24: Season 4: Episode 18 (12:00am - 1:00am)

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24, Season 4, Episode 18
12:00 AM - 1:00 AM


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I have to say, this is kind of sad.

First time 24 has ever been on and I’ve been almost disinterested in watching. I’m currently at the point where I expect Jack to corner Marwan, but Marwan gets away because he pulls aside the tarp covering a couple ICBMs that are already primed and ready to go…

Of course, Marwan will disappear when the camera cuts to Jack’s astonished expression…even though Jack was looking at Marwan the ENTIRE TIMEEEEEEE!


Ah, the stupidity of terrorist flunkies.

Mawran told WrongCreditCard Guy he would “get him out of the country” and WCGG actually believes that means he’s going to leave the country…alive.

“Marwan, how do you want to handle this?”
“Let’s call some lawyers. They’ll get everything all f***ed up.”

“And now, Vice President Pussy would like to address the nation.”

Hi, I’m from Amnesty International, and my name is Ima. Ima SmugLittlePrick. Take me to the prisoner.

I have to agree. My wife said she wanted to “talk” tonight, right at the start of the show. I actually agreed. Last year, I would have asked her to wait one hour first.

Worst. President. Ever.

It’s almost over. Something amazing could happen after this last commercial break, but right now I’d have to say that this episode blows. When the terrorists resort to calling in the lawyers, the writers have pretty much given up. Next season, I’ll expect Jack’s evil twin to show up or something like that.



At least the Family Guy commerial was funny.
Anyhoo, why didn’t Jack tell President Wuss that Marwan called in the attorney.

Cool “Family Guy” promo! :slight_smile:

Yeah, I thought for sure they’d use that little tidbit to their advantage.

I see Palmer is going to get a day off from Allstate.

The problem is, they’ve written a story that would be more realistically played out in days rather than hours.

At five minutes to midnight Jack retrieves the “Playbook” and sees it has missing pages. At five minutes after midnight he and the Playbook expert (who has appeared out of nowhere) have reconstructed the missing pages on a laptop in the field.

Next Curtis and his team, plus some Marines “on the other side of the jetty” have tracked down and surrounded a suspect at the marina that nobody knew even existed ten minutes ago.

Worst of all a team of terrorists has found and stolen a nuke. They did this a scant thirty minutes after Marwan obtained the Playbook. There must be crack terrorist teams stationed every 20 miles or so on every road in the country to have pulled off this miracle.

The 24 hour format that worked so well in the first few seasons has become a liability to the integrity of the show.

'Here’s something for the pain"…I have to admit that might just have been the classic line of the series so far, on par with some of Vic Mackey’s finest :slight_smile:

Still, I have to hope that this (sadly) is the last season of 24, since there’s nothing really left…they’re even recycling the uber-threat from 2 seasons ago.

At least we got some good Jack breaking the rules torture and getting shit done.

I wonder why they didn’t use any cell phone tricks… are we supposed to forget that earlier in the season they could get recordings of entire phone calls? They would have heard Marwan say that the guy knew too much.

Well, the second season “upping the stakes” from the threat of season 1 worked rather nicely. In fact, “Act I” of season 2 (first 15 episodes) is probably my favorite “24” of all.

BUT, the continued attempts to “up the stakes” is definitely stretching it now – I think that if they do another season, they would be better off shooting smaller. I mean all that’s really left is full scale nuclear war with Russia, so unless Marwan’s successor can pull that one off…

If they get down to a lower stakes plot again, I think it would have more chance of holding together. You can still focus on the developing stories of the major characters that we’ve had, and it wouldn’t require having a terrorist cell stationed at every mile marker just waiting for Marwan’s call.

Yeah, that was definitely a Keeper. :smiley:

Good point about the cell phone – they tracked morning terror guy (from the convenience store) and his call, and listened to it. So yeah, they should have been able to play that call back, and analyze it, and get a match on Marwan’s voice (since Marwan <b>called</b> CTU a few hours ago), and there’s all the proof they need that Mr. Innocent knows something (and is involved with Marwan).

I think part of what this season’s been missing is that whole “Jack breaking the rules” angle. We had it right at the beginning, when he was going against Driscoll. But not since then.

You know for guys who are hell bent on destroying the Great Satan and all it’s Western Decadence, they sure LOVE to drive Lexuses. Hey nothing in the Koran says you have to have a numb butt while getting into paradise.

Joe Prado. Soprano’s button man reject.

Oooohhh, those evil liberal lawyers. They are literally a danger to national security.

I laughed when Edgar said he wanted 10 minutes with Prado. Yeah. What are you going to do Edgar? Spray saliva on him while you ask him questions with your mush mouth. Maybe sweat profusely all over him?

Nothing safer than taking nuclear weapons out of secret, hardened silos and driving them around the country.

President Wuss. Some people like to surround themselves with yes men and sycophants. This President likes to surround himself with “I Don’t Know” men.

Iowa??? What are they going to do? Blow up some cornfields? Oh no! Oh God NO! Not the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. [Heston]You maniacs! You blew it up! Damn, you! Damn you all to hell![/Heston]

Sometimes I think the ‘Family Guy’ writers lurk here

I love the guy playing Buchanan so I’ll keep watching just for him. I hope he doesn’t go out in the field with Jack.

The convoy with the nuke was attacked in “mountainous terrain”… in Iowa? Is this a different Iowa than the one I’m thinking of, or have I been terribly misled when it comes to Iowa’s terrain?