24: Season 4: Episode 21 (3:00am - 4:00am) - Unboxed Spoilers!!

Welcome to 24! Featuring…

Jack Bauer
Black Bauer
and The Chloeinator!

oh, and a bunch of whiny other people who get in the way a lot and don’t really matter, except that it’s fun to torture them…

24, Season 4, Episode 21
3:00 AM - 4:00 AM


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I was watching Young Guns last night, and about fell off the couch laughing when “Doc” was walking beside “China” on the dusty road. He kept asking her to stop to talk, but she wouldn’t. So, of course, he stops and simply screams “STOP!!!”.

He’s had it in him all along…

So, Chloe has a “personality disorder”?

Personality Disorder – heehee!

That was a great line – “Chloe, we don’t have time for your personality disorder right now!”

I thought that on the raid on the consulate that only Jack went into the building – I thought the others only helped from the getaway car. But that security camera image looked like it was inside the place – and looked like it was one of those other guys, not Jack. Did I just miss something in the darkness of it all last week? Did one of the other guys go inside to help Jack get the dude out?

Best. Look. Ever.

Jack to Chloe when she offers to listen to him after the current disaster is over.

Chloe O’Brian, Master of Stating the Obvious.

Prez Logan: “Dammit, David, what have you done?! The Secretary of State just interrupted my game of Spider Solitaire with the news, and I was about to win!”

She is seriously f___ed up.

The pulling up the mask for a millisecond last week came back to bite CTU on the ass? Who would have thunk it?! :wink:

So, what are the chances of seeing a pretty mushroom cloud (or more) tonight?

what better way to insure 24 Season 5 after a nuclear strike…

“it was, like, the third world war, everything was deadvistated, so’s i spent most of my time…looking for beer”

“fleshy headed mutant, are you a freind of humanity?”

“No way, eh, radiation has made me a foe of mankind”

(sorry, couldn’t resist a Strange Brew reference :wink: )

“Well, Mr. Chinese Consulate Security Chief, thank you for your visit. To conclude our tour, here is our on-side medical clinic, where we can give instant medical attention to agen… oh, crap, I forgot…”

Thank you MacTech for causing me to spew Coke with Lime from my nose.

Wasn’t that head of security for the Chinese Consulate the guy whose daughter was kidnapped in Rush Hour?

Oh that’s great… make up hourlies that show Jack and Audry working together, with Audry pissed off at Jack and the Chinese Consulate wanting to talk to Audry… Brilliant!


Season 5 begins…

a person mutated by radiation is sitting at a CTU workstation…

Chloe: “Hey, Ralph, it must be difficult for you now. You know, after being on the fringe of that nuclear attack last summer. It must be tough for you being a mutant. I bet people probably point at you and gasp in horror when you go by, don’t they? Well… if you ever need to talk to somebody, I’m here…”

I’ve had enough of President Pussy’s whining and bitching. Is there any chance that he gets to meet Bauer face to face before the end of the day?

Why don’t we try to come up with the best scenario to deal with this loser.

President Wussy-Head: “You two are forming an alliance against me, aren’t you?!! Why am I sitting in here taking pointless phone calls while you’re running the country? Huh? Huh? Huh?!!!”

Mike: “Erm. Was it because two hours ago you told me you had no idea what to do? that you shouldn’t be president at all?”

Prez Wuss: “Oh yeah… That was it.”

Jack: I’m tired of your wimpy bullshit. Somebody bring me a saw!!

Damn you, Edgar!

Oh man. Of **course ** that had to happen at the end of the hour.