24: Season 4: Episode 16 (10:00pm - 11:00pm)

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24, Season 4, Episode 16
10:00 PM - 11:00 PM


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What, no smell-a-vision?

“I have been flying for 20 hours”

The first line they’ve even said about it!

…and, boy, are my arms tired!

Jack was in the building with how many strike team guys, and he basically takes down the whole place by himself?

The stabbing scene was classic Bauer.

Anyone know where Black Bauer went to?

Well, you just had to know that when Jack asked about the FBI agent that it was not good news for the agent.

Who’s Aziz? (sp?)

The dead guy with the backup hard drive whose apartment they are searching… have we seen him before? Sounds like he was Anderson’s roommate? Do we know who he was? or just some random henchman?

I thought this too, I have no idea who this Aziz is.

Anyone want to take a shot at predicting the target that will “have the whole world looking” for Anderson?

Please don’t tell me anything in NYC!

Innnnnnnnnnnnteresting. Regarding next week’s episode (possible mild spoiler warning).

I looked at…

[spoiler]…the imdb.com listings for guest star spots, and next week’s episode lists:

Mke Novick! (Jude Ciccolella)[/spoiler]

Considering that Marwan previously said, “The president is on a tight schedule” – probably the president.

Or was that a rhetorical question? :wink:

So, PilotBoy actually thinks he’s going to get away with whatever he’s going to do.

This is the one thing that always gets me when it comes to traitors (real or imaginary). If I represent a foreign power wanting to bring down another country and I get a citizen from that country to help me, he’s going to be the first person I kill once I get what I want. I’ll make any deal he wants, but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna keep it.

Chloe, Queen of Tact. :smiley:

Nice cover for Edgar, though.

What kind of sucky software are they using where “column major” format will bring the system crashing down?

Okay, who else thought Jack was going to shoot the harddrive?

Heh heh – little fake FBI agent didn’t pick a good hiding spot.
Sure, get behind that drywall. We’ll see how well that stops Jack’s bullets…
I presume Anderson’s planning to eject out of the fighter and let it crash. But I agree, Mr. Blue Sky – I don’t think Marwan has any intention of sending him on his merry way with his money and new identity.

Another episode ending with a bang ( :eek:) plus the bonus of the typical Jack repetition with shouting.

Note to self: do NOT run for president in the 24 Universe.

Damn. Poor president’s-son… He seemed like a good kid.

Well damn, that was supposed to be a :eek: . Preview would be my friend.

Did anyone else think Jack was going to get this guy to turn around? I sure did. I’m sorta glad they didn’t take the obvious way out.

The President’s safety is still up in the air, so I think we can assume he will probably survive.

This episode seemed to move very quickly, in my opinion. Were there more commercial breaks than usual?

I thought that was funny.

Jack Bauer: Hardwired to always shout (and get an answer) when someone doesn’t tell him what he wants quickly enough…

Still, I’m glad he’s on our side! I’m pretty sure he could take Rambo apart and then win a marathon…