam footage, and it happened now. They need to reclassify “security team” to mean “three carloads of tactical assault specialists, armed to the teeth, setting up a secure perimeter around the building or area”.

No problem. Just tuck in your underwear - warm and moist! :smiley:

You know, I wonder if Behrooz is still kind of pissed at Mom for killing his girlfriend.

I mean, he’s had to kill Dad anyways, Mom’s going to prison, and she’s cutting him a deal to go free (and he only knew about the kidnapping, but not the nuclear meltdowns, originally). If all that’s going to happen to him anyways, I think he’d at least want one bright spot. Like… oh… maybe a cute girlfriend who’s not pushing up the daisies?

Not a bad ep. Raise your hand if you thought there might be “something” in the champagne… And I agree, CTU needs to up the ante on their security teams. Good touch with Sarah, aka Torture Girl. I want a raise-- two pay grades! Interesting that they went straight to the lie detector w/ Marianne instead of bringing in Needle Guy. Is Marianne also the DNA lady on CSI…? She looks awfully familiar.

That was a mild disappointment. At the beginning of the scene, I said “Finally, they torture someone who actually deserves it!” And of course, there’s no torture at all; she talks her way out of there in two minutes. For all the good it did her.