24: Season 4: Episode 20 (2:00am - 3:00am)

This week’s 24 thread brought to you in 4-D MonstreVision[sup]TM[/sup]. (4-D MonstreVision[sup]TM[/sup] Glasses sold separately)

24, Season 4, Episode 20
2:00 AM - 3:00 AM


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[Jack] Where can I buy the glasses?

Where can I buy the glasses? [/Jack]

For those that don’t know, 4-D MonstreVision[sup]TM[/sup] glasses are sold at your local convenience store. They are found in the fridges and come in singles, six packs, or, for optimum viewing pleasure, the 12-pack. Enjoy.

I’m sorry, but that’s not information that we want in the hands of the general public at this time. We’re going to have to detain you. Secret Service agents are already converging on your location.

We may have to torture you, too, but that really goes without saying…

Fuck, I new I shouldn’t have worn this red shirt.

[sub]I really am wearing a red shirt.[/sub]

Logan: Okay. Yep. I’ll be in the conference room if you need me. Working on… um… preparing… um… staying out of the way. You know, playin’ Solitaire and stuff.

So, Chloe is worried she may be a psychopath.

Imagine the nightmare THAT would be!!

hee hee…

“Maybe you’ll freak out in a couple of days.”
“I hope so…”

Ninja Bauer is trained in the ways of the ancient ones…

“Tony, you are the only one at CTU that is going to know about this, so make sure you put up the schematic on a 4 ft. wide monitor and talk really loudly about what is going on while people move around in the background.”
I like the fact that CTU got ahold of the Max Headroom video decoder for that Marwan tape.

Tony and Michelle make me want to :eek:

“You don’t work for Jack, you work for me!”
Sorry to inform you, but we ALL work for Jack.

Geez, they work with Jack Bauer and only have one doctor around?? What’s wrong with these people.

The HMO is not going to like this.

Damn. Just Damn.

The rumors are true: Paul is dead.

An ending worthy of Wagner. Or Puccini. Or Verdi.

Jack’s the baritone.

Internal Memo:

Hey CTU bosses. On a day when you have agents getting gunned down five at a time (at approximately a rate of two an hour), have more than one doctor on staff. Thank you.

PS. Perhaps instead of the 23-hour suicide watch we could go for a 24-hour suicide watch? The cost of the extra hour of overtime just might be worth it.


Oh yeah, how could we have missed the fact that the Chinese Consulate is only 4-6 minutes away from CTU. I think it’s right behind Chloe’s house.

Is that CTU boss an idiot? I for one wouldn’t want to know a THING about any operation like the one Jack pulled off at the Chinese Embassy! Hasn’t he ever heard of ‘plausible deniability?’

By the way, CTU might want to consider having Jack carry with him a stack of pre-signed presidential ‘promises’ for any suspect who may demand one.

Okay, I looked away for a minute … how did the Chinese get involved? I see from the previews that we are on the verge of World War 3 with the Chinese next week. Let’s see, a nuclear bomb on U.S. soil, WW3 next week so what’s the plan for the week after that? Jack takes on the Vogons who are about to blow up the entire planet?
Let’s face it, we all knew Paul was toast when he he first went in the field with Jack, it just took a little longer to take full effect.

Hey, I didn’t expect the guy to live either.
Now, I’m not a Physician, but I’ve watched Jack and Curtis working in the emergency room.