24: Season 4: Episode 22 (4:00am - 5:00am)

This week’s 24 thread is approved by the Monstre for President 2008 campaign.

24, Season 4, Episode 22
4:00 AM - 5:00 AM


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I have no official knowledge about tonight’s episode but allow me to make a prediction…

I think it will be a suspense-filled race against time.

Call me crazy, but that’s what I’m thinking…

I think that a lot of it will involve Jack Bauer, and there will be a lot of password sharing, file opening, satellite repositioning, bandwidth reallocation and Audrey whinning.

This is sort of an OSP (but when did I ever let that stop me?) but over the weekend I saw a trailer for a Steve McQueen: The Essence of Cool special on some cable station. And I thought to myself: If they had been producing 24 in his day, I’m betting ole Steve would have been cast as Jack Bauer. Anyone? Anyone?

What? No missile chasing?

Please, please, please let Chloe shoot someone.

Preferably a bad guy.

JThunder, I like the way you think! :smiley:

…and millions of people will die!

I haven’t seen the episode yet, but I’m willing to bet that while a nuclear bomb is in the very process of falling out of the sky and wiping out, as they say, millions of people, one of our unhappy couples is going to sneak a few moments for a heart-to-heart talk about their relationship. Because, you know, it can’t wait until tomorrow…

Aw, Chloe already had her turn. Give Edgar some firepower and set 'im loose.

If the terrorists were closing in on you, and your only chance of being rescued was either by Chloe or Edgar, whom would you choose? Chloe, for me. The thought of Edgar with a gun is pretty damn scary…

My theory is that his rage over his mom’s death would turn Edgar into a super commando.

On this show, stranger things have happened.

Did you catch the name just above Richard Heller?

Kieth Fett.

Damned bounty hunter scum!

Al Haig called, he wants his “I am in charge” line back.

Aha! As predicted.

The target?

Terre Haute, Indiana. Marwan’s in deep to Columbia House and the missile is the only way out.


Novick (talking about David Palmer’s presence): “Trust me, sir. President Logan is in good hands.”

Everybody else catch that one?

(who better to advise the prez than Ex-President Allstate, eh?)


How appropriate for Prez Palmer to have a commercial about stolen cars.

Well, I was close. Back in the earlier episodes, my theory was that Richard was trying to protect some girl he either dated or hooked up with, who used him to get the info that daddy Heller was visiting him at a certain time.

So, it wasn’t some girl, but I was close… :wink: