24: Season 4: Episode 8 (2:00pm - 3:00pm)

24: Season 4: Episode 8 (2:00pm - 3:00pm)

So let’s see if I got this week’s title correct.

Also, possibly of interest: Racial Profiling on 24 with Spoilers!


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Just wanted to say that I am pumped to finally join this discussion on the Boards, and to let all of you regular “24” posters know that you have kept my laughing my ass off for the past two years. Soulpatch indeed…


“I’m Kiefer Sutherland. 24 is a fun show, but it’s very important to realize all muslims aren’t terrorists, blah blah blah politicalcorrectcakes…”

“…and if you see these actors on the street, do not, I repeat, DO NOT, shoot them…We may need them for the last couple of episodes we wtill have to film.”

So, the doctor calls the police, but doesn’t call hospital security or make any attempt to keep TerrorMom there until the cops arrive?

“stop. please. don’t go. wait.”

Wasn’t that just a little clinic? They wouldn’t have security.

And Lispy Skippy is the fuckin’ MAN.

Tony still has a Cubs mug. Awesome :smiley:

Three AWESOME one-liners in this episode:
“No, she’s very sweet.” (From JACK no less)
“I could have him killed.”
“Actually, I’m currently unemployed.”


Tony: Cub fan, Bud Man.

YES!!! Three cheers for Edgar!

Indeed. Excellent!

I am so glad to see Tony! Hope they do well for him; hope they don’t do something horrible to him. I’ve grown quite fond of him.

“Hey, a lot of them aren’t even Middle Eastern”

They seem to have run out of Middle Eastern actors a long time ago. I’m just waiting for, [soap opera voice over]The role of Achmed will be played by Casper Van Diem[/soap opera voice over]

Behrooz have grown up into a doc-shoving, take-charge man. Guess that’s what happens when you kill a man.

Wow, Tony goes from sexy, geektress to skeevy, barmaid???

He’s a traitor! Skanks are all he deserves!
…but I kid Soulpatch.

When Marianne was talking to white bad guy on the phone, he said, “Don’t worry, you’ll be taken care of.” Right there, anybody else get the feeling that he really intended this statement other than she was supposed to hear it? “Don’t worry, your ass is toast next”. Then we have the exploding car… Marianne, Edgar just did you a favor. You would have blown up later if you weren’t being pursued now.

So… anybody think Sarah will be happy to just go back to her workstation? “Sorry, Sarah. It was just a mix up. No hard feelings?”

And what’s the verdict on schizo daughter girl? Last we saw (last week), she was going into some shock/coma/failure/something-really-bad thingy. Where we don’t know if she’s going to make it. Nice of them not to tell us. Driscoll hasn’t broken down into a puddle of weeping goo, so is it a safe assumption she pulled through?

Good thing for Jack that the bad-guy snipers always have orders to kill the other bad-guy (before he talks), rather than to kill the ones who caught him (i.e. Jack & Tony).

So… does Curtis get to torture Marianne next week?
“I’m so glad you came to temp for us today, Marianne. Let’s see if you really still have feelings for me, like you said…” :smiley:

Did anyone else notice the two shots of the American flag at the terrorist’s headquarters/mob style bar?

Nice to see that Tony has worked on lightening up a little since last season.

Edgar has replaced Chloe rather quickly, how will she make her comeback?

How is it that Tony’s house is fifteen minutes or less from everywhere? Did Jack formerly moonlight as a Dominoes Pizza delivery man?

I find the actress playing Driscoll completely tough to believe. When she tried to get ticked with the “I’m not playing around” stuff in the interrogation room, I just didn’t buy it. She has the emotional aptitude of Keanu Reeves, IMO.

They’re trying to put up a front. Remember W’ard Qli’ver’s comment to his secretary about how horrible the kidnapping was.

Oh, and I was glad that Tony changed his tune from “Do your thing and begone” to “How can I help?” When he was doing his self pity thing (“I’m considered a traitor and my wife left me. So how can you help me, Jack?!”), I was just waiting for Jack to respond with:
“Yeah, well don’t make me play the My-Wife-Was-Killed-By-The-Mole-You-Were-Dating card!”

Then when he offered help and was leaving with Jack, and looked back at the bar skank girlfriend, I said out loud his obviously unspoken line: “Sit! Stay!” :smiley:


I’m hoping the bump on the head she got doesn’t turn into a plot point.

Yeah, right? I’m hoping they have “Accidentally Tortured” comp over there at CTU. At the very least she should get an I’m Sorry Carvel cake and maybe some coffee from the Management pot.

True. Still, if you’re a sniper for a secret organization you probably don’t want to get drawn into a firefight. Kinda defeats the whole idea of sniping.

Sorry if this has been brought up in a previous thread this season. Wouldn’t shutting down 95 nuclear reactors have some sort of impact on the powergrid. Or would the other hydro electric and normal powerplants be able to pick up the slack?

Great episode, especially the final ten minutes. It was nice to see Edgar ball up - it almost makes up for him letting Big Pussy get killed. Can any computer-ite tell me if the techno-babble sounds remotely legitimate?

For the fifth straight week I maintain that Audrey has something up her sleeve, though my conviction on that point is starting to diminish. And where was her douche-bag husband this episode?

Finally, when Berooz and his mom were running out to the car, and the camera angle was through the back of the Caddy, didn’t it look like there was someone in the back of the car? I thought they were dead right there.